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Donald Verger | profile | all galleries >> YOUR BEST OF NEVER SEEN IMAGES, so seen before :) tree view | thumbnails | slideshow


110DSC08006.jpg Nubble Lighthouse york beach maine donald verger 240DSCN6928.jpg24 Blue... and adidote for winte... i took a variety of these shots... see.. 6839.4158jpg Sea smoke over thompson lake ottisfield maine DSC00581.jpg Snow Storm Portland Head LIght
86DSC01827.jpg  New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND 2308!a last image...  NUBBLE LIGHT, maine... please comment on this or last nights pad image, also 66 P1010025.149jpg 93 spotted in a window on long island maine... a quick hand held little image... available as a poster... x252P1180488 95.shade, then a moment of sun.. :) the magic of VERMONT .... read Donald Verger Selling Art To Set People Free
219DSC01812.jpg74 New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND DSC09851.jpg 49DSC01534.jpg122 THE QUEEN! - Portlad Head Light - taken just before my arrest last year 406Read the entire story of DONALD VERGER PHOTOGRAPHY AND THE INNOCENCE PROJECT BELOW,  PS I'D APPRECIATE YOUR VOTE
675DSC08924.jpg Pure Magic at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine an image right out of the camera DSC09123.jpg DSC03305.jpg DSC09624.jpg
DSC09166.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AFTER THE STORM AND self portrait... also see a fleeting moon at... DSC04010 ............ CASTLE IN THE SKY  full moon rises over Portland Headlight... a 20 second surpirse! DSCN0011.jpg DSC01250.jpg
DSC00008Amish.jpg fishingboat returns just before sunrise at portland head light ... strigtend not cropped. DSC01516_2.jpg DSC00143.jpg DSC00196.jpg balanced on rice bag on car window, HOLIDAY MAGIC at NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE
DSC01581.jpg DSC09130.jpg DSC05140.jpg Happy Sledding and Holidays! DSC02773.jpg
DSC00821.jpg DSC01005.jpg A Moment of Irish Light and Beauty DSC01690.jpg DSC06105.jpg
DSC06146.jpg P1160832.jpg Lois has been matting a lot of my and a bit of her work :) DSCN0589.jpg P1170695.jpg
DSC06275.jpg also see DSC00860.jpg DSC01724.jpg IRELAND SKY see them all at.. DSC00934.jpg
ireland_sample-1.jpg DSC06733.jpg WISHING YOU A YEAR OF PEACE AND WELLBEING... :)))) sunset Portland Head Light DSC00726_2.jpg nubble lighthouse york maine quiet sunset looking east DSC09126.jpg portland head light   .. also see
  AMAZING GRACE little white church eaton nh new hampshire ... 5312jpg DSC00130.jpg THE LITTLE WHITE CHURCH Eaton NH DSC00225_2.jpg The Little White Church Eaton NH which one of these do you like best?? 93DSC01555.jpg
100DSC03437.jpg 'SNOW SQUALL AND DISTANT WATER SPOUT AT NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE... lighter than adj one DSC05924....... NYC ROSES or LOVERS    amid the noise and horns and people people people DSC06262_2.jpg how might you improve this image?  VERMILLION DAWN LASTED 40 SECONDS 20 MINUTES before sunrise and gone!, DSC00118
81DSC04433.jpg 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432 583DSC03522.363.jpg SUN SHOW SQUALL 1447QUIET DAWN OVER THE ATLANTIC  DSC09403
22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below FLYING DREAM DSC02540jpg .........AMAZING 15 minutes before sun rise... allusive short lived moments... at Portland Head Light DSC00109phl.jpg HOPE The Sun Rises thru the Storm At Portland Head Light and the Atlantic Ocean
JAN 5TH 1st draft of PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN TENRILS this moment lasted about 30 seconds! lighthouses, maine, DAWN EARLY LIGHT at portland head light, my first finisded panorama 3/20/07 23DSC00059 just found image... WISHING YOU A YEAR OF LIGHT AND DRAMA... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2006 Dec 22 - Pano with draft text........... whatdayathink? .... and HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEARS TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!!
 EAGLES MAJESTY! DSC00113jpg   TINY DETAIL FROM HUGE BARN/HOME HISTORICAL SOCIETY BUILDINGS SEEN DRIVING BY... JAY, MAINE DSC00139 raw/jpeg... THE MAGIC OF THE LIGHT OF DAWN this may be my favorite of all my images... taken yesterday in florida DSC00117.jpg :)  snow squall sky
DSC09696diff.jpg DSC07197.jpg just found this one and love it! doing a 3 day show..ahhh! PORTLAND HEADLIGHT CLOUDS  996DSC09979.jpg newly discovered framing today... the only image where i included the right side DSC09933.jpg
DSC05634 DSC09887.jpg 'PROMETHEAN DAWN' portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger DSC09879.jpg DAWN!!!!! portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger DSC07680.jpg ribbons of cloud light.... also see...
