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Gideon Davidson | profile | all galleries >> The Nikon D300 >> 35mm DX f/1.8 Samples tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

35mm DX f/1.8 Samples

Just got this lens and am pretty much addicted to it!

It is successfully replacing my 35mm f/2 in daily "let's go for a walk" usage, alongside a 90mm Tamron. I really can't stand to use a zoom if I don't have to.

My preliminary judgement is that this is a lens whose strengths are sharpness wide-open (no mean feat for such a bright lens) and an ease of use that it's well-implmented AF-S brings. I'm actually a little disappointed with the bokeh. It's certainly better than the 35mm f/2, but still falls apart a bit when there is too much to distract in the background. That said, the shallow depth of field can be used to give a nice effect if you are careful what you allow in the background. I like the rounded aparture blades, too, much better than the old bee-hive effect!

Another problem is the distortion. This lens, if you are at all interested in architectural photography, will just have to be digitally corrected. Yes, it isn't a'pro-grade' lens as such- But I am sure it is capable of some pro-grade results if carefully used.
Toyoshiki at 35mm-8656.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-8637.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-8633.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-8615.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-8610.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-8582.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-8417.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-8406.jpg
Suwa Ginga-8403.jpg Suwa Ginga-8358.jpg Suwa Ginga-8341.jpg Suwa Ginga-8322.jpg
Nagareyama Central Park-8298.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8287.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8281.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8270.jpg
Nagareyama Central Park-8252.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8243.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8212.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8206.jpg
Nagareyama Central Park-8199.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8160.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8153.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8117.jpg
Nagareyama Central Park-8116.jpg Nagareyama Central Park-8098.jpg DSC_8053.jpg DSC_8031.jpg
DSC_8009.jpg Suwa Jinja-7987.jpg Hondoji After the Ume-7973.jpg Hondoji After the Ume-7925.jpg
Hondoji After the Ume-7917.jpg Hondoji After the Ume-7971.jpg Hondoji After the Ume-7778.jpg Hondoji After the Ume-7755.jpg
Hondoji After the Ume-7740.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6684.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6680.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6677.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6673.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6655.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6652.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6612.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6591.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6583.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6571.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6569.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6566.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6559.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6558.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6554.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6549.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6539.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6529.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6462.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6453.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6371.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6365.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6330.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6312.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6298.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6279.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6237.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6213.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6193.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6178.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6176.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6137.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6092.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6084.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6076.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6067.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6063.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6051.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6049.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-6043.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6027.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6026.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-6007.jpg
Toyoshiki at 35mm-5778.jpg Toyoshiki at 35mm-5734.jpg