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A New Dawn, A New Year of Peace and Hope... this shot was taken 1 minute after yesterdays PAD... JOY AND BEAUTY... whoops i wanted to put the next one up... a too light unfocued, but real joy... DSC00866-R PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUMACS! DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE last moments of day on the sands of time... see my pad today for a 2nd image
DSCN8253.JPG DSC08362. REDROSE  a quick storm blows ...see more at DSC09879.jpg DAWN!!!!! portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger DSC09887.jpg 'PROMETHEAN DAWN' portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger
DSC00119.jpg 168DSC03526.jpg STORM ENERGY at Nubble Light , id love to have you comment on your fave in... Dec 22 Bird Pano800.jpg predawn SUNRISE at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger maine lighthouses DSC07767800.jpg BEACON!!!  PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES STORM SURF
58mTHE MAGIC OF CHILDHOOD... gather petals where they may fall... treasures to be found everywhere yea, id like to take my camera into...i'm doing this pbase thing DSCN0011.jpg The Stadler Gallery...  a wonderful spiritual feeling contemporary art gallery
DSC08007.jpg cloud not so cool, but a moment of pink lt on lt house DSC03885.jpg716 ............. HEADING OUT  past the Queen, portland head light DSC09557st.jpg DAWN COMES   ... portland head light DSC04051.jpg
Dawn's first light in the city.......................................................DSCN5528.JPG 17th or so of these moments... recovering from hernia surgery... bit boredd?what wd u name this one? DSC07305.jpg can someone take the green out? sunrise today eastern prom portland maine DSC00352.jpg
my GREAT FRIEND AND BRILLIANT ARTIST FRIEND ELIZABETH FRASER paints 1 painting a day! and... DSC09130.jpg DH000061.JPG DSC02246.jpg portland head light and ram lighthouse in background after very intense dawn
DSC08467.jpg DSC02793.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT S AT NIGHT FALL   see the link below for possibly fastest clickedd image ever 27old shots of this barn in barns galleryDSCN5281.JPG 102mDSC05719radishes.jpg farmers market.... in the rain on my knees
DSC07959.jpg 1 vertical every thousand shots  ... seems weirt seeing it... the little white church eaton nh new hampshire by donald verger DSC09247.jpg 62;DSC04727PORTLANDHEADLIGHTOCEANDANCE800x600.jpg...    SENTINEL
DSC04075.jpg DSC00050phl.jpg Jan 16 Pano - Words.jpg !ST ROUGH DRAFT!!! how do you like the feel? and this gallery has more clearer, better SMILE, whoops, shirts backwards!  where is the props manager anyway
DSC07377.jpg DSC07680.jpg ribbons of cloud light.... also see... DSC08455.jpg with magical red lit window form the setting sun DSC04427.jpg THIS IMAGE IS FOR MY GREAT FRIEND JACK WHO IS VERY SICK AND FOR HIS WIFE NORMA! who both have helped me so much!
