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andrew stoner06-Dec-2008 22:30
Amazing pictures, very nice work. Would love to see some more.

Are you close to clod weather, I love snow work...
samantha wolner 30-Jun-2008 22:51
very nice work, would like 2 c more
Sam R. 13-Apr-2008 01:16
Great pictures as always, but was wondering why not so many lately?
Feel free to contact me by email and say hi.
Sam R
kent larnhill24-Aug-2007 17:39
Wonderful work!
Guest 19-Jun-2007 17:38
Great work! Hope you post more pictures soon.
Sam 02-Nov-2006 22:16
Love the pics of your beautiful wife. How about starting a PAD gallary.
Jihad Jean Chahine10-Aug-2006 07:08
Thks for your message.
Trevor Edwards31-Jul-2006 14:41
You have a good collection of pictures. Thanks for showing them to us.
You have an incredible model with Mei. I wish you both good luck and hapiness.
Guest 06-Jun-2006 16:36
I think you have very nice pictures 04-Jun-2006 12:10
Incredible.. Ken
Kevin 05-May-2006 22:59
Thanks for the privilege of allowing so many to view your pictures and it may inspire me to set up a gallery and use my fuji digital to get some landscapes. Of course to find a photogenic model ain't easy. Mei you are fantastic and so elegant, look after her Chris. Happy holidays.
Jacky 13-Jan-2006 09:33
hi Chris and Mei,

hey hey, where is the rest of honeymoon pictures? we are waiting for that!!!

I will go to Maldives at 1 Feb, and hopefully I can take some great pictures there. Besides your model and MKII, what else you have bring to your trip? I am thinking to take some tools like tripod, reflecter , ...... any suggestion?

take care my dear Couple.

colin 31-Dec-2005 02:40
Hi Chris,
Wonderful Pictures,You have taken amazing pictures and esp of Mei,
your wife is beaufty,i want to see your pictures more,
can you give me your password to see
aLub@21-Dec-2005 09:48
Hi Chris,

When each time I look at your pbase, I can feel your enthusiasim. You are a very lucky man to have a such beautiful wife. Your pbase gives me an idea about what looks like from part of your world. Thank you for sharing.
Kingpin 12-Dec-2005 17:32
Merry Christmas, Chris and Mei. We haven't seen any new pictures in a while! I'm hoping that everything is going well for you both. I think your pictures are wonderful and I find myself checking in every week to see if you have posted anything new. Please let us know that you're alive and well! I hope the new year is both rewarding and prosperous for you both.
lambert carrasco 16-Oct-2005 05:20
Hi Chris and Mei, you both work wonderfully together, i think mei is a fantastic model and is always relaxed in the pics. the two of you make a great team.

andrew stoner08-Oct-2005 21:08
Wonderful Pictures. I wish you both all the best with your lives as one. Smile, enjoy life and be happy.
Good Luck to you both.
P.S. A nice lab in the pics. would be very nice..
asdip 08-Oct-2005 00:49
It's about time I found you. Have missed seeing your photos. Take care,, Chuck
ML08-Sep-2005 23:23
I've always enjoyed your collection of wonderfully captured images, especially of your significant other half! Just want to say keep up the good work as someone who appreciate, and admire your talent and your cute playful subject!

Jacky 27-Aug-2005 04:11
hi Chris and Mei,

it is always enjoyable to read your photos. so how's the marriage life?
Dan17-Aug-2005 01:23
Very nice work. I enjoyed my visit.
frankiemore 23-Jun-2005 08:38
I like your album very much.
claire 11-Jun-2005 18:27
The wedding is today, rite? Must be going on right now! Cannot wait to see all the wedding pictures!
midi korg05-Jun-2005 15:26
Good photos,Thanks for sharing.....^_^.....
midi korg05-Jun-2005 15:25
midi korg05-Jun-2005 15:23
kalia 22-May-2005 01:26
Beautiful photos, longtime visitor and admirer. Thanks for sharing!
Guest 21-May-2005 03:00
Hello, You take some amazing pictures, I have been trying to get close to yours. I have a long way to go. The nature and the shots of Mei are great. Your on my favorates. Thanks for the inspration.
Guest 20-May-2005 19:59
hi, thanks for visiting my galleries. you have so many great photos i'll add u to my favorate list and visit more later. i love your portraits especially those outdoors. your model, she's so gorgeous! love the skin tone!
Nitin 01-Apr-2005 02:19
You have taken amazing pictures and esp of Mei. I am sure you are showing her her what you feel for her :) Excellent job as a photographer :)

Mei.. Do I have to guess how much you love being taken photos of by Chris ? !! You look amazing and all your pictures are beautiful. It take patience to be a model too :)

Wish you both a great life ahead !

Norman Tam21-Mar-2005 07:54
Hi Chris,

Thanks for visiting my galleries and leave some kind words. You have some lovely pictures and I have to say Mei is a fantastics model. It's really great to have someone always there to post for you.

By the way, I have some new photos of my little girl. You are most welcomed to visit and give me some comments.

Josť Antonio 10-Mar-2005 17:19
obrigado por sua visita e por suas palavras carinhosas.
Grande abraço,
Stan Schutze13-Jan-2005 08:23
Hi Chris. You take good pictures, and you have a beautiful model. Good job!!
ecofugal 28-Dec-2004 02:32
hi Chris and Mei
a brillant gallery of images- thank you for sharing
are you using an SLR digital camera?
Mei , you make a wonderful model but but love to see more images of you in a cheongsam
EclecticPhoto03-Dec-2004 01:13
Thanks Kingpin! We really appreciate your comments.

