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Eldar Kadymov | all galleries >> Bonjour France, Mon Amour... > Abbey St.Michel, Normandy
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Abbey St.Michel, Normandy

Abbey St.Michel, Normandy

As 99.9% of folks suggested, this is the best image of St.Michel ever taken by human being :-).

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cantabriaphoto.com22-Oct-2010 17:04
This is the best image of St.Michel ever taken by human being.
Great image indeed.
goelsamuel16-Oct-2010 05:19
Abolutely gorgeous. The composition, colours and detail are amazing! V++
Tom Briggs08-Aug-2010 15:45
Stunningly done ... they don't come any better than this one ... v
Eldar Kadymov15-Jun-2010 20:47
Canon G5. Returned it back to the store after trip. This generated so much noise in the skies, that to fix it;
1. I copied the layer
2. Erased skies from new layer
3. Blurred the skies on background layer to get rid of noise
4. Adjusted saturation, contrast and brightness on both layers
5. Blended layers and run unsharp mask at 165, 1.8, 3.0

The rest of gallery is no good, LOL ?
isleman15-Jun-2010 20:08
It is so perfect it seems surreal! What equipment did you use? PP?
Brandon Mardon07-May-2010 15:40
Pawel04-Nov-2009 01:44
This is terrific!!!!!!!!!
Bill Warren17-Sep-2009 02:06
Gotta agree with Eric Aubrey this sucks and I so wish it was mine. V
Wildlife Images17-Apr-2009 02:51
Fantastic image! Great light, framing etc etc
24:00 26-May-2008 12:15
sooooooooooo beautiful.......
Marcio Cabral01-Apr-2008 15:27
Fantastic work Eldar! v
thomas28-Feb-2008 11:01
this is so good and beautiful! V
Patrick HANEZ07-Dec-2007 17:33
Nothing to say more. Just appreciate and Vote of course !! Beautiful. Patrick
alsatiff18-Oct-2007 12:25
bonjour Eldar !
you are a magicien ! magnifique !
Eldar Kadymov17-Oct-2007 01:33
Eric, sorry for upsetting you so much ! Also, kudos to you as I respect emenies who don't show their faces behind the masks and pseudonyms. Don't forget, though, it's artistic representation of St. Michel, besides I am not trying to impose anything here, while rather expressing my cincere fascination of beauty of France. You definitely would never understand it... One could see thousand things which might've gone terribly wrong with any particular image , but the most important thing that counts is an overall impression and message it delivers. This image was bought by Ministry of Culture of France for $2,680 Euros, so I think they know better what is the most beautiful image of St. Michel since they could not find another alternative... Ever...Yet, you, sorry idiot, failed to see it, because you're nothing else but pitiful Homocanadicus... My recommendation would be that you better travel to St. Michel and show me what you can do with this place, otherwise you sound like president Bush or that newly introduced moron Dion, LOL
Eric Aubry 16-Oct-2007 22:25
1. Sky is out of focus and the sky's grain dont seem to match the Abbey and foreground
2. Sky reflection in water dont match the sky's colors
3. The hard edges around the Abbey shows that it was isolated from another picture
4. The grass, rocks and the Abbey dont have a ambient that match the sky's colors
5. There is a lot of weird blur between the shore,grass and the bottom of the Abbey
6. This image as no exif
7. I'm 99.9% sure it's a crappy fake montage made by a human being
SzPiNaK.OrG Photography18-Sep-2007 14:30
indeed most of the WONDERFUL CAPTUREs I have ever seen !!! STUNNING WORK :o) V~!
Noor Khan10-Sep-2007 14:42
I had to read down the list to see if I'd already commented on this image. It is a great one!
Elina 30-Aug-2007 23:42
absolutely wonderful,,,
Sebastian27-Aug-2007 13:40
I have only one did you do it?
Perfect exposition, composition, reading time, colour restriction, on every corner you see it, it's perfect.
Sandi Whitteker07-Aug-2007 04:05
Love it Eldar... and the music. I can hears Piaf singing now! Beautiful shot! V
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera05-Aug-2007 22:31
eternal image..!! V
olderhvit12-Jul-2007 13:16
Stunning...absolutely wonderul. Voted
deadpoet photography11-Jul-2007 04:38
this is the best of the abbey I ever seen :)
Cyrus Khamak10-Jun-2007 15:37
Magnificent capture, V
Pierre Schneider09-May-2007 17:26
Great shot and work ! -v-
Michael Weinberg08-May-2007 23:07
Hello Eldar. I hate to disagree with you but this is the finest photo ever taken of St. Michel by both human beings AND non-human beings (Aliens, Spirits, Poltergeists, etc.):) Sorry for your error:) Michael.
Eldar Kadymov08-May-2007 19:50
Then show it to us, uneducated people, LOL, so we all can celebrate the glory of Robert's artwork :-)
John Locke08-May-2007 18:58
The best image of St.Michel ever taken by a human being was the one of Robert Capa during WW II.
jlm04-May-2007 22:11
Superbe, c'est le mot!
Guest 03-May-2007 09:30
This is excellent and yes this is the best Isaw of St. looks almost a fairy tale...respect!!!
Linda Hendry01-May-2007 14:45
Excellent shot!!! v!
Enny29-Apr-2007 18:59
great shot, excellent work.
Jorge Velez27-Apr-2007 19:19
What beauty, this is like a picture of Heaven. Vote
Guest 26-Apr-2007 12:39
Very good picture and postprocess. Like it much.
Armindo Lopes26-Apr-2007 11:20
Really fantastic!
