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Painter Gallery

This is how I have fun......To view a large version of each pix, click on it to enlarge.

Enjoy and please vote for your favorite painting...
For Best viewing, must use "Original Size."

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Musketeer Painted by GoldCoin Using Paulo's ©DryCrush brush lemon- Painted by Goldcoin Pouty- Art by GoldCoin  ©Bubba pix
Art by GoldCoin  ©Gerald Oskobinypix.   ©NIXPIX Art by GoldCoin-oil paint Photo painted in Painter
Art by Goldcoin   .....pix ©tlb 2003 Lady in Waiting       painted by GoldCoin Man in a Hat Young Mother & Son  painted by GoldCoin
Young Mother & Son  painted by GoldCoin Painted by GoldCoin Bjanka Ole Barn
barn Red Barn Child-in-the-Field Lady in Waiting
Mystery Woman2 A Cool Brother.. The Kid Next Down AfternoonTea
Horses at Play Faith 2 woodcut Clown
Jack is Out of his Box.. Kyja The King Steppin Out..
kyja2 Faith Surveying   God's World-3 Armenian beauty, Nora
Tulips for a Sweetheart Working Out.... INK INK  Black & White
INK INK 's Pearls INK 's Pearls2 Still Life
Color Me Beautiful Canal street Bowl of Fruit Girl in a Hat
4-kettle-ps-final-9signed-800 Painted Roses sunflower 14 Parrot2
Nude sketch Smoking...aH,those Cuban Cigar High Seas Milo,  All Played out...
A Basket of Kittens2 OJSimpson...10 years have passed kats ole man
Painted in Painter 8 chess-up.jpg Fat Rat... Homestead Ole Barn
Rock-Garden BloodyFish Interesting Face apple-2
Lost kitten Baby Anna By the Roadside Fancy Rat..another toy
Barrel Racing David's Starfish Painter Brush Art-157 Boat House Trimoon Watercolor technique
The Apricot Seller Playing in the Sand... Tom u35%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f31874040.XgTxV6eT2386finaluplweb.jpg
The Red Fez u38%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f31993594.Copyof2kbjODHl2180fr7w.jpg Shoemaker- Run Away...
Barn on the Hill2 new brush 2 u42%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f30658982.Indianfinal1.jpg u47%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f30664652.forWebFruit_in_a_bowl_cove.jpg
Sunflower True Story..Adopted Two Boats Fruit Basket
Palm Trees Dinner's Ready Wild & Free u41%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f33311370.SeaGullsfinalweb.jpg
Jen Painting Playing2 Fluffy baby kitten....
Katy in the Evening Sunflower painted in Art Rage Restoration  Before Restoration After by Goldcoin
Fancy Lady Yet, Another.. u44%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f28384762.2Cloneof1887ttoday_001F.jpg u44%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f28415684.5oemeimpress909X1182upl.jpg
u44%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f28425001.27107777BLUE.jpg Jen.. 7-first-finished-1 A Stranger
Miss Piggy Rooster Howie Lisa Impressionist
new born Josie2 u46%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f39981348.paintedshepard.jpg Whitebull
Jason   Painter using Chalk brushes The Bride u49%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f36209027.BlackWomanweb.jpg 198 Marguerette
u39%2fgoldcoin%2fsmall%2f40167394.Rose3.jpg Ben-Affleck3 v3%2f36%2f118636%2f4%2f45680729.keeper1signwebdemo.jpg
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