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1970 - the Gold Triangle store at 7420 SW 88 Street, Kendall
1970 Restored by Don Boyd

1970 - the Gold Triangle store at 7420 SW 88 Street, Kendall

7420 SW 88 Street (Kendall Drive), Dade County, Florida view map

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Just about everyone loved Gold Triangle stores while they existed. Gold Triangle was owned by Federated Department Stores that decided in 1968 to establish a discount hardlines chain of stores in Florida. Federated was already operating Burdine's in Florida.

According to a forum on department stores: Gold Triangle had 6 stores, located as follows:
Store 001 Dadeland (pictured above at 7420 SW 88th Street, Kendall)
Store 002 Skylake, (NE 185th Street, North Miami Beach - became a Home Depot in 1982)
Store 003 Plantation
Store 004 Orlando (Colonial Drive, west of the Orlando Fashion Square Mall - now a Target)
Store 005 Tampa (2525 N. Dale Mabry Boulevard - now a Sweetbay Supermarket)
Store 006 Hialeah (W. 49th Street).

Gold Triangle's main office was originally located at 325 W. 74 Street in Hialeah until the Hialeah store location was built. Then the main offices and warehouse were moved to the new store (approx 1978). None of them became Richway or Gold Circle. These were the only Gold Triangle locations.

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Guest 20-Sep-2016 21:45
This was a great store.
Best fishing equipment department in Dade county.
Also bought several speakers here at a bargain.
The Wometco theater used to be in the same parking lot.....first 'twin' theater I ever saw...back to back screens. The first of the 'multi-plexes'
Steve Grasso 30-Jun-2016 18:44
I worked at the Plantation store from 1978 or 79 to 1981 in the Camera Department.
Rick 02-Jan-2016 01:38
What was the name of the restaurant in the office building right next to gold triangle? I think it started with an M.
Don Boyd06-Oct-2014 07:33
Estela, it was also south of Westland Mall on the south side of W. 49th Street and I'll find the exact address one of these days. It too was discussed in one of the Facebook groups about old Hialeah.

Estela 06-Oct-2014 03:35
Where was the Hialeah store located on W 49th St??? I can't remember for the life of me!
Elise 17-Feb-2014 00:08
oh that's cool, yeah they were my grandmothers. If the apples were red, then she had those too. Thanks for your help, I had no idea.
Mark C 16-Feb-2014 23:25
Those are employee 5 year and 10 year pins. I lost mine many years ago.

You might also find some apple shaped pins. When a customer would write a letter complementing an employee, the employee would be awarded an apple.
Guest 15-Feb-2014 04:47
Thanks Mark for answering. I had realized they were actually pins you would wear on your jacket.They say"A store you can trust" on top and on bottom "Gold Triangle"and in the middle one has a "G' and a triangle with a 5 behind it, while the other has "G" and a triangle with a 10 behind it. Thanks again.
Mark C 15-Feb-2014 03:18
I do not recall any Gold Triangle cuff links for sale. There was no traditional clothing department. Gold Triangle was mostly a hard goods store. Berdines was the soft goods side of Federated Department stores in Florida.

Do they have the company name on them? Or just a shape?
Mark C 15-Feb-2014 03:15
I must know you. I was Arnie's Asst Mgr in Stereos and Radios in Plantation until I went to NMB to take over as the Core7 Mgr. That was about 6-8 weeks before Mr B moved to the NMB store.

