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read.... donald verger selling art to set people freee ...

some of these have just a spot of white... i may have taken them and like them now BECAUSE of just that bit of white... a white highlight... i often expose for some white spot to BLINK white in the histogram view... i like that! if it IS white to my eye, i like the highlight! websites say things should not blink white... i disagree... to me the very white should blink white... a bit of a white could should blink white to me... it adds a sparkle and THRUTH for me... and i know watercolor artists often leae a bit or more of their canvas white... what is your experience, what do you think?

white is so important to me as is black, the blac of windows and the unknown and im liking pink thses days...:)
DSC00581.jpg Snow Storm Portland Head LIght x252P1180488 95.shade, then a moment of sun.. :) the magic of VERMONT .... read Donald Verger Selling Art To Set People Free 162xDSC03848.jpg Portland Head Light :) 399DSC00804.jpg Man rescuing his Dog Nubble  Lighthouse Snow Storm Cape Neddick Maine DSC03885.jpg716 ............. HEADING OUT  past the Queen, portland head light 69DSCN3385.jpg296 FACES OF INNOCENCE
219DSC01812.jpg74 New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND 629...255SEE this barn in the fall... in FAVORITES A gallery!    DSCN3962.JPG 66DSC01646.jpg80 taken a few minutes ago... read... 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below 74DSC01851.jpg 85 New York State Amish countryside... your impressions of this image... and read linked article below, tks, don Stars in the Sky... the sun dances on the face of the water, bring light to the dark`
12112SPIRIT purchase this and other photographs and postcards from my website RAVENS FLIGHT below zero ANGEL AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos 7119MAGIC LIGHT 25 Below  image 4134 6839.4158jpg Sea smoke over thompson lake ottisfield maine
WINTER SERENITY 3529THE COVER?  #3 for id y2250///3421 4140jpg 3257August0060jpg... note 1/06///3194 this pink a blue shot is one of my very favorites! peace   AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg 2952))2493alternate y2111///2863
1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow 3036... WINTER QUIET Lines of man/women...lines of nature... share the morning light...DSCN0698.JPG Pohnpei Micronesia as seen from Black Coral Island 4930*PEACE..9% of moon illuminated. 1943revisted this old shot in lawrence massachusetts............DSCN1144.JPG
2219...thisis 9981 AND i think 9982! is better! because of branch reach and deeper color 2404DSCN3846.JPG  WINTER APPLES 2087January December 11th, 2002 jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger  journey home.  St J' Academy;;; ps this image is a fave of mine.. languised on pbase...
MayDSCN1335 2145is thistoo subtle? Jan? 2674Little White Church Eaton NH i loved the motion and the light and sound, came out of the phili train don verger... Frank Loyd Wright... Fallingwaters... with Carolyn :) Women this is not photoshopped, but a pieace of a giant wall in tornorto advertising
2417!2383462DSC03440800/108.jpg   WATERSPOUT OVER DISTANT BOON LIGHT STORMFRONT RAGES THRU NUBBLE LIGHT WITH SNOW AND SUN 1130May You climb a ladder to the SKY... ALISON HILL - ARTIST... Monhegan Island Maine... DOVE/Angel  OF MERCY! 8406jpeg March DSCN5373 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432
1092February... RED and White.1036//1038///1038 no longer April per youall 1427October... Barn Cat #1 for ref/ please comment Erin y690 DH000076.JPG 2614Monarches filled the sky migrating when i drove to see Jack a few days ago
May 3rd, 2005, above lake thompson   BBQ!!! in Gray Center....workflow, auto focus, shoot quick, EAT BBQ! DSC08501.jpg After the Storm portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT... RAINDROPS in the FOG jpeg 9932 75DSC03419.jpg deatil of stormfront behind nubble lighthouse over dist boon light
2456DSC08733.....     #63.... my neighborhood... Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine... i rarely regret getting out of the car 465..DSCN4142.JPG/0/2///465 INSPIRED by Gary Becker's incredible TRAINBITS gallery                     DSCN1284.JPG 1529/590#4 printed in my living room! FOUR LIGHTS... don takes the train to boston... ...  THE BREEZE ... p1040605
see new gallery BITS...DSCN1288.JPG for Jude Mc  .................................Summer Snow... flower Necklace! 2207DSC08221.jpg this was an after thought after shooting the barn you can see at... 156the whole BIT             ..........................................DSCN1100.JPG 1272/394..#1 conversion 29/self portrait... same shack as yest... found this on the side.....DSCN4736_1.JPG
1025...233DSCN8201.JPG 103/109 1993quiet 154DSCN4441.JPG/22 PEACE  720NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE DISTANT VIEW .... DSCO9126 looking east at sunset! 1071see the series gathered together here on pad= picture a day gallery and...
