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Ricoh Caplio R1 Product Photos
Ricoh Caplio R1 Information and Samples
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Press Release

Announcing the Release of the Caplio R1

Ricoh launches the Caplio R1 – a powerful 4.0 megapixel digital camera that offers a 28mm wide-angle 4.8x optical zoom lens in a 25mm super slim body

Tokyo, August 19th, 2004. Ricoh is extremely proud to announce the release of the Caplio R1, a powerful 4.0 megapixel digital camera featuring an innovative lens retracting system that allows an incredible 4.8x optical zoom lens with 28mm wide-angle shooting capability to be stored in a 25mm super slim aluminum body. The 28mm wide-angle 4.8x optical zoom lens produces images of the very highest quality. Also featuring very fast shutter response and Ricoh’s outstanding 1cm wide macro technology, the Caplio R1 incorporates all the latest high-end features of the digital camera to satisfy even the most discerning professional, while offering user-friendly functionality that is sure to capture the hearts of all photo enthusiasts. That these powerful features – and more! – are encased in an elegantly sleek body as thin as 25mm and weighing a mere 150 grams is simply amazing in and of itself.

Main Features

28mm wide-angle lens opens up boundless photo opportunities

The Caplio R1’s 28mm wide-angle lens is a truly versatile feature that adds to the fun and excitement of photography. It is ideal for capturing the beauty of expansive landscapes and fitting in a large number of people in a group photo without having to take the picture from a far distance. In limited spaces where the subject is apt to fill up most of the image sans background, the Caplio R1’s wide-angle lens provides the scope to include more background. With an incredible 75-degree angle of view, it can preserve a surprising amount of scenery (and people!) on a single image – far more than with the mere 62 degrees offered by conventional 35mm digital cameras. The applications and advantages of the 28mm wide-angle lens are boundless.

Innovative lens mechanism achieves a 4.8x optical zoom lens in an ultra thin 25mm body

Underlying the Caplio R1’s stunning picture-taking abilities is its unique lens design incorporating the Retracting Lens System, RICOH’s innovative technology that allows a part of the lens group to slide out from the cone and become thin enough to store in the compact body. The development of this amazing mechanism was the key in achieving a powerful 4.8x wide-angle optical zoom lens (equivalent to a 28-135mm telephoto lens on a regular 35mm camera) in a body as thin as 25mm. Coupled with a 3.6x digital zoom lens for an outstanding 17.3x zoom, distant objects are brought ever closer to the camera, while a superior lens structure featuring nine lenses placed in seven groups effectively controls and balances wide-angle zooming operations to obtain clearer images than ever before. A superb 4.0 megapixel CCD and the "smooth imaging engine,” Ricoh’s unique image processor, ensure sharp, rich colors and clean high-quality images even in large printed formats.

Super quick shutter response to seize the perfect moment
Because picture-perfect moments are too precious to miss, Ricoh has relentlessly pursued the fastest possible shutter response time. Incredibly, the Caplio R1 can start up and be ready to shoot in less than 0.8 seconds. Moreover, the release time is almost instantaneous – as short as 0.05 to 0.1 seconds calculated from the time the user presses the shutter button, and a miraculous 0.003 seconds or less from the time when focus lock is achieved – so the Caplio R1 is highly unlikely to miss those exquisite picture-perfect moments. A hybrid auto focusing system also ensures quality images of fast-moving objects. Furthermore, with a shooting interval of 0.9 seconds or less, continuous shooting is smooth and stress-free.

1cm "wide” macro mode inspires creativity

Be it the smallest detail of a flower petal or the intricate pattern of a butterfly’s wings, Ricoh’s impressive 1cm macro technology is designed to take close-up shots from a distance of just 1cm. Combined with the 28mm wide macro, the Caplio R1 can take macro shots that include more background or add more depth to an image. The AF target shift function conveniently allows the user to pan around the image and locate the desired focus point without moving the camera, and is especially handy when using a tripod. Additionally, in telemacro mode, a built-in flash highlights objects as close as 13cm while protecting against any unwanted whiteout effects to ensure sharp, clear macro shots. The Caplio R1 and a little creativity are all it takes to produce professional-looking macro images.

Three power source options guarantee constant power
The Caplio R1 effectively puts an end to digital camera battery problems. No more missing precious photo opportunities while recharging batteries or when running out of batteries without a backup at hand. In addition to the long-life lithium ion rechargeable battery (optional) and the AC adapter (optional), the Caplio R1 features the unique ability to switch to widely-available AA size alkaline batteries or nickel metal hydride batteries when the occasion demands it. The Caplio R1 can shoot as many as 500 images* between recharges when using the lithium ion rechargeable battery, and up to 200 images* when using AA alkaline batteries.

* Under normal usage conditions (50% flash and zoom usage, LCD on, 30 seconds between shots, reviews of all photos)

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