Was the Susie, Sue A.?
Elise 08-Feb-2014 06:19
Hi I was wondering if Gold Triangle sold or if the employees wore Gold Triangle cuff links? I have a pair that I found going through old jewelry.
Lina 25-Oct-2013 22:26
When did the GT in Dadeland close?
RW 17-Oct-2013 05:25
I worked at the Dadeland store in the sporting goods dept. from 76 till it closed. I've seen some shifty, sly activities in my day but the fact that customers came in the store when the going out of business sale started and hid items they wanted then came back when the store wide markdown was 70% to buy the stuff has to be one of the most dishonest but legal maneuvers I've ever witnessed.
My job at Gold Triangle led to other opportunities in the South Florida fishing tackle industry.
Debbie 05-Oct-2013 02:43
I worked at the Plantation store for about 10 years until my fiancée and later husband became the last store manager, and I had to relocate since I was the administrative assistant. Took over from Susie. Loved that job. It was like working with a large family. We had great parties. Nothing was more fun than Bernie in home improvements on the holidays or Mr Hanson, the asst store manager and his practical jokes. To this day, it was my favorite job and place to work. We had so many funny stories from that place like when the triangle on top of the roof was struck by lightening, or a customer was buying a tree in garden shop and a dog came walking in from the alley outside and lifted his leg on it while they had it at the register to purchase. Does anyone remember how much Mr Baumbach acted like William Shatner's Captain Kirk?
jmore 19-Jul-2013 04:45
one of my first credit cards back in 1977
I still have the card in my obsolete collection of
credit and charge cards of dept store and gasoline
Guest 16-Feb-2013 03:18
As of today, the Dadeland Medical Center Building is still there. I am working at a high rise where the Dadeland theater pictured on the far right is located in this picture. I think Shorty's BB-Q around the corner is the only other landmark in the area left.
James 18-Jan-2013 20:43
What's amazing is that if you go to Google Street View and look at this same vantage point, it appears that the one surviving fixture from 1970 is one of the street lights that are in the parking lot median.
Jimmy Wilson 08-Dec-2012 00:26
I worked for Gold Triangle in Orlando from 1972 till it closed in 1982. I was 19 years old when we opened the store. Started out in lawn and garden selling lawn mowers and the was promoted to manager of housewares and small appliances. After that was promoted to manager of Sporting Goods and then to Store Operations Manager. Loved working there. It had the best sporting goods department by far.
guest 12-Aug-2012 01:25
Don, thanks for your fast reply. I was just letting you know that I have photos but they are all on 35mm slides and I will need to scan them. Will get to them eventually and forward them. I recently acquired the slides and having never heard of Gold Triangle I found your page. Best wishes.
Don Boyd09-Aug-2012 03:17
Guest, my e-mail address is posted on the main pages but to save you time it is: - I would love to post more Gold Triangle photos on this site and I will give you credit for contributing them. Thank you.

Guest 09-Aug-2012 00:32
i have some old Gold Triangle photos from the early 70's. who can i contact to get them posted? will this site owner please leave a contact email here? best wishes.
Guest 31-May-2012 10:59
Guest 30-May-2012 23:16
Peter 01-Oct-2011 19:31
I remember the old Gold Triangle at Dadeland so well. I was a kid at the time and my parents used to go there alot. What a great store it was, I used to love the camera dept and the fishing area with the boat and rods. I remember going to the Twin movie theaters next door alot as a teen. Great times...
TIM TOAL 16-Aug-2011 23:31
Worked at GT from opening until 1977.Was dept.mgr.of small app.and garden shop.It was a great place to work and we had some great times during and after hours.

Tim Toal
Stephen 21-May-2011 09:16
Mike K!!! Did you have a '72 Camaro? PLEASE contact me!
RJH 19-Jan-2011 03:21
I am also looking for pictures of the fish tackle area with the big ship wheel. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
gmans 10-Dec-2010 20:14
Does anyone have pictures of the inside of GT? I am especially looking for pictures of the fish tackle area with the big ship wheel.
Matty 17-Sep-2010 05:14
My husband worked for Gold Traingle as a delivery driver, he always remember this place with a smile on his face he was parternerd with a Jorge... He worked there till it closed down.
Sofia 10-Jul-2010 06:40
Wow, just got a flashback after looking at this picture. There was a periodontist by the name of Dr. Parnes who maintained his office in the Dadeland professional building that's depicted here. Back in '79 I had all four wisdom teeth pulled at once and the swelling made me look like a chipmunk for a couple of weeks. I do remember the Gold Triangle well, and what a fine store it was.
mike k18-Jun-2010 14:13
I worked there in the 70's (and I remember you, Herb) with Charlie R, Eric D, Mr. Tully, Mr. Bombeck, Susie W, Carolyn D, Patty A, and of course, Jim W!!! Worked security for Jim, but mostly mixed paint (Sherwin Williams & GT Brand). Great work environment - Loved the weekend night football games - but I don't miss the orange vests - though I still have my Red Apple...
Herb Oliveira 10-Apr-2010 13:11
Geeeez this makes me feel old. I worked at this store starting in 1972. Also worked at the Hialeah store for a time and then back to dadeland GT. I helped close out this store when it went out of business. I sold all the store fixtures. I remember the mezzanin in the stock room; all that steel. I would still be there if it had not closed down. It was the best place I had ever worked. Everyone was family.
Michael Shull 12-Nov-2009 15:38
My friends mother & brother used to work for gold triangle back in the early 70's good memories of going in there when I was 13 or so, where has the time gone and the urban renewal has taken over.
James 12-Aug-2009 05:27
RE: "James Monday 25-Oct-2008 03:52
I used to shop at the one in the Skylake Mall in the mid 70's. The coolest store around while it lasted. It was torn down and replaced by Home Depot, god knows what's there now! My family and I used to shop at GT and then go across 15th ave and eat at the novelty restaurant, Victoria Station that was a bunch of railroad cars converted into dining rooms. Cool stuff when your 12 years old. Miss those days badly....."

