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Brielle , April 1st. Celebration

During the 80 years'war (1568-1648) on April 1st, 1572 Brielle was the first town in Holland to be liberated from the Spanish
occupation and oppression by the duke of Alva. This fact is commemorated each year in a traditional public
feast that attracts many people from all over Holland. On this day the population of Brielle dress up in 16th century
costumes and in the streets they perform scenes related to the liberation of their home town.


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IMG_6549.JPG 070401 072.jpg 080401 032.jpg View on Brielle
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610598.hLmTdDRF.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610600.yxVFI4T4.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610602.hm4HwE1N.jpg St. Catharijne Church
Liberation of Brielle depicted in a window of St. Catharijne t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610604.oKV7IVPS.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610605.kd50XD8u.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610608.RXiRymiL.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610609.rOXyNbhm.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610615.r80XKiJo.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610611.psolaEHZ.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610612.OUDU9Qbx.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612131.lVi3cTyo.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610610.Y9Z40ro8.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610617.WiT2nxzv.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610616.ln4P2Z2Z.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610618.p3vGZOwE.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610619.7mMeT88p.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610621.RJfr6KH8.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610626.A4LBmrqV.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612088.wpGt3E8G.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612094.59po87km.jpg t1%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612103.BlGiIcxg.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612108.nhPDS9kd.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612113.bhNHlTMS.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76610614.jQw5cd4X.jpg t1%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612118.tGo3oeZ6.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612122.O428SpT5.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612127.qxPSIqpe.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612153.9HaB9L52.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612158.hR4g4sV0.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612136.jH7JnK2F.jpg
t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612140.u6uwRstS.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612144.NzWXugGF.jpg t6%2f98%2f696298%2f4%2f76612099.NdO9S6Wn.jpg