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Press Release

Sinar Hy6 65 - Taking digital medium format photography to the next level Sinar has designed the new Sinar Hy6 65 as a truly integrated medium format camera system that offers the photographers maximum ease of use for mobile applications and an optimum workflow in combination with an outstanding image quality. Thanks to the encompassing integration of high-quality system components with optimized communication between lens, camera body, digital engine, and software, the new Sinar Hy6 65 enables the photographer to focus on capturing excellent images. No guesswork, no disturbing cables, no manual synchronization of various components the Sinar Hy6 65 fully supports the photographer
in his creative process. Furthermore, the Sinar Hy6 embodies everything you can expect from a state-of-the-art camera system. In addition to its precise autofocus and exposure metering system it brings innovative features such as focus trap and focus bracketing to the medium format camera market. And thanks to its leaf shutter system, it features the fastest flash sync speed for medium format camera systems, allowing to
freeze-frame even fast motion.

The Sinar Hy6 65 offers access to a broad range of high-quality AFD lenses with the resolving power and image quality required for high-end digital imaging. Furthermore the Sinar Hy6 65 is compatible with the manual focus and AF lenses of the successful Rollei 6000 camera system. Thanks to the possibility to use this very broad range of lenses, the Sinar Hy6 65 ensures that you can capture your images with the intended perspective and scale of reproduction at the required quality level.

Fast image processing on board
The Sinar Hy6 65 images are captured with a 31 million pixel CCD sensor with an imaging area that has almost twice the size of a full-frame 35mm camera system. Thanks to its QCIP
(QuadCore Image Processing) technology these Sinar Hy6 camera models are the first digital
medium format cameras with completely integrated digital image processing on board. Image
processing settings such as contrast, saturation, and noise suppression can be set directly on the camera system for a fast and easy post-processing of the captured images.
Future-oriented data storage
The high-speed data transfer of the Sinar Hy6 65 and Sinar Hy6-s65r allows for capturing
images at fast capturing rates and storing them to CF card in RAW, DNG, and JPEG format or a combination of them . JPEG images can be stored in four different file sizes and two
compression rates. Thus, you can send low-resolution JPEGs to the art director or agency
immediately after the shooting and process the selected high-resolution images later on.

The Sinar Hy6 65 will be available in the two following configurations.
For use with multiple camera platforms the Sinarback eSprit 65 is also available as a
standalone digital back.

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