DSCN5628.jpg ABLAZE or TODAY'S PROMISE sunrise over Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine DSC07810.jpg MY FRIENDS.... sandra and patrick DSCN7957.JPGx129 DSC07885.jpg portland head light donald verger lighthouses maine storm
 100 DSC05733book2.jpg All 5 World Teach Volunteers! two of their  Students and their wonderful Host MOM!!! may you have all these things in your life today
DSC08424.jpg please comment on the one of these two you like best and why would help :) protland head light 965This image is one of Jack's very favorites! and he has been painting it Beautifully, striving to get the wheel just right! DSC01862BBQ.jpg..x/33/49 141DSC03505.jpg
DSCN2008.JPG 149 13GLOREOUS MOMENT in a barndoors life...HOPE 34FIRST TRY...DSCN5917.JPG signs signs everywhere a sign...153
120DSC03556.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT SQAULL FRONT ... id love to know your fave and why in this gallery, this... DSCN9982.JPG awaiting sunrise... ps yesterdays pad i discovered was 1/18th hand held 82/84/94DSC03902.jpg BRIALLIANCE OR ABLAZE  sunrise at Portland Head Light seamoke dawn as fishing boat heads out DSCN1506.JPG
DSC09776.jpg THE SUN RIDES THE WAVES at portland head light! see a 2nd image at... see them all and let me know which ones you like best and why if you get a sec Ali&Laura :) friends! my friends! this is the shack of todays pad...left window
enough fog shots for now! me personally im thinking of PINK HAIR!!! :) P1050411.jpg one of my laundry and flower images has been chosen by the Portland Flower Show as their 42DSC00224.jpg72 DSC00574.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger 3rd in this dawn sequence
DSCN3067.JPG 59/75/102/132 DSC00336.jpg DSC01005.jpg A Moment of Irish Light and Beauty DSC004083.jpg see the story on the linked image below
DSC06209.jpg AMAZING CELESTIAL MOMENT AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN! lighthouses by donald verger DSC00504.jpg PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29 great day after storm December 15th, 2004      DSCN4002. 43mDogwood Dance
please add water droplets jpg 0069...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON ROGERS!!!!...WHAT is a DIAL CAGE??? share your IDEAS and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO... AUDRA!!!   IMAGINE! 29!  VOTE FOR AUDRA'S BD AND  Happy Thanksgiving! DSC01383
DSC03606.jpg SEAGULLS DELIGHT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 5 DSC00316lthse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  lighhouses by donald verger september 26 DSC00316.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE Quilted Sky by donald verger 12DSC08122.jpg the little road taken after the little road taken... see my last two days pads and...
Peace... title #2 curvy white wire... oh, i.. love this image... i love white, and red, and green/rusty wheel DSC05436.jpg TALL STORM SKY SUNRISE AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BY DONALD VERGER 40DSC03390.jpg WILD AND SCARY SNOW SQUALL AND SUN  all the images in this gallery are within an hour or so DSC00500.jpg HEADING OUT AT FIRST LIGHT lobster boat passes Portland Head light donald verger maine lighthouses
DSC08566.jpg do you see the hint of the portland light houses reflection in the moving water? DSC00140.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT HOUSE LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger day gives way to the light september 28 DSC04595.jpg hand held/nuts... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 6 DSC00056 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger september 22
DSC06962.jpg  DAWN COMES to Portland Head Light  ... the cold/dark ams have just drawn me back DSC09228.jpg bright sun and the air full of spray from the storm leaving Portland Head Light DSC09999470.jpg DSCN0417.JPG
DSC03107.jpg DSC00219.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE ... SWEET LIGHT! Very tired after driving home from Vermont....saw clouds over my pond :)8649.JPG DSCN4136.JPG/0/3/5
893DSC08175.jpg Italy Roses :) DSCN4157.JPG/6/12/20/25/30/45 DSC07236.jpg Jan 26 - sea smoke pano.jpg first draft....  a cloud of sea smoke blankets the atlantic at portland head light
DSCN0576.JPG 111 DSC06476.jpg DSC03981.jpg Wild Sky at Portland Head Light one of 600 as i ran all around the lighthouse following the clouds, see.. DSC09589.jpg i like this one! i drove to retake the pink flowers from two? years ago on the white barn door
DSC00330.jpg seen at dawn from portland head light lighthouse by donald verger DSC00675_2.jpg BLACK ICE DSCN0430.JPG 49DSC01534.jpg122 THE QUEEN! - Portlad Head Light - taken just before my arrest last year
DSC00056_2.jpg 183DSCN2738.JPG 41/55/70 BEAUTY... not so different really than yesterdays pad of sky/clouds... and 1 of my DSC07590.jpg
DSC06070.jpg DAWNS FIRST LIGHT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT 6:58:18 first glimpse as i deleted images for room 07912.for Robin, pre~dawn!  an explosion of color from all grey! THE EARTH AS A BOWL PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE LIGHTHOUSES Whoops... tried to put up adjecent jpeg... i will tomorrow of alt. island sunshine! DSC00492.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DAWN by donald verger october 3
DSCN2213.JPG DSC07449.jpg Jessica... came out to see me... madison NH... such a nice women... such pretty colors! and face! DSC07414_3.jpg DSC07379.jpg
162xDSC03848.jpg Portland Head Light :) DSC00117.jpg :)  snow squall sky a view taken from Yolanda tiny harbor side bedroom looking out into her kitchen, 138k115x52DSC00227.jpg the little white church eaton nh  ... which of these 6 or so is your fave???