i like this one alot... :) this is the 15th image... my new sight on seen SONY R! comes tomorrow DSCN8108.JPG 100DSCN3751.JPG 0/14/23/26/33/38/45/71 The spirit of the Light... hope faith love :) jpg 5311 whitend?*...#5 this is one noah whiten by mistake SHELTER ISLAND early mornDSCN0829.JPG
each day a gift SAFE Sept 12th, 2004, wow i didnt know this was on the same day as the other , i will search to see if i took more that am? DSC09208.jpg  SPLASH!- sky and surf portland head light donald verger lighthouses maine DSCN9985.JPG 63...ADD 90 DSC08467.jpg portland head light JOY lighthouses maine donald verger
which June? DANCER...   believe it not... some how the texture of the white/brown weatered shakes... DSCN4131. WINTER'S WOOD PILE 88the SANGO RIVER QUEEN naples maine...88DSCN9371.JPG47/58 day hernia repair today... this is a nice image to carry with me... enjoy, don
September 12th, 2004...DSCN9966.JPG108 see all these little white church images at... #3 ARMS...  ps... my pad yesterday is an image from dec 18 last year... old but a favorite!!! i am in Canada!!! mont tremblay! and i took this shot when we stopped at a DSC00015.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE as seen by donald verger september 4, see...
491.Artistry 1406i have shot this barn so many times now and never gotten a shot i like... until now?, ps i decided just now i love it!!!! EMBRACE... listen to Rachmaninov's cello/piano sonata while viewing... nature's PINWHEEL!    August 17, 2005                                  jpeg 90 DSC06733.jpg WISHING YOU A YEAR OF PEACE AND WELLBEING... :)))) sunset Portland Head Light DSC00113jpg   TINY DETAIL FROM HUGE BARN/HOME HISTORICAL SOCIETY BUILDINGS SEEN DRIVING BY... JAY, MAINE
SEE THROUGH... oh, how i LOVE the WHITE :) DSCN9539.JPG 23 45DSC02900700.jpg NOR EASTER ROARS THRU NUBBLE LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE, MAINE See all the images... home... a moment of wonder and peace DSCN3560.JPG 6/21 32 37/47/61/66/90 193
DSC04010 ............ CASTLE IN THE SKY  full moon rises over Portland Headlight... a 20 second surpirse! DSC00183.jpg Ferry's Journey Ends 40DSC03370.jpg see them all in link below... nubble lgihthouse stormfront 81DSC00045.3.jpg i like quiet shots, THIS is a quieter, earlier image of one of my most clicked lighthouse images, which?????? 33DSC09722.jpg revisited my fave maine lake, see the images from 30 below zero tranquility.jpg
232DSCN3613.JPG 1/24 140 see the series AMAZING GRACE at... #6...  click it to see details :) jpg 5270 i think DSC03856.jpg CLOUDY  AFTERNOON AT PORTLNAD HEAD LIGHT :) and see a wildly clicked new image December 11th, 2002!  DSCN1190 WINTER, COME SHE WILL... WINTER AND FALL HOLD HANDS... my view yesterday
315ma gift for Audra, Isi, and Alice, +++... can anyone guess what this is???... make a guess!!! 17th or so of these moments... recovering from hernia surgery... bit boredd?what wd u name this one? Dawn's first light in the city.......................................................DSCN5528.JPG This is Lois's image! WHOOPS.........DSCN0037.JPG 27old shots of this barn in barns galleryDSCN5281.JPG
DSC04427.jpg THIS IMAGE IS FOR MY GREAT FRIEND JACK WHO IS VERY SICK AND FOR HIS WIFE NORMA! who both have helped me so much! DSCN7957.JPGx129 675DSC08924.jpg Pure Magic at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine an image right out of the camera the little white church eaton nh new hampshire by donald verger DSC00352.jpg see them all and let me know which ones you like best and why if you get a sec
43mDogwood Dance Very tired after driving home from Vermont....saw clouds over my pond :)8649.JPG DSC08566.jpg do you see the hint of the portland light houses reflection in the moving water? DSCN4136.JPG/0/3/5 183DSCN2738.JPG 41/55/70 touched by fire
DSCN9537.JPG 18 DSCN4122.JPG DSCN5306_1 small top left.jpg glittering like salt.... see... DSCN9636.JPG 72/90 DSC00117.jpg :)  snow squall sky
DSC00512.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BLUES LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29 311DSCN1865.JPG 179 154DSCN8332.TIF 80 SAFE... at sea.... fellolw ferry riders... the first of a series/old images, harddrive full DSC08424.jpg please comment on the one of these two you like best and why would help :) protland head light DSC00270pano.jpg the center image of todays PANO... anyone do panos?? and how?
