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George McCarten | profile | all galleries >> A Planet Like Earth, But a World Apart tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

A Planet Like Earth, But a World Apart

There is a planet much like earth, inhabitated by truly intellegent life, or at least it is said to be. For there are no signs of this life, no scars, blemishes, no cities, no agriculture, no battlefields, no ruins. The air is clean and the water pure. And natural cycles occur uninterrupted. In this sense, this planet is a world apart from our Earth.
double falls.jpg afternoon over sea.jpg sunlight.jpg downstream.jpg just before.jpg
river and trees.jpg after the rain.jpg hanging low.jpg Chasm.jpg lake at altitude.jpg
sunrise.jpg Dawn.jpg water waves.jpg fog rises.jpg autumn floor.jpg
river foliage.jpg pond.jpg Stream.jpg green trunks.jpg calm seas.jpg
upper falls.jpg aquatic.jpg Cascades.jpg summer falls.jpg into the gorge.jpg
fair skies.jpg Dusk.jpg Budding.jpg sunrise.jpg spider.jpg
late dusting.jpg Mt Adams maritime sunrise.jpg stream.jpg Hsitou.jpg
fish.jpg Web.jpg flowing.jpg foliage.jpg dusting.jpg
jungle falls.jpg melt.jpg in the forest.jpg into the unknown.jpg swamp.jpg
cascades lush.jpg autumn shrub foliage.jpg rush.jpg bao bao.jpg after the storm.jpg
falls.jpg morning fog.jpg falls.jpg early spring falls.jpg Bramble.jpg
plateau vegetation.jpg snow line.jpg moon tails.jpg branch and leaves.jpg sun light.jpg
dark clouds diminished light.jpg dawn.jpg Pond.jpg sinkhole.jpg temperate zone autumn.jpg
lush.jpg lake country.jpg in the forest.jpg cove.jpg fronds.jpg
flower in the forest.jpg snow berries.jpg sunset.jpg Buds.jpg cheju tree.jpg
crack.jpg Pool.jpg sea weed.jpg taebaek san.jpg morning stream.jpg
first blossoms.jpg autumn soil.jpg the brightest star.jpg veins and shadows.jpg pond at dusk.jpg
water.jpg falls.jpg bucholic.jpg opening.jpg foliage.jpg
evening sky.jpg berries foliage.jpg mushroom.jpg the wall.jpg holes.jpg
spring leaves.jpg weed.jpg Ravine.jpg shrooms.jpg lotus leaf.jpg
coastline.jpg snow field.jpg red leaves.jpg winter sun.jpg chasm.jpg
grassy pool.jpg step.jpg forests cliffs and clouds.jpg wood and leaf.jpg cloud whip.jpg
leafy tree.jpg fir wall.jpg rushing brook.jpg ridgeline.jpg frozen creek.png
pool in the forest.jpg grass blades.jpg spring.jpg sand bar.jpg high country springs.jpg
dawn over sea.jpg in the woods.jpg northern lake.jpg dragonfly.jpg old snow.jpg
cattail moon.jpg bamboo forest.jpg alpine flora.jpg aqua emerald.jpg descending.jpg
Weather.jpg full moon.jpg cloud drift.jpg Sunrise.jpg pond and pads.jpg
fissure.jpg Chicadee.jpg ice falls.jpg creekside.jpg fern.jpg
wild flowers.jpg cat tails.jpg Falls.jpg alpine.jpg foggy dawn.jpg
leaf come august.jpg dewy leaf.jpg winter brook.jpg pond 2.jpg cascade lake.jpg
snow feathers.jpg red leaves.jpg frozen creek.jpg gorge in light and shadow.jpg foliage.jpg
between the layers.jpg snow slide.jpg canopy.jpg nests.jpg on the vine.jpg
snow capped.jpg ranier glacier.jpg maples.jpg cloud dance.jpg birch 2.jpg