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New Zealand

New Zealand, which mainly consists of European and Maori culture, is divided into North Island and South Island. My first destination was Auckland in North Island. From there, I took a bus to Tongariro National Park and took the best one-day walk in the country, the Tongariro Crossing. I had a night stay at Whakapapa Village. Next stop was the capital city, Wellington. Then with an overnight ferry ride I arrived in Picton in South Island. My last stop was Christchurch, where I took train from Picton.
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739838.2SMQXv9d.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739861.GFZJDp8g.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739910.yJPXy4C7.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739828.UcX97Y8J.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739851.eFzbtYHg.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739911.DIVeFekW.jpg
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739802.mnfYJAI2.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739906.gRMBoEaQ.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739854.H3oDX5LA.jpg Cathedral Square
Cathedral Square
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739795.mKmtnAot.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739804.85Q1HHsB.jpg
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739818.yvpGOpvM.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739880.kcZ3kj6d.jpg View of Auckland city from the Skytower
View of Auckland city from the Skytower
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739898.yHEHrztl.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739827.zLy12itP.jpg Cathedral Square in closer look
Cathedral Square in closer look
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739817.wHm38mmq.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739864.KE6arFrR.jpg Tranz Scenic train
Tranz Scenic train
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739868.4GvuZMI7.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739815.2iCbqEpd.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739841.RCeBsSUL.jpg
Statue of 'SACRAFICE' in downtown Christchurch near the Cathedral
Statue of 'SACRAFICE' in downtown Christchurch near the Cathedral
Art Statue City Center in Cathedral Square
Art Statue City Center in Cathedral Square
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739850.oODuMGqV.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739855.5xUcjRLN.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739808.ttJtcV0r.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739859.59xCpm3Z.jpg
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739904.IlrFuXOz.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739825.PS1IwXzL.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739845.RoMOs1Nu.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739813.B198zBV3.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739909.QgR4ptBo.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739806.1zbL2sc6.jpg
t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739792.43AfAH6q.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739807.GKCE0AZO.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739831.zZxi6gBP.jpg t6%2f42%2f763442%2f4%2f77739879.g0xzgB7q.jpg