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Macro Fantasies | Japanese Gardens in the Spring | Mito Ume Festival 2006 | Kyoto & Nara | Kamakura | The Arhats of Nokogiriyama

Macro Fantasies

These were mostly taken in local temple gardens and in a flower nursery, the first ones just after a light rain. I find the beauty and textures of nature amazingly artistic. The closer you look, the more you can see...

They were taken with my long-desired and now much-loved Tamron Di 90mm macro lens. It can render the smallest of details and has an incredibly creamy bokeh, smoothing out of focus areas. I have a new way of going for a walk now- just take this lens along and a wonderful world is guaranteed to open up before me.

Catch the photostory, here- Small World.
Silent Hunter Balance of Colours Returns 2 Balance of Colours Returns 3 Hondoji in Spring-66.jpg
Frozen Drop Cabbage-Flower in Snow Berries Paradise Central
Flickers of Light Flicker of Light Leaf in Darkness Hanging Jewels
Small Doll Shadow-Play 2 Fresh Breezes Peaceful Nature
Happy New Year Endlessly Swaying The First and Last Raindrop The Gardener
The Watchmen 2 Timeless Messages Raindrops Fallen Petal 3
Gold Dust Sprinkles Peaceful Contemplation The Pilgrimage The Pilgrimage 2
Hidden Gold Hidden Source A Visit to the Temple Towering Bluebell
Exotic Flower 2 Exotic Flower 3 The Spiral of Life Curtains
Guardian of Mysteries Flower to Be Daisy A Thorn.jpg
Leaf in Sunlight.jpg Balance of Colours 3 Balance of Colours 4.jpg Finding Meaning.jpg
Natural Kanji.jpg Bamboo The Hunter 2.jpg Yellow Spider
Yellow Spider.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5517.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5565.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5584.jpg
From a Morning Stroll-5606.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5616.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5650.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5677.jpg
From a Morning Stroll-5720.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5754.jpg From a Morning Stroll-5802.jpg Local Walk in Early Summer-5037.jpg
Local Walk in Early Summer-5106.jpg Toyoshiki Morning-2751.jpg Toyoshiki Morning-2762.jpg Toyoshiki Mornings-2315.jpg
Toyoshiki Mornings-2513.jpg Toyoshiki Mornings-2577.jpg Toyoshiki in the Morning-5870.jpg Toyoshiki in the Morning-5913.jpg
Butterfly-3531.jpg Butterfly-3573.jpg Butterfly-3886.jpg Butterfly-3936.jpg
Tama Zoo-3095.jpg Tama Zoo-3145.jpg Tama Zoo-3209.jpg Tama Zoo-3261.jpg
Tama Zoo-3294.jpg Tama Zoo-3307.jpg Tama Zoo-3317.jpg Tama Zoo-3368.jpg
Tama Zoo-3457.jpg Tama Zoo-3465.jpg Tama Zoo-3518.jpg Tama Zoo-3522.jpg
Tama Zoo-3665.jpg Tama Zoo-3668.jpg Ashikaga-3251.jpg Ashikaga-3166.jpg