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huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:46
Vous avez un réel talent, continuez:)
Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:06
You are juste amazing
Virginia 25-Nov-2013 23:48
I can't add a comment that hasn't already been expressed. Wonderful photo's for us amateurs to admire.
Sara Seggie 29-Jun-2013 03:33
I've so thoroughly enjoyed your "Ottawa birds" gallery. Thanks for making your passion a pleasure for me, and so many others.
Len Casanova 21-Feb-2013 02:23
how can I purchase an image that I like?
Grace10-Feb-2012 20:26
Would it be possible to get prints of some of the images of snowy owls in your gallery?
keeliu01-May-2011 13:10
Hi gang,
你拍的照片非常漂亮, 最喜歡你的貓頭鷹照片,Snowy Owl 一輯最精采。

Dude 07-Feb-2010 20:36
Those pictures were really cool. Hope you add more. good luck.
zhou lan 04-Jul-2009 03:04
very beautiful pictures! Did you take them? Wow! A great photographer. Do these pictures make your hair white ? You see, you are a handsome young man in my memory. My hunsband, yulifa,is a photo-make-lover too, but he can not take so wonderful pictures.
Ian Mair 31-Jan-2009 22:27
Hello. Thanks for your link. It was nice to meet you today at my place in Dunrobin. That Great Grey Owl was nice to pose so long for you. Great pictures here that show a very patient man. Stay Warm and watch out for friendly horses!
skhin26-Dec-2008 10:30
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

eww..nerdz! 06-Dec-2008 08:39
look at all dese looserz! looks like all da geek squad is in da house..biirdz get a life!
eva georgiadi 15-Jul-2008 12:29
you've got great pictures...thank you very much...
Guest 13-Mar-2008 14:23
terry 18-Feb-2008 04:08
fantastic photos . the colour , is just beatiful. excellent work by all.
Nick Clayton15-Sep-2007 18:55
This is a beautiful gallery Gang, well done
Guest 20-Jun-2007 07:06
Words can't describe how impressed I am of your work.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 07:10
Stunning work.
cynthia fye 14-Nov-2006 13:31
Wonderful photos. I visit pbase on a regular basis and am continually blessed by the quality of work I view. I am never disappointed. Your nature shots are some of the best I have ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing them.
Jasen Anderson15-Oct-2006 03:34
A fabulous talent you have. Your Owl shots are especially amazing!
Rosemary Gallinger03-Oct-2006 01:18
Wonderful nature photography! Added to favorites list.
josh 16-Sep-2006 20:38
hi. your pictures are very good. i noticed that most of your pics were taken at either 300 or 400mm. what lenses are these?
Guest 04-Sep-2006 02:11
Great job, very interesting gallery!
Clarke & Emi21-Jun-2006 02:50
You have wonderful galleries, I especially like the way you capture the birds and little animals, you have got their moments, funny, interesting and passionate. Love your work.
Emi 23-May-2006 15:29
Pretty good site. Nat
David Chen13-May-2006 19:41

Did not see many animal's picutures yet for this year. Keep on with your quality pictures. David 10-May-2006 00:01
Gang, All your galeries without exception are truly exceptional!Keep up the great work.
Guest 02-May-2006 02:57

First I want to mention - awesome pictures! I love the waxwing!

A question about photography. I am new to photography. I have a Digital Rebel 6.3 and a couple of inexpensive sigma and tamron lenses (in the $150 range) My question is this. Do the lenses make that much of a difference or would a better camera make more of a difference in achieving better photo quality. Your photos are awesome, and I would like to know what steps I need to take to improve my photos.

raymond ker22-Apr-2006 08:01
How fortunate we at PBase - and for that matter, the world at large - are to to have your galleries available to us.
The high quality is consistent throughout the series.
But your "Great gray owl" images have something quite special.
What an impressive gallery!
Each image makes a telling statement about the life, habits and predatory skills of this magnificent owl.
The bird in flight is professionally and dramatically depicted.
And you've captured the owl's personality so well.
Well done!
I would value your comments and advice to improve on my "Fauna" gallery.
Guest 26-Mar-2006 03:01
very impressive gallery! 15-Mar-2006 08:05
online directory main
Julie chen 10-Mar-2006 19:56
This is my first time to visit your galleries, I like your life style ----landscape and wildlife, I wish I can do the same thing as you so, but since I am still too young to retire, plus I have my own business, I enjoy to look at the beautiful photo every day. I will take close look your photo from now on. I live Los Angelos.
Guest 03-Feb-2006 07:42
excellent photos!!
Liked the colors and composition, everything!
what i see now, is really FANTASTIC
best regards,

Jean-François Hasson 01-Feb-2006 20:37
Thank you for your winter gallery, which contains achievments. I didn't have time to visit the others. Note that I had problem finding your galleries a second time because you're referenced as "gang" in them, while in the index you're only known as "gangw".
Guest 26-Jan-2006 22:20
I'm not sure I can add any additional praise, all relevant adjectives have been used already!
Could I ask you put a few words up on the situation when shooting the owl: how many days you were out, what sort of times, distance away, to what extent you were able to 'set up' shots.... not that following this is going to get me even close to your innate ability, but it would help convince me to keep on with my inferior attempts.
Guest 17-Nov-2005 15:21
Great job, all the photos are perfect!
I found your site in
Jing 05-Nov-2005 03:25
Wu, some great new photos from the fall! As usual, birds are your forte, also my favorite. You should really go out and submit some in competitions.
Guest 25-Sep-2005 17:09
I agree with the previous entries, your work is National Geographic caliber.
I shared your site with my wife, who shared it with her friends,......

gang30-Jul-2005 19:00
To Janis Chen;

Thanks for the nice comment.
99% of my owls and birds pictures were taken at/around Ottawa, Canada. They are wild, so you can not be sure that you will find them at a certain place and a certain time.