see the IMAGINE... images for peace gallery... What do you imagine this image is about??? let me know first.. and below i will share  Happy Thanksgiving! DSC01383 DSC06455.jpg first vapor of late summer/fall in maine... 50 degrees... drove to find a spot 3  WINDOWS...ARTISTIC FARMER/ARTIST... see more in my !st gallery... white mtns...DSCN9563.JPG 17th of a series... new england most photoed church i have since learned...usually in fall
ah! December 16th, 2004!   DSCN4055 DSC07590.jpg 19 LADDERS...DSCN5257_1.JPG DSC03397.jpg686 Quick snap of Marshall Point lighthouse port clyde maine on weedend trip with Lois DSC09126.jpg portland head light   .. also see DSCN1822.JPG
27DSCN9978_2.JPGx27.50 DSC09123.jpg DSCN3753.JPG 0/10/11/17  116 i rarely shoot vertically....  SEE ALL THE SHOTS OF THIS MOST FAMOUS NEW ENGLAND CHURCH 117DSCN3874.JPG 8  45 DSCN0012.JPG
DSCN4089.JPG/9  52 DSCN5522.JPG 86 DSC08218.jpg which of these three do you like best?, plse comment on the one 17DSC09735.jpg my last 3 pads are ISLAND SUNRISES like my profile image... also see my barn gallery for more.... DSC09999.jpg STOPPING BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD maine
hard to see the snow in the air here,snowybarnfeb8.tif does anyone print panos, i have epson 2400, never used roll paper, can i 693DSC01667i.jpg SWEET PEAS.... Happy Birthday Lois! DSC09624.jpg DSCN4485.JPG 17my first barn shot with a DATE...DSCN5496.JPG 112DSCN4220.JPG/1/15
DSCN8628.JPG 24xxx198 moon... on my little peaceful pond! 113DSCN0016_1.JPG59 DSCN6982_1.JPG 70 DSCN9535.JPG 19DSC04100.jpg
DSC07201.jpg  live light DSC09617.jpg DSC04408_2C.jpg... REVISTIED WIGGLY OLD FENCE LILAC BARN!!! lanscape DSCN2295_3.JPG 77 #1 Please comment on my last 2 PADS... which do you like better??? #2 What might you title this image...? AND I WILL CREATE DSCN6359.JPG
716DSC00964.jpg561 Winter Snow Falls on Nubble Lighthouse York Beach Maine 1225/331SEE my profile image and the AMAZING GRACE Gallery at... DSCN9552.JPGv 20 DSCN3750.JPG 0/11/11/19  90 DSCN2432_2.JPG 88
DSCN9772.JPG DSC06105.jpg P1170695.jpg 6,DSC08222.jpg DSCN3778.JPG 0 3/5  76 feb4barntry2tiffpbase.tif my first real pano done myself with arcware software found by Lois and inspired/encouraged by her
ireland_sample-1.jpg P1050565.jpg see this wonderful home/barn/structure in this gallery and DSC00196.jpg balanced on rice bag on car window, HOLIDAY MAGIC at NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE 105DSCN2648.JPG DSCN1676_4.JPG 58 DSC03458.jpg
DSCN5897_1.jpg DSC07352.jpg dawn over portland harbor , from my deck :) please see IMAGINE... images for peace... my first gallery and see Cory Bamburg's image DSC05140.jpg Happy Sledding and Holidays! 7DSC09715.jpg HERE COMES THE SUN DSC00316irealnd.jpg
DSC09323.jpg P1170707.jpg i love this little farm 23DSC02660_2.jpg do you like this one or the one linked below better for a postcard, thanks DSC03902_2.jpg we just found this image P1060806.jpg see change/choice/my mom's plate
P1040603.jpg see another image with my new little panosonic z18 linked below DSC06146.jpg DSC09714ll.jpg P1090234.jpg Lois and I just finished the 4 day/1 night Portland Flower Show! great but tired! DSCN1383.JPG DSC06688flagbarngraymaine.jpg.. oh! to my surprise... TWO!!! flag barn!
DSC00738.jpg P1000868.jpg FEATHERS FLY! see the image linked below, it is likely my most clicked...  image ever DSC08048.jpg 2DSC04399_.jpg please comment right on the one you like best for a postcard i am doing 389DSC06856.jpg  stopping for a latte at dunkin donuts parking lot... hand held, very windy, mostly DSC00171.jpg
DSC00438.jpg DSCN1293.JPG DSCN9894.JPG 17 DSC06275.jpg also see DSC06598.jpg DSC00015.jpg
river run... JOY.... would you try to crop some of the foreground from this image? P1050120mednothigh.jpg DSCN1373.JPG P1170811.jpg DSC00008.jpg DSC05805.jpg
DSC06843.jpg P1070124.jpg DSC05101.jpg