DSCN4148.JPG/2/7 trying to get the whites  white. see outakes in my favorites gallery, a rare organized moment for a man with ADD DSCN4528.JPG DSCN4122.JPG
DSC04449.jpg SOMEONE IS PAYING BIGGER BUCKS THAN ME... me? i froze to death this am! Portland heald light lighthouses  verger The Eyes of Pohnpei! SAFE... at sea.... fellolw ferry riders... the first of a series/old images, harddrive full DSC07786650.jpg IM COLD my camera is wet behind the lens... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE TODAY
DSCN5306_1 small top left.jpg DSC01690.jpg 7 lamps... what do you see in this shot... what story do you imagine... c 10/13 pad DSC03099.jpg i shot very dark... i always shoot dark... to hold the bit of wonderful flouresence
 LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS prayer for Jack in the hospital... Norma and Jack renewed their vows celebrating 50 years... prayers... DSCN6396_1.jpg sugar hill nh lupines... see... DSCN9537.JPG 18 103DSC08288.jpg Red Sky at night at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse preceeding a strong storm... see the blue image the next morn
DSCN2910.JPG 46/64/84 Presiding of a PEACEFUL fleet brother/17/ and sister at the end of Rob's driveway... in their banana tree play house touched by fire
DSCN9636.JPG 72/90 DSC00845.jpg TWO WOMEN HAVING COFFEE AND TALKING... on a portland cobble stone street DSCN4124.JPG/6/10 12=19 so add 7/18
Lily!!! and her Dad, Mike... New Friends! 101DSCN9365.JPG42 which is better?????49 DSC09589.jpg INSPIRATION OF PEACE  thanks to Alejandro, see his work at his link below DSC00532lthouse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger
DSC06455.jpg first vapor of late summer/fall in maine... 50 degrees... drove to find a spot DSC08608.jpg please comment on which you prefer.. this one or the lighter one next to it DSC07180.jpg sunrise eastern prom portland maine DSC07769.jpg
91DSC03628_2.jpg STORM/SNOW SQUALL RETREATS toward sunset an Nubble lighthouse maine DSC00366.jpg BEACONS! PORTLAND HEADLIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger at sunrise september 16 DSC09142.jpg... Nubble Lighthouse looking east at sunset :) ..... also see very clicked..... see the IMAGINE... images for peace gallery...
DSC00498.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sept 18 faint moon DSC02087threeflowers.jpg  SEE my GROWING GALLERY  FROM POHNPEI, MICRONESIA   ...AT DSCN2934.JPG 85 these are the peace cranes i brought for the children of Pohnpei, Micronesia... .see...
DSCN3611.JPG 2/11/21/25/42xx244x345 DSC00348 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 22 see more... DSC00270pano.jpg the center image of todays PANO... anyone do panos?? and how? DSC03264_2.jpg
DSCN1025_1.JPG fishingboat returns just before sunrise at portland head light ... strigtend not cropped. DSC01516_2.jpg DSC00558.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSC07472.jpg
DSC02966fish.jpg 7/38 DSC07376.jpg the moment before dawn glittering like salt.... see... DSC04863.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger TUG HEADS OUT TO SEA
DSC00063.jpg an all gray after rainy day sky... suddenly lit! :) 154DSCN8332.TIF 80 DSC00512.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BLUES LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29 DSC00297.jpg seen from the portland head light lighthouse by donald verger :)
DSC06972windrowmachine?.jpg ah, i like this piece of :) maine sculpture! see new images at DSC07197.jpg just found this one and love it! doing a 3 day show..ahhh! DSC03321.jpg GLORIOUS SKY at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BY DONALD VERGER SEPT 29TH! DSCN4334.JPG/26
