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Eldar Kadymov | all galleries >> Resurrection of 1666... > M-16 of Telesphorus' Survival Kit For Those Less Fortunate...
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M-16 of Telesphorus Survival Kit For Those Less Fortunate...

M-16 of Telesphorus' Survival Kit For Those Less Fortunate...

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Eldar Kadymov17-Apr-2009 14:24
Your essay, amigo, moved my mind in the state of shock and complete mental turbidity as it was too sofisticated. I picked on Telesphorus ( further Telic which stands for TV set in Russian jargon )simply because his name just sounded too cool especially for those darkened times when people didn't know anything about essentials of telekynesis which we're enjoying immencely these days around. Yet somehow I could feel some tele-connections between him and the other world infamous criminal Garry. To support the inter-timing teleconnections and provide Telic and Garry with means to survive I fetched ( not kvetched ) them few pieces of paper with the depiction of their pal Georgy, as Chavez cannot match their badness by magnitute of his personal wrongdoing. The rest, just like all aforementioned by me, is just complete mashuganah orchestrated by Winny ( Churchill fella, see above ) ! LOL
Michael Weinberg16-Apr-2009 21:47
Hello Most Evil One. You title here suggests, in my opinion, that you are making an interesting historical commentary about the little known Telesphorus, the eighth Pope. When you mention a survival kit for those less fortunate, and display a machine gun and dollars ( I think that is Hugo Chavez on the dollars) you certainly are implying that there are unfortunate folks today that can be helped by the likes of Telesphorus... perhaps in a way similar in the years 126-135 AD. So what was the similarity in 126? Telesphorus was pope during the Reign of Hadrian (who must surely be a resident of 1666 as well). During this time, Hadrian was massacring Jews..... about 600,000. And what did Telesphorus do about it? No historian, to my knowledge seems to know. But it could be that you are suggesting he provided a survival kit of some sort..... my guess is it is really the same kit the pope uses today.... accept Christ as savior and you'll be saved. It seems to me that the Pope, during world war II and the Holocaust offered that same survival kit. And the ultimate kit was provided by the Pope in 1945 as Harry Truman dropped the first A bomb over Hiroshima and the second over Nagasaki. Interesting that you cited Harry's birthday as an exclamation mark to this pictorial essay which provides the roadmap of salvation .... that finds its roots in 1666 and weaves its way from Telesphorus to the less than adequate strategies of Hugo Chavez today. These survival kits are merely self serving tokens to move the masses for the self engrandizement of the most powerful special interests who have been ruling the world over the past few thousand years. A few dollars in the pocket, a machine gun, salvation.... all pretty much useless to those less fortunate. Oy OY OY. Zy Gezundt, Michael.
FrankB01-Feb-2009 17:51
We'll beat the living piss out of one another over politics....but you are Master of the image my friend!.....none better.....V :)
Eldar Kadymov12-Jan-2009 15:15
Ann, there are only 3 types of converted currencies recognized in the hell; English pound, Soviet rouble and USA dollar. So your assumptions are correct, Mister WC with Tommy gun is widely accepted for exchange overthere. He was accepted right on the spot by Asmodeus, when spitted in the air in the times of his personal glory; " Let them (Germans) crash teeth against Kossaks and when these ahnilliate each other, then, I assume, we shall harvest the fruits of glory !" Sorry to be so politically incorrect, but this is what Mister WC was... As for a location of my good old, trusted and rusted M-16... Well... You don't want me to have the troubles with vicious Canadian jurisdiction, don't you, eh, LOL ?!
Ann Cleeves11-Jan-2009 19:19
Me neither!!...(I would really like to enquire where this weapon resides...but daren't!) Who is the tooled-up character on the strange looking £10 notes? Even with zoom I can't make out if it's Winston Churchill, or a Chelsea Pensioner.
an nguyen15-Nov-2008 23:43
Oh, Gosh, I don't believe in this.... :(
Eldar Kadymov14-Sep-2008 16:37
Unforutnately, amigo, it is not foldable toy, so it won't pass airport security that easy !
Noor Khan13-Sep-2008 16:07
Nice one. You know I like weapons. Does this one break down and fit in your jacket pocket? Better spend your bucks before they put a new clown on them!
Eldar Kadymov10-Aug-2008 04:59
Mattias, they need to buy Rollses in Russia, so please try to handle the situation with third world sort of currency like buck, LOL
Mattias Backström09-Aug-2008 22:09
What? No old Rubels in there? That's a shame...they're the best.