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to see almost all my images see...............

many thanks to my wonderful and so generous friend EMMANUEL PANAGIOTAKIS for his extraodinarily kind help!

see his wonderful images at.......
22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below WINTER SERENITY peace 2263.8954. dedicated to Lois A Rainbow Hunter... THE NUBBLE, nubble lighthouse, york, maine, i left, then saw a white cloud ...  THE BREEZE ... p1040605
DSC09166.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AFTER THE STORM AND self portrait... also see a fleeting moon at... DSC06003 SUNSET ELM Lois and i were out shooting... i just put this up quickly with help for the framing from pbaser... DSC04010 ............ CASTLE IN THE SKY  full moon rises over Portland Headlight... a 20 second surpirse! DSC06733.jpg WISHING YOU A YEAR OF PEACE AND WELLBEING... :)))) sunset Portland Head Light DSCN0011.jpg
DSC09130.jpg DSC09126.jpg portland head light   .. also see DSC01005.jpg A Moment of Irish Light and Beauty DSC09123.jpg fishingboat returns just before sunrise at portland head light ... strigtend not cropped. DSC01516_2.jpg
675DSC08924.jpg Pure Magic at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine an image right out of the camera DSC07590.jpg DSC01690.jpg DSC03305.jpg DSC09624.jpg
DSC00726_2.jpg nubble lighthouse york maine quiet sunset looking east P1230952.jpg Lois took this image in Jay Maine tonight at dusk with full moon hard to see the snow in the air here,snowybarnfeb8.tif does anyone print panos, i have epson 2400, never used roll paper, can i DSC02759.jpg P1000363.jpg
P1050411.jpg one of my laundry and flower images has been chosen by the Portland Flower Show as their DSC00074.jpg DSC00008Amish.jpg ireland_sample-1.jpg DSC01581.jpg
DSC06105.jpg DSC00860.jpg DSC00196.jpg balanced on rice bag on car window, HOLIDAY MAGIC at NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE feb4barntry2tiffpbase.tif my first real pano done myself with arcware software found by Lois and inspired/encouraged by her P1170695.jpg
DSC09728.jpg P1160832.jpg Lois has been matting a lot of my and a bit of her work :) DSC05140.jpg Happy Sledding and Holidays! DSC02773.jpg 543DSC09052.jpg an overlooked image, there are others from this day in this gallery
truckpano.jpg DSC03902_2.jpg we just found this image P1040603.jpg see another image with my new little panosonic z18 linked below easterplaisteddawn.jpg just taken, would you crop this and is so where??? ps this is on a sloped hill DSC00143.jpg
milesqroadpano_2800.jpg i just took this yesterday and just made it, what do you think??? and P1100229.jpg DSC06146.jpg DSC09487.jpg DSC08479.jpg Nubble Light and Moon Light on the eve of the eclipse
DSC00934.jpg P1000868.jpg FEATHERS FLY! see the image linked below, it is likely my most clicked...  image ever DSC07141.jpg can someone remove the flare? should it be? SEASMOKE SUNRISE , i froze!` DSCN9970.jpg dawn of peace image at common ground fair ... see it and others. DSC00058.jpg
DSC00821.jpg greenbarncroppedtight.jpg do you have any favorites in this growing effort to make panos??? DSC08048.jpg P1170707.jpg i love this little farm DSCN9876.jpg
P1090234.jpg Lois and I just finished the 4 day/1 night Portland Flower Show! great but tired! P1050565.jpg see this wonderful home/barn/structure in this gallery and DSC00738.jpg DSC08181.jpg DSC06033.jpg
DSC01724.jpg IRELAND SKY see them all at.. DSC06688.jpg see... P1230944.jpg another new image made by Lois at Plaisted Road, Jay, maine DSC06144_2.jpg DSC06275.jpg also see
DSC01250.jpg DSC08670.jpg sunrise over portland maine harbor a moment ago, missed the crescent moon in this moment DSC09305.jpg Fishing into the Dawn at Portland Head Light 2DSC04399_.jpg please comment right on the one you like best for a postcard i am doing DSC06598.jpg
P1170811.jpg DSC00147800.jpg i am printing 20 images for an Ireland show jan 1 DSC09129.jpg i like that this image of nubble shows the bit of wave as well 23DSC02660_2.jpg do you like this one or the one linked below better for a postcard, thanks P1090983.jpg
DSC00015.jpg DSC05561.jpg DSCN9977.jpg featherpano5_2tifftojpeg.jpg .... a New Day's Dawn Greets Portland Head Light :) DSC00008.jpg
P1050775.jpg  the old barn see more, i will create a gallery of this now loved barn P1040046.jpg also see folks favorite so far and my most clicked/voted image ever so early P1080690.jpg DSC01776.jpg P1090987.jpg
DSC05805.jpg DSC09879.jpg P1030177.jpg young shell seeker... innosence.... my new panosonic z18 P1160715.jpg a bit of one of the two Museums i founded 25 years ago... The Science Discovery Museum DSCN0589.jpg
P1000054.jpg new camera to take to fla for birds, got it last night, but hands still cold from yest DSC08621m.jpg never used to back up... but now... :) DSC09402.jpg DSC07241.jpg HIDE and SEEK with the rising sun in zero degree dawn over the atlantic DSC09492.jpg
P1000089.jpg P1050402.jpg Old Fashioned New England Opitism sp? P1170802.jpg DSC04133.jpg DSC07140.jpg
P1100389.jpg DSC07552v.jpg DSC08161.jpg Lois creates our 1st or 2nd pano DSC00848.jpg DSC01478.jpg
P1010424.jpg this is one of Lois 's lovely images of ireland... we are opeining a show this sat sunrise at portland head light  donald verger DSC00130.jpg DSC00478.jpg P1000686.jpg brand new little camera, hope its good :) P1050120mednothigh.jpg
P1080790.jpg a scene from the portland flower show lois and i did, we are doing Bangor Garden Show this week :) P1060454.jpg snowlaundrypanojpeghigh.jpg DSC06032.jpg DSC09590.jpg
P1040574.jpg see the EGRET .... FEATHERS image linked below... it is the fastest rising image youve liked! DSC05407.jpg DSC06843.jpg DSC06637.jpg DSC09013.jpg see more in barns
DSC08700.jpg DSC07535.jpg DSC09853.jpg see DSC09130.jpg see... DSC09973.jpg
P1070124.jpg DSCN4914.jpg DSC08634.jpg DSC00533_2.jpg near nubble lighthouse... see my new website... suggestions??? DSC06593.jpg
P1040466.jpg DSC07354.jpg DSC06582.jpg DSC03858.jpg