DSC00021.jpg RAINBOW'S END.....  PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT sunset after a wild sky afternoon... LAST LIGHT DSC09126.jpg portland head light   .. also see just a little BIT... inspired by Gary Becker's Train Bits...............DSCN4694.JPG DSC09628.jpg
DSC06972.jpg in my little neighborhood, got out of my car, got on my knees, click DSCN4155.JPG Family at fish market, Pohnpei, Micronesia! 9/29 MEMORY GARDEN :)... a winter's gift/of memories for you
DSC00132jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 26 dawn... here comes the sun DSC09388.jpg end of day at Monhegan Island ... seen from the Monhegan Lighthouse... ps????? DSC09907.jpg DSCN7932.JPG
DSC07133.jpg beauty in the fire scene... should i crop out most of the right and bottom?? see... SWEETIE (Betty)  .....title #2- Christmas lights DSC00436phl.jpg same pre dawn morn seen in link below... :)))))))))) BEOFRE sunrise... prtland head light DSC00037.jpg tanker rides the light to port
What do you imagine this image is about??? let me know first.. and below i will share DSC06338pinksaltrisottomarket.jpg PINK AND PURPLE DAWN........DSC09364.jpg Portland Head Light Sisters go to the fair, don sat on the ground under a tent
DSC00726_2.jpg nubble lighthouse york maine quiet sunset looking east Going Large! casting a shadow! oh pohnpei, micronesia , my son taught DSC02110fiveboysandog.jpg these boys are Rob's closest neighbor... sweet boys with dogs and roosters! Whoops... i love the sweetness of this........DSCN9660.JPG
30/DSC07272.jpg DSC00123 PREDAWN! was all grey, i looked down, and then THIS, and moments later all gone and gray! DSC00168.jpg portland head light, these 5 adjacent images are all the same predawn morn DSCN1448.JPG 77/90
DSC05486.jpg i like and an amazed that the sky finds its pink way into the sea... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER DSCN9726_107.jpg 76 DSC00499.jpg PROUD LADY AND OLD GLORY portland light house, donald verger, maine lighthouse 311DSCN1865.JPG 179
84/49/39DSC00315_2.jpg little white church eaton nh ... which do you prefer for a postcard??? DSCN1200.JPG 77/88./92 16DSC07462.jpg DSC00284.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SKY! lighthouse by donald verger
Joseph Sahm from Pohnpei, Micronesia... sent this wonderful drawing to me! DSC09842.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger 13;DSC07252.jpg just taken...after i had stopped... see more in this series and other new shots at... DSC00493.jpg seen from portland head light lighthouse by donald verger
93DSC01555.jpg DSC08037.jpg lonely quiet and blue with red of light and red of the biggest light reflected... hand held, stupid 108DSC03645.jpg HOPE AFTER THE DARK STORM NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE WATERSPOUT/SNOWSQUALL DSCN9237.JPG
103mDSC05649croppedmotherdaughterinfog.jpg DSCN4149.JPG/0/4 DSCN2765.JPG 53/75/90 DSC03398.jpg
Rachael...2006 common ground fair, google it up, read my comments on yesterdays pad... DSCN2280.JPG 165/195/212 40. GRACE and LIGHT.. Karen Montanaro DSCN9971.JPG the quiet light before dawn
DSC09763.jpg SEPTEMBER 11TH, A NEW DAWN... portland head light, maine DSCN4129.JPG0/1/3 DSCN6734.JPG DSCN9370_1 barnatsunset.jpg LUCKY HORSESHOE... Barn prepares for one more night
killing time and getting kicked out of HOME DEPOT!.....................DSCN5237.JPG DSCN7943.JPG DSC09933.jpg DSC09908.jpg
94DSCN5978.JPG DSC03460.jpg For my daughter Carolyn THE GOOD LUCK BARN with happy Dandolines! DSC00259.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER don verger september 25
