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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1940 to 1949 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1940's - NE 2nd Avenue in Little River, Miami
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1940s - NE 2nd Avenue in Little River, Miami
1940's Myrna & Seth Bramson Collection

1940's - NE 2nd Avenue in Little River, Miami

NE 2nd Avenue, Little River, Miami, Florida

The Rosetta Theatre, where I spent a few summers in their summer movie club, is on the left side so this is looking south on NE 2nd Avenue.

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Guest 14-Feb-2017 16:51
Gosh remember sitting in Manson clinic waiting room with my grandparents!I remember all the ashtrays and nurses calling your name with a cigarette in her mouth,wow.
Don Boyd10-Nov-2016 18:54
Bill, thank you for posting and for all the details on the various stores, restaurants, bakeries, etc. And for information on the Bard theatre which I don't remember at all.

Bill Draughon 10-Nov-2016 11:59
I grew up in Little River in the 50's and 60's. I fondly remember standing in line for the Saturday matinees, getting Royal Castle hamburgers and Birch Beer. Whelan's drug store was on the SE corner of 2nd Ave. and 79th St. - use to get cherry cokes and sit on the swivel seats at the counter. There was a bus stop outside of Whelans and two bakeries next to each other - Grables and Majestic. Next to the Rosetta was a barbershop and shoe repair store. Next to Little River Bank just to the south was a photo and jewelry store. Across from Manson Clinic was a shoe store and Woolworth 5 and 10 store. We use to eat dinner at Watson's which was on the block north of Manson's Clinic on 2nd Ave. Food Fair was a few blocks further north near the Little River canal. There was another theatre on 79th St. called the Bard which had double features. It was close to the Ranch House restuarant and Little River library was across the street. I remember buying 45 rpm records at a record shop very close to the Bard theatre. It was a nice middle class area to grow up in
Don Boyd24-Jan-2016 21:20
Hi Pat, I have two photos of Zink's in the Restaurants Gallery, specifically at: and another in the same gallery at:
They were sent to me by Larry Zink, probably your brother? Thank you for posting your memories.

Pat Busbee 24-Jan-2016 05:53
In 1947-48 My Mother and Dad (step) opened a restaurant/ice cream store on 79th just east of NE . Across the street from our restaurant was 2nd ave called ZINK's. My 2 younger brothers sang on the stage of the Rossetta one Saturday and didn't tell us until it was over. There was another new theater that opened on 79th west of NE 2 nd ave and I went to work there as an usher with a spiffy uniform. Sometimes at night when my Dad (step) and I would walk home to our house in ElPortal after we closed the restaurant at 10 pm it was a beautiful way to finish the day it was only 10 blocks to our house on 89th st.
Don Boyd27-Jul-2014 05:37
Thank you Joe, Lee, Guest, Hilary, Sylvia my friend from St. Mary's days, Nancy, Wilson and Teekeela for your comments and memories. Hilary, I'm sorry I just saw your comment again for the first time in a year or more and I now realize that I never sent you the JPG. I hope you managed to do a screen print and then get your JPG. If not, let me know. I cordially invite others to post their memories of Little River and NE 2nd Avenue.

Joe Papierz Jr. 27-Jul-2014 04:12
This photo brings back memories. I went to the Rosetta many Saturdays in the mid and late 40's. A visit to Royal Castle next door was often in the plan, too. Saturday morning would find us at Grabel's Bakery at the North end of the block on the same side of the street as the theater.
Lee Martines (MEHS '57) 20-Dec-2012 10:57
Spent many Saturdays at the kid's shows during the forties at the Rosetta Theater. In the fifties, 35 cents got you three burgers and a birch beer at the Royal Castle next door. One night in 1947, my family and I had gone to the movies and came out to find the lobby flooded, as well as the streets. This was the result of the hurricane that flooded much of Hialeah and parts of Miami. Our 1936 Pontiac with large wheels made it home OK, although many newer and lower cars couldn't make it through the water.
Guest 15-Aug-2011 15:03
I grew up in North Miami and use to take a Coast City Coach bus to Little River. If we wantet to go to downtown I had to take a Miami Transet bus. We would always go to the Royal Castle for burgers and a birch and of course the Rosetta.
Hilary 23-May-2011 22:40
My father was spent his teenage years in Miami Springs in the 40's - he had been evacuated from London during the war. He is going to be 80 at the end of the month, and I am doing a photobook of his life. I'd love to include this photo as it seems so evocative of the era. Is it possible to obtain the jpeg? I would be happy to send a contribution.

Sylvia Carmellini 27-Feb-2010 17:05
Born and raised in Little River. The family owned bakery next to Grables was called the Majestic Bakery. And did they ever know how to make wonderful pastries. My mom and I would walk from our house to St. Mary's every Sunday for Mass, and on the way back home, we would always stop by Majestic Bakery for goodies to have for Sunday morning breakfast. Oh, I have such fond memories of old Little River. Great place to grow up!
Nancy Landers Bursk 26-Aug-2008 00:54
Lived here in the 50's and went to Edison. I remember a bus stop near the Rosetta. Two bakeries were next to each other, one Grables and the other a family owned one. Took dance lessons at Rose Johnson's on 79th St. Shopped at Lerner's and Three sisters and went to Dr. Bowers the dentist. His office was on the south east corner of 79th st over a news shop, spent many a painful hour there. Also remember Dr. Gissendanner the Vet on 79th St. I was just back there looking around while in town for 50th reunion of Edison class of 57. This was a great place to grow up in, also Lemon City and Miami Shores. My family ate lots of meals at Holleman's on 79th st. Oh for the good old days again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wilson Wright, Tallahassee 17-Jul-2008 00:12
We all remember the movies at the Rosetta...except the one with Jayne Russell. My mother thought it was too risque. The bank was Little River Bank and Trust and Jimmy Garner was the President. Across the street somewhere in that block was Harley Collins appliance store. Seems like Harley was on the School Board once. In the next block on the west side there was a resturant. There was a drug store on the norht east corner of 79th and N.E. 2nd Ave
Teekeela Robertson Williams 01-Jul-2008 20:48
Don.... please delete the first posting of the below info.... I forgot to "sign" in....

I also attended many a Saturday movie at the Rosetta Theater. I recognize several other buildings in the photo on the same side of NE 2nd Ave going north. I recall a toy story being in the bottom of the gold colored building adjacent to the Rosetta; the white building with red band across the top was a Royal Castle; the next large white building on the corner was the Little River Bank and across the street, the gold colored building with red barrel tile roof was Manson's Clinic where my dad took me when I fell out of a guava tree and badly dislocated my right elbow when I was 9 years old..... I recall being put to sleep with ether dripped on a mask over my nose in the clinic. My dad told me the Dr. Manson just yanked my arm back in place and it made a loud "snap" like noise.... then he put one of those plaster casts on it and I had to wear it for three months. A bunch of us kids were playing "Tarzan" in the hugh guava tree swinging from limb to limb and I missed a limb and fell over 10' to the ground landing on my right elbow.... I recall actually seeing stars before blacking out totally for a few minutes.... everyone thought I was dead. To this day my right arm has a kink in it as the bones never properly fit back in place at the joint.