Just surfing the web and came across this post. What memories! I used to go to the GT in Plantation all the time, my #1 place for tackle as a kid. As to the Victoria Station...

WOW! Lots of memories there. My father built that restaurant for Lou Church in 1971. I worked there for 2 years from the ground up in construction. My dad did all the custom wood work and hand built the curved bar with the brass rails. I remember the cranes setting the box cars in place during the initial phase. Big time walk down memory lane for me-

David Denhart 03-Aug-2009 03:32
I worked at the Plantation and Hialeah Stores for 9 years.
Great Store, have lots of memories. I was the last employee, I shut down the stores and sold the fixtures in the Hialeah store. I was the assistant store manager in charge of operations. I have been out of retail every since we shut the doors. I would like to get back into retail if anyone knows of a similar job.
w 29-May-2009 12:20
How about Skylake Gold Triangle, I worked part time while going to M.D.C.C. in 74-75 (Business major), That gold pyramid over the entrances. The store was ahead of its time in merchandising & atmosphere, however its management wasn't as progressive or inspiring!
I once took a date, while we were out & around, to the Kendall store, I wanted to see another Gold Triangle, I said, this is were I work, but not this store.
j. 13-May-2009 03:53
I worked at this Gold Triangle store'72, '73 and for Corporate until '78. GT did have a great fishing dept with the "boat" for the rods. Actually, the whole concept was great. Whenever I hear someone speak about GT it's always "it was a great store". I made many arrests for shoplifting and employee theft in that store and in the other GT stores. Worked with a great group of store detectives, many who later became police officers, including one who was Miami Dade officer of the year. Too bad the one assistant manager got away withmassive thefts because of connections to corporate management. Poor management is what led to the chains demise. ps - Bill - how are you and Debbie? I remember you guy and your Dad working hard and you visiting Debbie in her office at Dadeland near the security/will call desk.
David Bauers 09-May-2009 22:17
I used to live in The Villas Apartments about 1 1/2 miles down from Gold Triangle and Dadeland Mall (from 1970-1972). I would walk to Dadeland Mall and Gold Triangle from the apartments. I remember FOOD SPOT on the corner, and I think the hot dog place was LUMS. Their claim to fame was hot dogs cooked in beer!
Kenny Blanton 05-May-2009 21:55
If I remember right, the Larry Costly Chevy dealership was a little east of this photo, across from Dadeland. My Dad got a new Chevy Malibu in about '70 & my Mom got a new Chevy Caprice in about '72.
Guest 21-Apr-2009 01:36
The camaro was a 1970 model.
Moishe 21-Apr-2009 01:35

Hello again! Would you belive I convinced Debbie Rosen's parents Mack & Rheva to purchase a new Chevy Camaro for her? After all a gorgeous 20 year Miami woman needed to 86 her 61 Pontiac Tempest...4 cylinder! Question is: her yellow camaro was purchased from Larry Costley Chevrolet.....where exactly was it located? Somewhere in Dadeland? Any help greatly appreciated!
Guest 04-Mar-2009 03:30
My orthodontist Dr. Gressmark (sp) was in the top northwest corner of this building. GoldenTriangle was my dad's favorite store. Saw the first Starwars movie and the film Tommy at the Dadeland Theatre!
Don Boyd09-Feb-2009 07:31
I had a complicated root canal done in that building less than a year ago by a specialist and the building was busy with people going to various offices in there. It will be demolished and a high rise condo tower will rise there one of these years.

