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Samsung S630 Product Photos
Samsung S630 Information and Samples
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Press Release

Samsung Digital Camera will launch new models in i, S and L series during the first half of 2007.

Samsung Techwin (, the camera manufacturer which commanded favourable market responses with the NV series launched during the latter half of 2006, will launch new camera models in i, S and L series during the first half of 2007.


The i70 is Samsung’s new premium camera which adopted sliding-type cover. The camera focused on the emotional needs of the consumers who are interested in a differentiated design, and features multimedia convergence for the young storyteller-type consumers who share a high demand for multimedia functionality.

First of all, the unique design of the i70 attracts your attention. The special sliding cover design reflects the concept of “slide and shine.” i70’s special design is enhanced by laser patterns, special surface treatment, jewel decoration around the lens and intuitive placements of 9-button User Interface which appears when the sliding cover is open.

The Samsung i70 also offers multimedia convergence function which includes; PMP and MP3 player, SRS support which helps reproduce the original sound, text viewer that enables you to read while listening to music, I(Intelligent)-movie that supports TV quality MPEG-4 (720x480) at 15fps, shake prevention, continuous shooting, and jpeg still/animated image creation feature.

The i70 is a high resolution digital camera with 7.2 mega pixels, optical 3x zoom and 1/2.5” CCD and the camera also boasts 3.0” Wide LCD, high sensitivity of ISO 1600 ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) and the Face Recognition AF & AE function automatically recognizes faces, adjusts the focus and optimizes the exposure for the most suitable pictures.

-High resolution digital camera with 7.2 mega pixels (1/2.5” CCD) and 3x optical zoom
-3.0 ” wide LCD
-Unique and simple/clean design with buttons hidden behind the sliding cover
-ISO1600( support and reinforced ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction)
-Face Recognition AF & AE enables users to capture the finest portrait shot with optimized focus and exposure
-TV-quality MPEG-4 (720 x 480) at 15fps
-A powerful multimedia convergence digital camera with MP3 player, PMP, Text viewer and wireless communication functions.

The S series - S850/S1050, S630/S730

The S series, standard-type digital cameras favoured especially by the consumers in US and Europe for their full basic camera functionality, will have four new models in the group, the S850/S1050 and the S630/S730.

In the classic category, simple camera body design in luxurious royal black colour, the S850/S1050 are digital cameras with high image quality, magnification and pixel count that boast 8 mega pixels and 10 mega pixels respectively, optical 5x/digital 5x zoom and 2.5” (S850)/3.0” (S1050) TFT LCD for your appreciation of wide, clear pictures.

The S850/S1050 feature powerful manual functions. The S850 supports A (Aperture priority), S (Shutter speed priority) and M (Manual) modes.

With Samsung’s original ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) technology and ISO1600 high sensitivity support, the S850/S1050 enables you to take clear pictures even in dim light without using the flash. With the Wise Shot function, the S850/S1050 enhances user satisfaction of the pictures by enabling the user to take two continuous pictures with ASR On and flash On, and then choose the better of the two pictures.

With the E (Friendly Effect Key) button on the S1050, it is possible for the user to adjust the colour tone of the pictures taken and give interesting effects such as screen splits and photo frames to them, which enable diverse special-effect shooting and editing.

The intelligent LCD technology applied to the S1050 automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD according to outdoor illumination. Therefore it is not necessary to adjust the setting as it automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD by sensing the illumination of the environment through the CCD.

The S630/S730, upgraded models of the S500/S600 which are the million unit sellers in 2006, maintain the same user-friendly interface and provide an enhanced grip for comfortable, stable shooting.

The S630/S730 feature 6 mega pixels (S630) and 7 mega pixels (S730), optical 3x zoom and 2.5” TFT LCD. With the ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) function and ISO1000 support, it is possible to take clear high-sensitivity pictures even in dim light.

With the E (Friendly Effect Key) button applied to the S series, it is possible for the user to adjust the colour tone of already taken pictures and give them interesting effects such as screen splits and photo frames, which enables diverse special effects shooting and editing for added fun to picture taking.

L Series - L73

The L73 adds an upgraded design to the existing product characteristics fully devoted to the basic functions of the camera.

With the slim design of 20.3mm aluminium body, grip and grip ring, the L73 provides a stable grip. The L-shaped Smart Touch buttons make it possible to activate the innovative PUI (Physical User Interface).

With Samsung's original ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) function, the L73 allows the user take clear pictures at high sensitivity/shutter speed and low sensitivity at the same time without using the flash. The ISO 1600 high sensitivity support enables the user to prevent the blur resulting from camera shake or movement of the subject.

With the Wise Shot function, the L73 enables the user to take two continuous pictures with ASR On and flash On and then choose the better of the two pictures; with the Face Recognition Technology that automatically adjusts AF (Auto Focus) & AE (Auto Exposure) it is possible to take the best portrait pictures for enhanced user satisfaction.

With the Function Guide GUI (Graphic User Interface) that explains the camera’s diverse functions through OSD (On-screen Display), even the users who are not familiar with cameras can learn the camera functions easily and conveniently.

The L73 also features 7 mega pixels, 1/2.5” CCD, 230,000-pixel 2.5” TFT LCD, high-resolution NV lens barrel with optical 3x/digital 5x power zoom, MPEG-4 SVGA quality, at 20fps and continuous shooting functions.

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