JOY DSC00768.jpg SEA SMOKE sunrise 6 below, tomorrow ill say 10 below :) serenity found DSC00091.jpg first image dawn PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger
DSC09123.jpg DSC09756.jpg dawn 9/11 Portland Head Light a new dawn... i am auctioning an image from this dawn at... DSCN9912.JPG 34 37DSC00201.jpg59
DSCN1689.JPG DSC09723.jpg cotton candy sky #2... please comment on the one you like better and why, me? DSC00130.jpg THE LITTLE WHITE CHURCH Eaton NH 399DSC00804.jpg Man rescuing his Dog Nubble  Lighthouse Snow Storm Cape Neddick Maine
DSCN4130.JPG0/2/4/6/8 DSC00462phl.jpg ........ RED SEA this dawn was even wilder before i arrived... almost best P1030234.jpg ..... 3 LITTLE DUCKLINGS ..... also see DSCN9925.JPG 73/86
DSC08700.jpg P1000363.jpg ah! December 16th, 2004!   DSCN4055 DSC08492
17th of a series... new england most photoed church i have since learned...usually in fall DSCN5170rebirth.jpg I have one that is a bit lighter... see BLUEBERRIES SHOT  2 days ago DSCN6815.JPG 19 LADDERS...DSCN5257_1.JPG
DSCN9939.JPGxxx116... 8x10 took a now road/path..........7621.JPG DSC02383kids+.jpg0/32/45 my sister Linda and i ride the naples maine sea plane
DSCN4510.JPG 3  WINDOWS...ARTISTIC FARMER/ARTIST... see more in my !st gallery... white mtns...DSCN9563.JPG DSC00521.jpg seen at Portland Head Light, part of a panorama attempt DSC00532.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger sept 18
DSC08563.jpg DSC09817l.jpg 14 Birds at Sunrise at portland head light P1230952.jpg Lois took this image in Jay Maine tonight at dusk with full moon 27DSCN9978_2.JPGx27.50
172DSC03669/37.jpg DUSK TAKES THE STORM DSC00010.jpg BROODING PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSCN0469.JPG THIS IS SUNRISE after the storm AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT FOR JACK AND NORMA.. JACK HAD A GOOD :) day yesterday!!!
63DSCN8283.JPG DSC09356.jpg DSC00094.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... donald verger... see this series mostly from one night yesterdays pad was also a fire scene image... noone hurt
DSC08754.jpg ANGELS! Ashley and Renwa DSC00137.jpg DSC08005.jpg nice cloud.. dead lt on lthouse DSC00126fishin.jpg GONE FISHIN... STANDING IN THE LIGHT OF DAWN
743GOOD...MORNING...GLORY! DSC04432.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC00122phl.jpg an image from sept 26ths shoot.. a day i need to look explore more DSC06811_2.jpg
180DSCN3938.JPG 5/18  92 DSC09999.jpg STOPPING BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD maine DSC00218.jpg lovely moment at protland head light, ill straiten it out a bit DSC01532cockpit.jpg 0/33 new 737/800/900 series... runways 5700'
DSC00562.jpg #2 in a sequence PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger dawn breaks red... 106/64DSC00577.jpg read about misidentification arrest and Donald Verger and The Innocence Project DSCN6140.JPG DSCN1822.JPG
16DSC04591.jpg 82..46GOODMORNING from maine! SPIRIT OF THE LIGHT....more images...DSCN4814.JPG 113DSCN4469.JPG 21 Ladies and Gentleman... we will be landing... land or sea
141 Many Suns... by the unfocused guy.........DSCN8426.JPG DSCN4121.JPG/5/10/14/17/19 y223 DSC05924....... NYC ROSES or LOVERS    amid the noise and horns and people people people
DSCN4118.JPG/0/9/12/16/17 1225/331SEE my profile image and the AMAZING GRACE Gallery at... Linda Greenlove? lobsterman... perfect storm captain.... ? DSCN4123.JPG/0/4/8/12/13
DSC09350.jpg THE NEW MOON RESTS IN THE NEW MOON'S ARMS WITH VENUS OVER PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSCN4126.JPG/2/7/10/14 DSCN2863.JPG 70+ deleted 55=125 12/8 DSC04507.jpg For Lois, SUNRISE OVER THE ATLANTIC  Ram Ligh Lighthouse behind Portland Head Light