Heather Bellow 09-Feb-2009 03:23
Oh my goodness. Forgot all about it. Had my first cavity filled in that building there to the left!
Cliff Smith 25-Jan-2009 02:41
It's amazing how just a mention of a certain store can bring back memories of you childhood. I was looking up the fate of certain chains like Woolco/Woolworth's, Zayre and of course Gold Triangle and came across this page. My parents would often shop at the Miami store and then
a few years later when we moved, the Lauderhill store in Broward County. One of my fondest
memories was going to the Gardening Dept. and checking out the bevy of riding mowers.
I was cutting lawns then as a kid and the sales people would get a chuckle when I would ask
the price of these $1500.00 to $3000.00 donned with headlights and everything, writing
the prices down with my paper and pencil. Yes, they had an awesome tackle section!!!
Remember they had it set up like a ship and you could turn the large wooden steering wheel?
Awesome times!
Leighton 18-Jan-2009 00:00
The Medical Building isn't "out of place," actually, it's the new garbage architecture that won't stand the test of time. That old building is an iconic piece of design from its period of construction. I'm thrilled that it's still there. It is very significant.
jillndavid04-Dec-2008 01:03
there are still a few of us here in Miami that remember pictures like these. How I long for the good old days. My father is Larry Costley...Long retired now, me (David Costley) in my early 40's married with 2 kids of my own now, but still remember Gold Triangle and Dadeland Twins. Sometimes its hard to believe how much Miami has changed since then
David Bauers 17-Nov-2008 09:36
Wow, does this view of Gold Triangle set off a deja vu experience! I used to live at the Villas Apartments off of North Kendall Drive from 1970 to 1972 (I was 10 years old then). I would walk to this store and go directly to the camera department, drooling over the new movie cameras and projectors. My Dad worked as a car salesman at Larry Costley Chevrolet. Great memories and times in Miami, Florida!
Monica 16-Nov-2008 17:25
My husband and I saw "Alien" on the big screen at the Dadeland Twins movie theater. It was great. I was very sorry to see the movie house go. I wish there was one in that area now.
James Monday 25-Oct-2008 03:52
I used to shop at the one in the Skylake Mall in the mid 70's. The coolest store around while it lasted. It was torn down and replaced by Home Depot, god knows what's there now! My family and I used to shop at GT and then go across 15th ave and eat at the novelty restaurant, Victoria Station that was a bunch of railroad cars converted into dining rooms. Cool stuff when your 12 years old. Miss those days badly.....
Brian 09-Oct-2008 20:33
I worked at Gold Triangle '74-'75 in the automotive and outdoor departments. I also graduated from Palmetto in '73. Lots of h.s. grads used to work there - and the store managers loved hiring (and flirting with) the good looking girls. We lived just across Dixie Highway and I would walk to work. Picture brings back good memories.
doug_taylor19-Sep-2008 00:37
I loved shopping at Gold Triangle as a young teenager. Bought my Minolta Weathermatic-A there in '80 or '81 and still have it to this day. They had great electronics, fishing tackle and sporting goods sections. Sigh. =)
Guest 31-Aug-2008 20:49
The Dadeland MedicalBuilding is still there and with all of the building going on around it,dmb looks old and out of place.
Matthew 22-Jul-2008 02:11
Dr. Jacobs is still there? That is terribly awesome. I was born in Miami in 1970 and lived there until 1991. Dr. Jacobs was my dermatologist as well and got my through my pimples during puberty. Heh. We had a few family doctors in that building, and my aunt worked there for a while too.
Keith 16-May-2008 08:48
I also saw Return of the Jedi in that theater on the right. Standing in that spot today you would be in the CompUSA parking lot. There is a high rise going up about where the theater is. If you look to the sky (you wont see the sky) you'll see a Mariot and it's parking garage, which melds into the Metrorail's final stop. And a whole bunch of other buildings which run along the old alignment of South Dixie Highway. (Pre-Palmetto) Part of which is still called Old South Dixie highway. The other half is a bus only lane. Out of picture to the left is a huge condo complex right next to the medical building. It starts out where the BK headquarters used to be. It's too bad the photo isn't a little more to the right so we could see the Palmetto before the Kendall redesign of that section. At least the bid D is still there at Dadeland. Although it's painted funky greenish color.
Tony 09-May-2008 01:28
I loved going to that Gold Triangle with my family when I was a kid. They had the best fishing rod display!! Anyone remember the "X-tra Superfood Center" that went up there for a little while?
Leighton 19-Feb-2008 04:09
Sorry to hear that the Wometco is gone. Was a kid in Miami from 67 - 73, then back for UM from 82 - 85. Saw many, many films there, from "The Bible" around 67, to "Return of the Jedi" in 83 - stood in line five hours for that one. I have zero memories of Gold Triangle, for some reason. We hit Forum Cafeteria every Friday - Dadeland was still an outside shopping center until, what, 70, or so?? Dadeland Medical's still there!! Great period architecture...have they ruined it??
Bill Williams 05-Feb-2008 21:32
I remember watching this building being built and I couldn't wait to get in there to shop. For several years I bought the majority of my Christmas gifts there. Worked across the street at Burdines in Dadeland Mall Christmas of 1996. Sure loved Dadeland...what a great mall.
Bill Lyon 01-Feb-2008 05:10
My wife and I both worked at Gold Triangle all through the 70's. I still work for the company today now Macy's. It was a great store and very interesting. I too remember the battles the sales guys had over customers.
Joanne 28-Jan-2008 00:56
Ellen...I left Palmetto in 74 my family moved to Texas. Drew Forfar and I both worked here early in 1976. Whats your full name? I'm Joanne Copp. I was in chorus, chatonettes, Tao-Ti. Maybe we know each other. Go to the comments section on the main photo page and join our conversation. There are a few Palmetto people there.
Ellen 24-Jan-2008 04:34
WOW! I worked at Gold Triangle from 1974-1978. Joanne, who was your friend from Palmetto? I went to Palmetto too. Graduated 1974
Ray27-Dec-2007 00:38
To update things a bit, on the right, and closer to the photographer, is a CompUSA store. It's having its going out of business sale now. This area is now packed with tall buildings and parking is hard to find. There's a new building going up behind the CompUSA and this side of the Publix, which replaced the Gold Triangle.

