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Gerda Kettner | profile | all galleries >> Favorite Hiking Trips and other trips >> A Winter' s hike along Poplar Creek and the Floodplains tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

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A Winter' s hike along Poplar Creek and the Floodplains

The region is just behind Bode Lakes. Temps were in F20 (-4C) but it was windy which brought the windchill into the minus temps, and the weather turned on me on the way back with more clouds.
I made it all the way to the flooplains with all the willow trees and had lunch under the trees, the terrain was very uneven with dropoffs from 1+2ft and the snowdrifts where high. For a short while on the way back I had a little companion with me a Red-bellied Woodpecker which flew for about 15min. just a couple a feet ahead of me from one tree to another thru the floodplains.
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