Good luck,

Guest 11-Jul-2005 04:24
Great job, all the photos are perfect!

yduckie04-Jul-2005 02:41
Hi Gang!

Can't wait to see your images from this year's Canada Day. If they are like your other images, they will be outstanding!

Cheers from a fellow Ottawan.

Celina 09-Jun-2005 23:39
Your site are so beautiful.Loved the photos...Keep up the good work.
Greetings and hugs from Celina
Guest 09-Jun-2005 01:13
Wonderful collection of stunning images. I've enjoyed my tour of your work.
kitty cat 01-Jun-2005 16:00
You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)
Guest 01-Jun-2005 12:49
I really love your site.
Gilbert Ching17-May-2005 23:50
Gang, you have some very nice pictures here. I especially like the autumn and the flower gallery. Great job, keep it up.
Rose 28-Apr-2005 13:18
Inspirational. You have captured the beauty and spirit of nature. What a gift you have
Vicki 23-Apr-2005 03:54
I have viewed many galleries on the net over the years, and yours is by far one of the best. The pictures are spectacular, and the personalities of the people, birds and animals are truly captured by your lens. You are a true artist. Of course Owls, and birds are always my favorites to look at, but yours were so good I had to look at all of them!!!
Friedrich Waidacher 19-Mar-2005 09:07
I'm impressed, not only by the beauty of the birds but also by the exceptional quality of your photos.
TechnoZoom04-Mar-2005 07:46

You have that ability to shoot under any conditions. Simply talented! Love your galleries!!

-- Charlie
Guest 04-Mar-2005 03:45
First rate! Others have said it, but I'll second it - You're ready for National Geographic! The owl series alone is amazing!
Claire Coulombe 02-Mar-2005 18:58

Mon fils a aussi photographié = Great Grey Owl - vos photos sont
merveilleuses - il est chanceux et vous aussi! La Chouette s'est installée sur le toit
de sa tente, durant une pêche sur glace tout près d'Ottawa. Et ensuite dans un arbre et
un poteau de clôture!

CONGRATULATIONS ! - Wonderful - and yes - you should go for National Geographic!

Thanks for your hard work - Merci !
Guest 02-Mar-2005 01:22

See your post at NSN! Great job! BTW, see ya around.
phil 28-Feb-2005 16:03
excellent website, you have taken some of the best photos i've ever seen
of the Great grey Owl!
keep up the great work.
ANN2MORGAN 26-Feb-2005 19:11
Martine 25-Feb-2005 21:20
I found out about your site in The Citizen...awesome photos...thank you for sharing them...
Andy Schindler 25-Feb-2005 20:54
Your owl shots are superb. Get National Geographic attention, Share it with the world!
Bob Watt 25-Feb-2005 20:37
Thanks for sharing your wonderful great gray owl photos.....some amazing shots!
James S. Horne 25-Feb-2005 19:19
I have been to the site and taken several pictures of the owls myself.
It is a wonderful experience abd one not to be missed.
Thank you for your wonderful work and thanks to the Citizen for telling
us about you.
SD 25-Feb-2005 16:52
Great work... I've been out to see the Great Greys first hand, have seen the National Geographic article, and have done my share of photo work with a 400mm telephoto and I must say that I was very impressed! Keep it up and I will be back to see more! And thank you for capturing these great animals for everyone to enjoy!

Diane 25-Feb-2005 14:05
Your pictures are AWESOME. Need I say more.
Hilda Wooles 25-Feb-2005 12:27
Wow! We went to your web site as soon as we saw your amazing Great Gray with the vole in its beak in the Citizen this morning. Your gallery of photos of the Great Gray Owls are superb. We have gone to find them on March Valley Road and Rifle Rd. time and again and never get tired of finding one or many. But I have not captured them as you have.
Hank Vander Velde 06-Feb-2005 23:46
We met you today (Feb 6) on Rifle Rd. shooting a grey owl sitting on a hydro pole. You gave us your card, so on returning home, I immediately checked out your web site. WOW!! what a superb collection of fine/beautiful photogrphs. Those action shots (birds-in-flight etc.) must take some doing. Some of your owl shots are fantastic as are many in all catagories. I intend to peruse your site some more with my wife and will probably order some of your photographs. My wife has only seen a few so far. She was most impressed by your night shot of parliament hill.

Keep up the good work

Hank and Kathy Vander Velde.
Howard Sandler02-Feb-2005 14:18
Great images. Regards from a fellow Ottawa photographer.
Naturephoto Monique28-Nov-2004 12:44
Your eye sees the true beauty in every scene, your lens reflects the beauty in your soul.
I enjoyed your gallery, keep up the excellant work.
Best, Monique
Guest 14-Nov-2004 00:32
I have really enjoyed your nature galleries. Nice to see a fellow Canadian! I am going to have to add you to my favourites and check back from time to time. Some really great photography and I know it requires a lot of patience to get some of these shots. Congrats and keep on shooting!
Tony 01-Oct-2004 03:26
I love the most of your pictures. Some of them really touch my heart.
Hope to see more from you.
yduckie08-Aug-2004 02:33
Love your work! Thanks for sharing.

Guest 18-Jul-2004 02:17
Very nice. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the inspiration.
Gordon W24-Jun-2004 14:43
You have some mighty fine images here, neighbor. The duck standing on one leg is a classic.
Cindy14-May-2004 00:36
You have an excellent gallery, I love many of your pictures, I would have to say my favorite is the ice skating duck. I went to school with a boy named Vernon Gang, any relation? Cindy.