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Arabian Calligraphy

Writting is the language of communication.
It was mentioned in Quran.
The Arabic character has went through several phases of development.
It was first used in collecting Quran.
Characters were first written without "DOTS" to distinguish them.
The credit goes to the scholar "Abu Al-aswad Al-du'ally".
For developing writting with dots.
The most famous forms of writting are :
1- Al kuffy writting.
2- Al riqaa writting.
3- Al naskh writting.
4- Al diwany writting.
5- Al thuluth writting.
6- Al taghraa' writting.
The muslim artist has excelled in using calography units as decorating units that has distinguished his art.
t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f147940357.LYbFSuvJ.jpg t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f147938494.rzyri6HH.jpg t4%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f144906948.JohF2642.jpg t4%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f144867294.DdYuByy3.jpg
t4%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f141767982.CXhdYL2G.jpg t4%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f141766099.rRrJsZtI.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f110218505.d0fcwVBh.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f57634534.Picture012.jpg
MY hand writing (dont be sad )
MY hand writing (dont be sad )
t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63705347.579Pjftt.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63710034.BMZwlaxS.jpg
t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63711221.3sO8yceT.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63733775.vWXT62V6.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63759314.N0Dnwxpu.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63759960.4KIsT1MJ.jpg
t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f63761683.iIYCoQyd.jpg t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f64304610.MgNSPkf8.jpg t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f65511091.MogSNEYT.jpg t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f66002117.anmB8Y0X.jpg
t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f65853519.ug8FY7xt.jpg t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f65884618.KwEQbiGR.jpg t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f65884742.6Y3TEnRl.jpg t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f65890630.1IHT6QMo.jpg
t2%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f66060224.2VRAr2Ll.jpg in the name of the god
in the name of the god
(in the name of the god )in a different font
(in the name of the god )in a different font
in the name of the god
in the name of the god
t1%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f66571376.JCSMSOc3.jpg t6%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f73665928.5GbsvSmc.jpg t6%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f73669160.TzqhGocY.jpg t6%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f73772270.4SFNQQP8.jpg
t6%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f73805827.h1hh4wgC.jpg This my gift to my friend Salah El-Sadek
This my gift to my friend Salah El-Sadek
t6%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f73936199.FOVonzia.jpg t6%2f41%2f650241%2f4%2f77911510.0tRj3QyS.jpg