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lorin niculae15-Mar-2006 13:07
Religion has nothing to do with wars, imo. Normally wars are for money. religion becomes a noble pretext, a "finality" value as oposed to an "efficiency" one!
Hodero10-Feb-2006 07:55
or...War, because Weapon sales are down. Who can tell....
Guest 19-Sep-2004 15:07
Well said, it's true that more innocent lives die by the name of God(s) and justice and many other political crap! (*even if the religion and concept itself started from a good intension, things get corrupted when it comes to human control...)
Peace, and free people from the real freedom (to choose what they want to believe as long as they don't hurt other people or animals. ^_^.)
Guest 11-Aug-2004 21:26
Ha, Ha, Ha... Great!. But I disagree. In my opinion it is just war because we have too many tanks. :-P
Lou Giroud11-Aug-2004 09:30
Might be right, and the religion was allways involved. The religious instances gave benediction to Hitlers weapons and the motto of the nazi war machinery ... Gott mit uns.

Religion is the main spark in most wars held on this planet and even today when it makes boum somewhere, 99% the smoke cloud writes Islam in the sky.

Eurpope has suffered from so many wars, Europe has signed pacts with the US after WWII, not to be involved in any war anymore and entered the Nato Pact to protect from the soviet menace during the cold war. This period is over and even Nato has no reason to be at the moment, except that the US thing that this is an extension of the US army in case of any conflict. This might become true in case of any invasion or menace on european continent.
The invasion of Irak by Bush was not an agression against Europe and terrorism has just become stronger since he did this. Thos countries who followad Bush in his advanture payed a large tribute and it was an error to join Bush in his Irak enterprise.

Anyway, we know that the US are only present where they defend their commercial interests and if a governement takes place that doesn't fits them, they deliver weapons to the oposition to fight against it.
Later they start fighting then against those people they armed themselvesn this being in Afganistan, in African Countries, in Macedonia and even in Irak.
Sorry, but such kind of politics can go into your ass and US have found this out so often.
Cuba, Viet Nam, Irak, Columbia are some countries to name in this context.

Today, many people think that US went to Europe to end WW 2 and help the Europeans to turn free. But all those who think this way have not learned the lesson. The only reson for this involvement was again commercial and military interests. The asset where a bundle of scientifics of high level that the russians where trying to get and this was a run against time. Indeed, the father of the moonrocket and the nuclear research, Wernher Von Braun and his gang was the only thing that was targetted here and the US won that race.
Thinking today that anyone was worried about freedom in Europe is Bullshit.
Letting those scientific people in Europe and letting Hittler finnish his goals would have blown away America as the first military power in the world in seconds.
Not the Americans are the inventors of the H-Bomb, not the Americans are the inventors of
Jet engines for planes and many other things.
The fast progression in technology was made by the Germans in WW2 and this where the assets US had to come and steal in someway the aknowledge and the people who had it, and this before the Rusians could get them.
Every war is correct once yous ee behind the game and you understand the assets of it.
War on the field is made by armiesn the reaél war of political, military and commercial assets is made by secret services and in the Us it is the same. It is not the senate and not the President who is the leader of the country and it's politics, it is the CIA who pulls the strings and the puppets, like Bush, they dance the way they pull those strings. Once the strings fail the communication breaks. What happens then, Kennedy, Nixon, Carter have lived it and Clinton could close the goal. He was a too strong goalkeeper and probabely the fact that he was close to the end of his period saved him from the fall in the abyss.
Maybe if he had cracked, those twin towers had burned down a year earlier ....
Unfortunately for the world, an election cheat brought a cheater and his liars suite to power..... the rest of the story is known, or at least what they want us to know about.
Food for though 07-Aug-2004 02:44
Most of the people killed in 20th century (more than a 100 millions)
where from the conflicts originated on European continent !
In one of the most bloodiest WW2, USA was blamed for entering
that WAR so late.
In one of the latest in Yugoslavia (300 000 dead) USA was blamed again, mainly by Europeans, for
not doing anything. In fact US did gave a chance for Europe to make an order in it's own backyard.
Europeans turn out to be impotent on that issue.
It seems like your "Sight of things" suffers from tunnel vision.
Traveller07-Mar-2004 01:10
No, Erich, You have this very wrong. It is War because They have

Be Good,
the muffin man 22-Nov-2003 21:42
But really..

heliopo 10-Oct-2003 12:23
hallo Erich, " traurig und wahr" lg Farasha
Guest 05-Apr-2003 20:19
USA über alles
cat 04-Apr-2003 12:39
thot it was "WAR - because We Are Rednecks"
Mike Bicknell 03-Apr-2003 08:53
Very true Erich, such futility. They are beginning to squabble about countries getting contracts to re-build, is it all in the name of Money!!!!!
Guest 02-Apr-2003 21:19
I am proud of you Erich.

Guest 02-Apr-2003 16:26
How true! Nicely done animation.
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