Dmitry Zamorin25-Apr-2007 07:26
Strong and effective photograph of the classical view without crowds of fussy tourists on the foreground!
Konrad Busslinger09-Apr-2007 18:23
Excellent work!
Guest 05-Apr-2007 02:06
hehe just HAD to come back again and tell you just how much I love this picture x
Rochelle Cardinale03-Apr-2007 01:44
Spectacular. Vote!
Tom Briggs25-Mar-2007 13:33
WOW ... what a magnificent photo ... BIG vote
Eldar Kadymov09-Mar-2007 05:19
9.772 clicks and only handful of comments... I wish my St.Michel had tits, LOL
Eldar Kadymov09-Mar-2007 03:19
Oliver, then you need to teach us what's really working on own examples... from film director prospective , of course !
Guest 07-Mar-2007 20:36
From a film director perspective, I see a strong mixture between the sharpness of digital and the beauty and glamor of film. Not sure if it works though
Rick Roluf12-Feb-2007 02:28
Excellent Gallery
Eldar Kadymov10-Feb-2007 23:30
It is just a lots of work with different layers.
martyn george (Hedonic3000)10-Feb-2007 19:36
This is a fabulous image, the sharp foreground does it justice. how do you get such color?
Guest 08-Feb-2007 11:59
Very beautifull. DRI?
Adina Marrinucci 08-Feb-2007 00:09
What beauty. this is like a picture of Heaven Lovely. Lovely. Lovely
laine8227-Jan-2007 21:49
A very beautiful photo...congratulations on the sales !
Gervan18-Jan-2007 13:38
Stnning image made at a lucky moment with that colorful sky.
Guest 20-Dec-2006 12:49
I Do like this shot!! It looks so Disney !! And thanks about the Miss Universe compliment but I highly doubt it lol :)
Marcia Colelli29-Nov-2006 22:20
wonderful job, very artistic. Absollutely beautiful Abbey V
Guest 25-Nov-2006 23:18
Simply amazing! Great job on this image. Regardless of whether or not this image is the result of some photoshop manipulation, it is a very artistic and creative picture. Well done!
Paolo Fercia14-Nov-2006 06:54
La composizione e i colori fanno di questa una foto perfetta.
Grandissimo scatto !!!
George - Omiros Christakos07-Nov-2006 23:41
Indeed, it's a really great photo Eldar. Bravo. V.
Teply Oldis25-Oct-2006 20:36
Pha makes possible. Best regards
Eldar Kadymov09-Oct-2006 01:24
Michael, I am flattered by the comment, but... we all know this is the best image of this place ever taken by human being.... how about the rest of gallery, does it meet your approval or not at all, LOL ???!!!
Michael Weinberg07-Oct-2006 18:30
Hello Eldar. Perhaps the greatest photo of the Abbey at St. Michel ever captured. The combination of angle, exposure and violently dramatic sky makes this famous come alive like never before. This is one amazing photo....and although you can not see it, I would bet they serve Borscht inside. Ciao. Michael,
Martin Doheny20-Sep-2006 20:00
Class shot,I was there in August beautiful place,you got a great sky 8-) V
Michael Shpuntov09-Sep-2006 18:16
ELdar It's defenitely 99% + 1 since I think the above statement is true Stunning inage! Vote
Eldar Kadymov19-Aug-2006 21:04
Lawrence, I guess I disturbed so many folks and ruined buncha stuff with this image that, likely, it should be taken off this gallery :-) !
Iain M Norman13-Aug-2006 19:22
itai03-Jul-2006 22:02
nice fantasy, not very nice photoshop work...
dan dunn30-Jun-2006 11:47
Fine shot and gallery DD
Guest 20-Jun-2006 20:39
Le Mont St Michel est cher à mon coeur... Très chaleureuse ambiance dans cette image :-)
Joost Bossuyt18-Jun-2006 09:15
Beautiful and very colourful image!
judi209-Jun-2006 00:58
Magnificent is the word... I agree on both counts......the best picture ever taken of this fairyland...and that there are a bunch of kooky people in our lovely "land of Pbase".....
Eldar Kadymov06-Jun-2006 21:11
Yaiks, buncha crazy folks are kicking around on Pbase...
philippe carpentier06-Jun-2006 21:01
very Ysneyland, so nice, you should stop Vodka when you travel!!! : )
great shot; superb!!
Guest 30-Apr-2006 18:04
Very nice Eldar. I have a gallery about St Michel but this picture is just outstanding.
Gérard Koehl25-Apr-2006 19:31
Le mont St Michel est encore plus beau par cette retouche très impressionnante.
Nick Vivian08-Apr-2006 08:38
superbe !... V
Guest 03-Apr-2006 13:24
Amazing and magical! I feel in Disneyland :o)
My compliments.
Gil Azouri02-Apr-2006 11:23
Wonderful capture!
Fabienne16-Mar-2006 20:31
wow, c'est splendide.
Guy Dube12-Mar-2006 22:50
Photo superbe Eldar, les details sont impressionnants.
james200209-Mar-2006 01:38
Something magical about this one! This is spectacular.
Ron S. Bernardo08-Mar-2006 02:10
Stunning, GMV!
Ron Horloff07-Mar-2006 23:00
You have really done this magnificent structure justice.
Vikas Malhotra07-Mar-2006 17:13
Simply stunning............. one of the most perfect shots of this type I have seen. Cheers, vikas.
marita toftgard25-Feb-2006 23:24
absolutely wonderful
gerard belbeoch23-Feb-2006 11:06
Une superbe vue du mont,c'est tres
natalitsa22-Feb-2006 13:58
Superb shot, nice colour saturation, VOTED
Vipin Mayer03-Feb-2006 21:41
beautiful shot, the clouds are perfectly placed, your editing work is excellent.
chrisse08-Jan-2006 20:57
Very beautiful. I'm hoping to visite this spring.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife02-Jan-2006 10:38
This is good, This is very good. Arno
Richard Gardner02-Jan-2006 03:35
Beautiful photo!