DSC07440.jpg so happy to see this yesterday... do you like this or the link below better???? DSC07512.jpg BLUE HOPE... women in red    ok  pink INSPIRED by JYPSEE... see her stunning gallery(S)  !!! :)
DSC09844.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... 9/12 dawn... waves coming? see. i rarely shoot vertically....  SEE ALL THE SHOTS OF THIS MOST FAMOUS NEW ENGLAND CHURCH Family!... Pohnpei Host Family and Peace Core Volunteer! DSC00923.jpg gorgeous portland head light dawn, center shot of hand held pano
LIGHT.............................and journey DSCN0557.JPG my light tan suede jacket... taken by my friend Patrick! trenched to the bone DSC03333becky+.jpg/12/24
DSCN3753.JPG 0/10/11/17  116 DSCN8542.JPG 0//41DSC00228.jpg see them all at hard to see the snow in the air here,snowybarnfeb8.tif does anyone print panos, i have epson 2400, never used roll paper, can i
DSC04521pricilla.jpg young women at peace day celebration DSC02516twoeyesup.jpg0/30/41 DSC03259Anna.jpg..x/13/22 DSC06959.jpg from a conference this weekend in northern maine... a few images only
DSC09605.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... most photographed in the world 9131.focused at infinity and then pop!  a surprise to me, drove an hour to get here, cold,  scene of  most popular iamges DSCN1638.JPG DSCN9090.JPG
See my all galleries page... for many island shots...DSCN4017.JPG Dec 16th 04, see my first gallery... Amazing Day... i shoot this barn just for the little window almost not seen in this view... the lilacs drew me DSC07638.jpg 3am fire in my neighborhood...all safe..many images later in... P1070157800.jpg
167DSCN2539.JPG 67 0 DSCN4156.JPG DSCN3689_2.JPG 17 20/25/27/27/53  116 DSCN0642.JPG
DSCN8403.jpg ....  STARS....   this image was taken about 1 year ago today... and almost all the image... DSC05777.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT PERCHED ABOVE THE ATLANTIC by donald verger DSC02709iconicgirl.jpg I LOVE THIS MOMENT AND IMAGE! I ALMOST DON'T CARE THAT IS IS A BIT SOFTLY :) FOCUSED! DSC01935muchsearv+.jpg/20
DSC00490.jpg risiing sun seen from portland headlight lighthouse by donald verger DSCN5522.JPG 86 33.the origin of this... other shots i'll put in gallery...Don's shots........DSCN5041_1.JPG 131.DSCN2768.JPG
DSCN3931.JPG/0/23/24/28/34/41/63 146 starting a gallery of images for peace.... this image is for Betty, my wife...6937.JPG DSC03340fmaily.jpg/19 DSCN4089.JPG/9  52
DSC00306.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger don verger september 25 DSC05940flowertree.jpg 17DSC09735.jpg 525 ACADIA NATIONAL PARK-Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse-dawn of the storm! 60mph winds
DSC07414 found on a side street near the lighthouse DSC05068 for Jack and Norma and their Family! the vastness of the dawn and tinynes of the boat a GIFT... refuge in the storm! DSC08218.jpg which of these three do you like best?, plse comment on the one
117DSCN3874.JPG 8  45 DSCN4608.JPG DSC00214 SKY EYES! i was late for a date... she said where you shooting the clouds... i said yes, #1 Please comment on my last 2 PADS... which do you like better??? #2 What might you title this image...? AND I WILL CREATE
DSCN4865.JPG 38victory from defeat DSCN3598.JPG 7 153 543DSC09052.jpg an overlooked image, there are others from this day in this gallery
693DSC01667i.jpg SWEET PEAS.... Happy Birthday Lois! DSC09935.jpg in preparing for a show... i just found this image :) DSC09963.jpg FULL MOOM RISING: out of the Atlantic at Portland Head Light DSC00130v.jpg MAJESTIC BALD EAGLE TAKES FLIGHT!
