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Vadim Levin | profile | all galleries >> ISRAEL. Different from what you see on TV news >> Jerusalem tree view | thumbnails | slideshow


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At the old city
At the old city
Ein Kerem alley The Church of the Visitation
The Church of the Visitation Ein Kerem alley  On the Mount of Olives
David's city melodys Old city
David's city melodys David's city melodys David's city melodys
David's city melodys
 On the Mount of Olives  On the Mount of Olives  On the Mount of Olives
 On the Mount of Olives  On the Mount of Olives  On the Mount of Olives
 On the Mount of Olives Latrun abbey Latrun abbey
Latrun abbey
Old city The wall's of old city The pink roofs of Meshkenot Shananim
Church of the Visitation. The cemetery
Ein Kerem alley Russian abbey Russian abbey
Russian abbey Russian abbey Russian abbey
Ein Kerem Ein Kerem