The Dadeland Medical Building seen here is still there. In fact, Dr. Jacobs is STILL in practice there on the forth floor. He's been there since the 1970s. I'm sure he's got some stories about this area growing and changing.
Aldo 18-Dec-2007 08:07
Gold Triangle had the best electronics. We would spend our Saturdays at Dadeland Mall, eat lunch at Forum cafeteria, shop at the mall, then go to the triangle.

I remember the Burger King building sat vacant for years.
Ray22-Nov-2007 01:32
The Burger King building was to the left (east) of the one on the left of this photo, Dadeland Medical Building. The BK building was ugly. Brown with these growths that came out and partially covered the windows. I know I say I hate to see buildings come down, but that one was just ugly.
mimaigrl 20-Nov-2007 14:59
Wasn't that building on the left the Burger King building? I worked there for Progressive Ins. back in '70-71.
Ray 11-Oct-2007 02:07
My dermatologist, Dr. Jacobs, was on in the building on the left, we shopped at the building in the middle and I saw movies at the theater on the right.

Some time after this picture was taken, they added a floor to the medical building. At about this time, the Burger King HQ, a very ugly building, was to the left. To help you get oriented, the Dadeland mall would be behind the photographer. At that time, the western most store would have been Jordan Marsh.

Gold Triangle was a great store to hang out at. I spent hours in the electronics section, right in the middle of the store. Years later, I would be working for Marty Jacobson in his TV/AV/Intercom company, Marty's Electronics in South Miami. At about the time this was taken, Marty was selling TVs at Gold Triangle. He had great war stories about how salesmen would trip each other when they saw a rich looking customer walk into the electronics section.

Another major area landmark, Shorty's, would be behind the medical building and on US1. This whole area is now incredibly built up. Of these three, only the medical building remains.
Joanne 11-Sep-2007 13:59
Now the memories come flooding brother worked at the theater and acquired the HUGE billboard sign for "Gone With the Wind" that was posted at the theater while the moving was showing here. He covered ALL the walls of his room with it. (had to cut out for the closet and windows)
I worked for a time in '75 at the Golden Triangle as a cashier along with a friend from Palmetto.
My very first job was across the street at Dadeland. I worked in one of the kiosk's making and selling baby bracelets which were quite the rage in '73 and '74.
My orthodontist was in the medical building shown. When I think of how many times I walked up to that door dreading what I had to go through, my teeth almost hurt now!!