DSC00141.jpg i just decided, quickly, that this is my favorite of my portland head light images... see DSC08423.jpg :)))))) out on the rocks near high tide after storm portland head light DSC09229 'MIRROR IMAGE' sky and water filled with whtie and shapes! PROTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES 382DSC08547.jpg.... SPLASH after the storm PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE
DSC00077.jpg Tranquility or meandering fence  at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER SUNSET MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC00548.jpg SUNRISE! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger... lighthouses, long story DSC04951...  ANGEL #2  Pamela and the Monarch  driving thru the Maine countryside ...this monarch landed on her hand! DSC04863.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger TUG HEADS OUT TO SEA
DSC04526.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger october 6 DSC04595.jpg hand held/nuts... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 6 DSC00066wow.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 4 sunsets DSC00504.jpg PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29 great day after storm
DSC00533x600 BRIDGING THE DARKNESS.. WITH LIGHT!   LIGHTHOUSES PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 29 DSC00267.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger DSC00160.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES cruisin to port/SENTRY by donald verger september 25 DSC00316lthse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  lighhouses by donald verger september 26
DSC00574.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger 3rd in this dawn sequence DSC00211.jpg THE LIGHT in the DARK... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sunrise september 19 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE amazing evening by donald verger this is sunset 1382DSC09975/stnd PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, by donald verger lighthouse angler meets the sunrsise!
09902 ANGLER FISHES THE DAWN... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE by donald verger, can you see the angler? DSC09924.jpg NIGHT COMES... portland head light by donald verger... all hand held, no photoshop DSC09716.jpg SEPTEMBER 11th... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... a new dawn
DSC09568.jpg seen ealry yesterday from PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT.. see them all at 87MEANDERING FENCE AND SHADOW PLAY...PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger please comment your fave! 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow 204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below..
AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos DSC08563.jpg DONT TOUCH THE ART! 33DSC09722.jpg revisited my fave maine lake, see the images from 30 below zero
KAREN MONTANARO DSC09356.jpg Karen Montanaro... purple DSC09585.jpg I like this image alot!!! alot... well i love red, guess, and green to ans always white!
Karen Montanaro... a life in the light... unposed... just a moment seen... see last few pads and all Karen images... Karen Montanaro... Blue suede shoes! DSC09514.jpg SMALL PINK CLOUD/ todays sunrise... MY LAST PAD was the most clicked ever!!! of world renowned ballerina/mime Karen Montanaro
Karen Montanaro  Karen Montanaro... poised for dance 1854DSC07958.jpg GLORY available as a greeting card 5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $
1406i have shot this barn so many times now and never gotten a shot i like... until now?, ps i decided just now i love it!!!! 2207DSC08221.jpg this was an after thought after shooting the barn you can see at... DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see 12DSC08122.jpg the little road taken after the little road taken... see my last two days pads and...
DSC07810.jpg MY FRIENDS.... sandra and patrick DSC07966.jpg DSC08459.jpg see all my newest images and lighthouses at... DSC07959.jpg 1 vertical every thousand shots  ... seems weirt seeing it...
DSC08609.jpg Dawn's Lights ...... ps should i straighten this a bit in iphoto? DSC07512.jpg BLUE HOPE... DSC08573. DAWN Greets the LIGHT....Quoddy Light, lubec, maine... a packed pizza box away 2456DSC08733.....     #63.... my neighborhood... Munjoy Hill, Portland, Maine... i rarely regret getting out of the car
DSC08562.jpg Dawns first lights.... Quaddy light house... Lubec, easternmost miane DSC08261  TREE SWALLOWS' SKY! my last 5 days pads here have been clicked a bunch, plse comment on your fave 2;DSC07256.jpg DSC08240.jpg
DSC08608.jpg please comment on which you prefer.. this one or the lighter one next to it DSCN7258_1.jpg 19,DSCN8417.jpg DSC00661.jpg
50;DSC06919.jpg DSCN8403.jpg ....  STARS....   this image was taken about 1 year ago today... and almost all the image... KAREN MONTANARO DSCN7297.jpg
DSC09096.jpg 146. KAREN MONTANARO.... world renowneded ballerina, mime, storyteller ... see yesterday's pad as well