DSC09812.jpg predawn sept 12, 2006 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger DSC09264800.jpg SURPRIES! for two young children and their mom at portland head light DSC02647_2.jpg   CRASH Nor Easter Roars at Nubble Light lighthouse, york, maine DSC01772sitting.jpg/x/17/21
add 30... someones fav redDSCN9983.JPG 55 DSC06749firesky.jpg DSC01461curvedearth.jpg/17 DSCN4120.JPG/4/8/14/19
DSC00008Amish.jpg DSC00539.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 18 DSC06422.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE york beach maine ... attracts folks from around the world 18. KAREN MONTANARO with Earth Planet,i think   see more images in the gallery...
DSCN4141.JPG/0/1 DSC03236pohnman.jpg 219DSC01812.jpg74 New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND DSC09624.jpg
DSC09704.jpg DSC08352.jpg DSC02583younggirl.jpg DSC04124.jpg nubble light lighthouse or The Nubble ... nor easter blows thru, most roads closed
DSC02687_2favoritelittlegirl.jpg DSC08718.jpg 125DSCN3829.JPG 2/10  45 DSC06811_4.jpg Holly Hock!
16this was the quiet moment before...DSCN5121.JPG DSC00452_2.jpg Lois's and Natures artistry... DSC00060.jpg which one in this gallery do you like best?? please comment right on it DSC01976FOURFRINEDSANDBIGSKY.jpg
DSC04762.jpg THE FACE the face of PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC06294.jpg new friends! Howard and Gloria from North Carolin! hi! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DOANLD VERGER MAINE DSC07255.jpg Ted is in purple... see Alison... in monhegan and PAD galleries....DSCN0563.JPG
HOPE                                                                                               DSCN5547.JPG DSC03587.jpg DSCN9945.JPG 54..98 17my first barn shot with a DATE...DSCN5496.JPG
DSC06866.jpg 19DSC04100.jpg DSC00965lookingdownatknitting.jpg 2/32/38 DSCN0098.JPG...8x10
MOONRISE OVER THE ATLANTIC an unfinished/unblended/unleveled pano DSC00834.jpg THE QUEEN STANDS AFTER THE STORM AT DAWN  and a grey ordinary morning yeilds 27DAWN SHELTER   DSCN0837.JPG DSC04403.jpg
DSCN1204.JPG 63 DSC04540.jpg OH SAY CAN YOU SEE in the dawns early light... PORTLAND HEADL LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE DOANLD VERGER DSC03305.jpg 29DSC00043.jpg FROM DARKNESS LIGHT  the Proud Lady, Portland Head lights awaits a new dawn and a new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
DSCN6737.JPG a brief moment in time.jpg DSCN1856.JPG 201  What simple title would you give this, i dont like pot of gold and it is not printed yet
DSCN4151.JPG DSC00112new.jpg DSC05295.jpg my frined Richard painting by casco bay maine, near where i live DSC04665650x.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER OCTOBER 7
82DSC00497.jpg DSC02106.jpg my birthday today :), this scene from the light house, where else DSC01539_2.jpg DSC08261  TREE SWALLOWS' SKY! my last 5 days pads here have been clicked a bunch, plse comment on your fave
DSC09402_2.jpg2 GULLS WARMED BY THE RISING SUN please comment on which of these 3 you prefer??? MUCH WATER, LITTLE LAND... island hopped in the new 737/800/900 series... DSC00873.jpg DSCN7297.jpg
30lots of lines, lots of feelings, lots of memories 43b33see my ABSTRACTION gallery... these images were hand held and an afterthought DSC03598.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by DONALD VERGER lighthouses an extraordinary dawn october 1 2006 DSC02091.jpg
DSCN9230.JPG DSCN4125.JPG/0/3/5/9 DSC04241.jpg DSC07399.jpg
DSCN4150.JPG0/6 Karen Montanaro ... emerging from darkness... a journey toward the light 62DSC00050.jpg THE GRAND LADY GREETS THE SUN HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE!!! best, don boysplayball.jpg 0/28/32
DSCN4127.JPG/0/5/7/9 this is the same shot focues, rain on window, geraniusm DSC06295....   FOR LOIS :) PINK FOG DAWN over Easter Promenade portland maine PLAY BALL...........................................................................DSCN0867.JPG
DSC05428.jpg 112DSCN4220.JPG/1/15 Karen Montanaro... Blue suede shoes! DSC02708_2croppedgirl.jpg
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