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Samsung Digimax U-CA 4 Product Photos
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Press Release

Date 2004-08-09

Samsung Techwin Introduces a New Compact Digital Camera, Digimax U-CA 4

Samsung Techwin (President & CEO Joong-koo Lee, has announced that it will introduce the Digimax U-CA 4, a 4.1 mega-pixel digital camera with a 3x optical zoom, to penetrate the fast-growing worldwide compact digital camera market, which is dominated by the younger generation of digital camera users.

In order to incorporate the features and designs that the younger generation of digital camera users desire and need, Samsung Techwin set up consumer panels, researched customer needs, studied the market, and brought systematic, scientific marketing techniques to the planning and implementation of the product. In addition, Samsung Techwin has included MPEG-4 to significantly enhance the movie clip facility, and introduced a world-first 3D Avatar function.

The Digimax U-CA 4 provides up to a 9x zoom capability with its 3x optical zoom
-focusing distance of f=5.8-17.4mm (f=35-105mm when compared to a 35mm camera)- and a 3x digital zoom. Samsung Techwin's world famous lens technology combined with the 4.1 mega-pixel CCD, results in a clear and sharp picture quality that is so vital to a camera.

The Digimax U-CA 4 employs MPEG-4 to support a high-compression, high-quality, movie clip file format, meeting the consumer demand for a long recording time and high-quality results. Samsung Techwin has also announced that it will provide a movie converting software to those customers who purchase the U-CA 4 for editing and converting movie clips. Using the software, U-CA 4 customers can edit and convert movie clips to play them back on the camera
Now, the customers can enjoy an over an hour full-length film through the U-CA 4 with approximately 256MB Memory Stick Duo.

Another feature of the Digimax U-CA 4 is the ability to have a 3D Avatar (Character) on it. Users can create a 3D Avatar with the supplied software , and set it as the camera's loading screen. In addition, users can add MP3 format music and dance movements to create a more lifelike 3D Avatar. Various other options, such as clothes, accessories, hairstyles, skin tones, and facial shapes, can be selected as well.

The Function Lamp (Rainbow Eye) on the U-CA 4 front panel produces a maximum of 7 colored lights during camera operation, which greatly enhances the cameras visual appeal and also indicates how shooting is progressing. Moreover, the U-CA 4 has a streamlined body design and comes in 2 different colors, Techno Silver and Space Titan, giving it its luxurious yet sleek and compact appearance. In particular, the lens and LCD parts are designed to withstand external mechanical shock so that you can use the camera at almost any time, anywhere making the camera more durable.

The U-CA 4 is designed to allow adjustment of color effect, white balance, sharpness, etc., with the various adjustment menus, so that users can individualize various color tones and feelings according to their preference. In addition, it supports a Long Time Shutter function, which is useful when shooting at night or in dark conditions, and an exposure compensation function so that users can take pictures in a variety of situations and lighting conditions.

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) has been enhanced in the U-CA 4 to allow users to navigate the menu system as swiftly and easily as possible. The menus on the LCD screen use 256 colors to cater for individual tastes and can be quickly set up using the Move & Set system.

In addition, the U-CA 4 supports the voice recording and voice memo which can be used as an alternative to a voice recorder. The U-CA 4 also maximizes user convenience by incorporating a one-touch playback function, to review images even when the camera power has been switched off. The LCD brightness also adjusts automatically or manually.

The U-CA 4 uses Memory Stick Duo, which is one-third of the size of a standard Memory Stick and is totally compatible with new high-capacity & high-speed Memory Stick PRO Duo. It allows the use of a primary battery as well as a dedicated rechargeable Li-ion battery, making it possible to take pictures without having to worry about power supply. Moreover, the U-CA 4 supports PictBridge, a direct printing system that links to a printer in real time via a USB cable, without the need for a computer .

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