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~As usual I finish the day before the sea. There is no end to the sky and the waters.~

I was born in Capri, a very small island floating like a green jewel in the gulf of Naples.
My ancestors were born in Capri too.
I have always lived here and I could not imagine living in any different place.
When you spend all your life surrounded by the sea,
you cannot help developing a special symbiosis with it.
I cannot express my feelings by words
I prefer to do it by my pictures.
This series is like a conversation with the sea,
which is always there to listen to me,
when I need to find my roots.

“An endless love affair between the mystery of the sea and its passionate admirer. ”

To my father Luigi, a fisherman of Capri,passed away in the 2002, but live in my soul.
Dream #1 Dream #2 Dream #3 Dream #4 Dream # 5
Dream # 6 Dream # 7 Dream # 8 Dream #9 Dream # 10
Dream # 11 Dream # 12 Dream # 13 Dream # 14 Dream # 15
Dream # 16 Dream # 17 Dream # 18 Dream # 19 Dream # 20
Dream # 21 Dream # 22 Dream # 23 Dream # 24 Dream # 25
Dream # 26 A stairway to the sky West-wind.jpg Dream # 27 Before the storm
Before the storm t5%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f119360948.m5B6sg6K.jpg During the storm t5%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f119361366.rL20qtPB.jpg t5%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f119363393.RBv1vgaG.jpg
t5%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f119365958.irEotMPc.jpg t5%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f119367081.ZguZUImJ.jpg The first day of December First days of December at lighthouse First days of December at lighthouse #2
First days of December at lighthouse #3 First days of December at lighthouse #4 Early March Late Febbruary Early March
Early March Early March Autumn is coming t1%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f129376224.Nr1bXSvl.jpg t1%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f130184221.BT87UKty.jpg
t4%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f137811138.sgf6UOaV.jpg t4%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f145763543.r4O3BAVS.jpg Hasselblad HD-39- Last days of a semi retired boat t2%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f149238592.g1MtAUZ2.jpg t2%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f149238759.QhpTTyKF.jpg
t2%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f149239235.53tdG8hg.jpg t2%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f149239529.B6oQxVg2.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151824527.p4Z73QFj.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151824875.MBJdSvKE.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151824928.3gAiLe2T.jpg
t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151833688.LbMNWiwB.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151834486.q8fPRGsw.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151834862.B8Wtc79K.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151836208.fH0Llazr.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151847053.5xEqrBWw.jpg
t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151847182.aNIfCshL.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151848394.8ECoUykE.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151848684.i5jqE2XP.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151850533.Cbqd2pdr.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151851027.egvdE7HL.jpg
t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151918948.Kn89QLoh.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151933832.r8FVZF2d.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151933987.BZQwvYXZ.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f151934308.Fj04cPN9.jpg Mediterranean encounters
t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f153429589.rPBECiEW.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f153430162.VyFbvanp.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f153431916.74ZfcCoo.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f153432605.1wVthDX2.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f153433216.bZriSLCN.jpg
t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f153924211.AF7F8siw.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f155349578.cLJLlfKN.jpg t9%2f20%2f423820%2f4%2f155375027.KmwUo1wT.jpg