Also, we appreciate all the other nice comments people have left here.

-Chris and Mei
Kingpin 02-Dec-2004 15:46
Hi Chris & Mei,

I have become a fan of your galleries and have followed you over here from webshots like many others have. I really appreciate the skills that you have been developing, Chris. While I am not much of a photographer myself, I can see that your photos keep getting better and better all the time. I know a good photo when I see one. You seem to be continually enhancing the natural talent that you have. And Mei, I am always stunned by the grace, beauty and love of life that Chris brings out in your photos. I encourage both of you to continue what you are doing. You are a great team. Thank you so much for sharing your work with everyone.
utboatfanatic 14-Nov-2004 23:47
Chris & Mei
I've followed you here from Webshots, and must finally sound off. Your photos are simply wonderful! In my opinion, a good camera can take a proper exposure of whatever is put in front of it, but it takes something special to create the connection with the person viewing the finished product. Chris - your technical abilities seem excellent. The artistic portion is also something I envy. You always manage to capture a little magic. Mei - you are one of the most incredibly natural beauty's I've ever seen. You seem to exhibit a simple joy for life that radiates through every image.
Keep it up you two!!!
stevenpa13-Nov-2004 05:45
Great photos, Chris. I wasn't going to chime in but decided at the last minute to lend my support for the photos of your fiance (you seem to have created a bit of controversy with them). They are tasteful and, more importantly, beautiful captures. Cheers~
Guest 08-Nov-2004 05:00
Hi Chris,

Thanks for visiting my PaD!
You have great galleries and a very nice model (Mei) as well. I enjoyed seeing your shots. Keep up your work. :)

And to Mei, you are really photogenic. What a great couple you are! Cheers.

Allan 04-Nov-2004 03:02
hi Chris,
I hope you still remember me.
yeah, I do photography just for fun like you.
my interesting colors mostly come from different film processing.
thanks for dropping by.
have to say it again, you have some great pictures over there at your side.
Guest 01-Nov-2004 23:31
To Mei:

Don't mind those negative and mean comments. U have my support.

Walking Tall from DUT
Eric01-Nov-2004 20:33
Chris, I really enjoyed your galleries! You love to photograph your wife, and it's very apparent she loves you. She's beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
Qing 01-Nov-2004 06:40
Chris, those are great pics. Your girl is an amazing beauty.
Best wishes for you 2. And keep going with your great work.

A Chinese Student in US
Jiang Li01-Nov-2004 04:00
"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people."
What an apt quote!
I harbor nothing but great admiration for your works, Chris!
Guest 01-Nov-2004 01:07
Hi, I am a Chinese girl and I followed the discussion from MITBBS to your album.
I think Yuhua is very beautiful and you guys look great together.
Unfortunitly there are many negative comments, and even more unfortunitly, most
of these negative comments are from Chinese people. I feel very sorry about this fact, and just want to let you know that not all Chinese people like that.
Best wishes:-)
Abernethy 01-Nov-2004 00:54

I can't understand why you artistic types think that a photo requires a touch of thecursor
to brighten the photo enough so you can determine if you want to open it
to a normal person that is the ultimate absurdity!!!

not so respectfully!
Allison Abernethy from Hickory NC
wild 31-Oct-2004 04:03
Are you from NC? I'm also in NC, but I've never seen any girl so beautiful as you.
Guest 26-Oct-2004 18:11
You're very good at portrait photos. I have to say that's your strong point. Other photos are not so great.

Knowing your subject (the pretty girl) very well helps you get those great portraits!

What good luck that you have a nice model to work with!! I'm looking forward to seeing more great photos coming.

racer67 21-Oct-2004 08:05
Thank you so much for sharing these photos. Mei is a rare and amazing beauty. I very much like your style of photography - obviously well thought out, different looks and poses that seem fresh. Mei's natural beauty (and choice of wardrobe) always shows through and she comes across as a fun, classy young woman that you want to hang out with! Also, on the technical end of things I appreciate your larger shots to see the quality of the 1DMARKII and lenses. Thanks and look forward to seeing more.
Guest 14-Oct-2004 09:04
incredibly sharp photos. lovely portraits. keep up the good work.
Todd Brase28-Sep-2004 09:18
I think there is something wrong with your camera, it seems to be superimposing a beautiful young asian girl in all your pictures. I might have to trade my camera in and get one like yours. LOL

Great pictures and a beautiful girl, keep shooting!
Manu 01-Sep-2004 21:52
1800x1200 was great... 1600x1200 too (for my 22" it's so nice ((: )
1600x1200 is about 175kb while compressed (and 1Meg for high quality)

but don't know if I'm from the majority of your visitors /:
Manu 01-Sep-2004 07:16
I was used to your hi-res pics... pb with free space ? /:
it's a pity coz' your new serie is very nice /:
choduk 24-Aug-2004 19:33
thanks for sharing your amazing work with all of us. your work shows not only yr skill but also your love for the woman. the pictures come out as a graceful ode to a beautiful woman.
Manu 20-Aug-2004 23:48
me again (:
thanks to both of you for those beautiful pics
Guest 20-Aug-2004 06:26
xixi, I am the second! Great work and beautiful model!!Expecting more and more~~