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The Aesthetic Park of Kaisariani is one of the last forests in Athens, located at the mount of Ymmitos.
I visit this place every spring during the last three years, and every time feels like it's gonna be the last because in Greece every summer the wildfires tend to be a curse and beautiful places like this one are constantly under "attack"...
This is a collection of photos shot during my last three visits to the park.
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t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573864.mb2uRu1x.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573871.WqlAG9xF.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573867.tAL4jweI.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573868.R545VFkL.jpg
t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573873.TbDSiVLJ.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573858.nfzxllhJ.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573859.0jgmxMhq.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573862.j53YiK7R.jpg
t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573870.sG07uZug.jpg t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f94961759.ViHVooJS.jpg t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f94940204.YN8rYhbt.jpg t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573872.tBvtGDY2.jpg
t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f94914095.Bsho9Mej.jpg t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f94967621.cJTm6GqW.jpg t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f95040166.mKoFiV2B.jpg t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f94913146.H2NXZr9u.jpg
t4%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f91573869.wxamfnz4.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110536704.DKevskmf.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f97067244.rGVsLXG5.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110585591.YUWRl5LN.jpg
t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110541489.QbjIUNrA.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110537446.aRX53me2.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f97436067.pogRfxSk.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f97432458.CDTNIcsv.jpg
t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110615792.RP6PpQ2S.jpg t5%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f99965397.tTU3OIc5.jpg t3%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f111174878.Y0YAR8nA.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110537190.kB3IgMbG.jpg
t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110589596.qFnlGVIy.jpg t1%2f43%2f47143%2f4%2f110581923.6tDMUp0p.jpg