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1950s-60s? - Mae & Daves on Palm Avenue in Hialeah
1950s-60s? Courtesy of Daniel Worth

1950s-60s? - Mae & Dave's on Palm Avenue in Hialeah

Palm Avenue and E. 13 Street, Hialeah, Florida

Thanks to Daniel Worth for supplying this great image. I restored it to improve it and now the photo is all over the place on Facebook groups. Mae & Dave's was located on the northeast corner of Palm Avenue and E. 13th Street for decades. My dad patronized them for years on and off as did many gents and ladies over the years. When I was a senior at HHS in 1965 the love of my life that year lived in a new apartment house built just to the east of Mae & Dave's on 13th Street. I had a few beers there at least twice in the 1970s. It had to have been pretty hot and miserable there in summer months in the late afternoon sun and high humidity.

I have some images of Mae & Dave's in the boxes with thousands of other old images and someday I'll scan them and get them onto this site.

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Cecil Vernon Smith 09-Jan-2017 02:25
I remember this place well. In the early 1960s my dad was a welder and would do some welding at a car shop across the street. The owner of the Shop was Mr. Leon Frame. Leon and my dad were close friends and would eat lunch at Mae and Daves often. On Saturday my mother and I would join them at lunch at Mae and Daves. I was just a boy of about five years old then, but I do remember eating many hotdogs there.
Rick Carlstrom 12-Sep-2016 04:53
I used to go there with my Dad, when I was just a kid, 1958-59? somewhere around there. I can still remember the heat and the shade of that awning. My Dad would have a beer and buy me a bag of Mr. Planters salted peanuts. Sent away for the Mr. peanuts mechanical pencil offer on the bag and waited an interminable 6 weeks for it to arrive. Can't believe you have a picture of this. Deep, old Hialeah memory.
Wayne Adams 20-Dec-2015 16:54
We used to order Mae and Dave's take out while we worked on our hot rods. The run there was our test drive. Luckily we were never caught by the police. The pizza was the best around.
carlos 01-Oct-2015 00:53
As a teenager in the late 70s, my buddies and I would frequently go to Mae & Dave's for beer and pizza. One of the greatest memories I have in my life , is on a night that I was there by myself, I started talking to an older gentleman behind the counter who at the time was making pizzas. As it turned out , this guy was a WWII veteran that actually parachuted into Hitler's Castle in the Rhine, the stories he told me will always be with me. May He be in Heaven. God Bless.
Donna Beechler Scheidl 06-Jul-2015 13:23
My Dad use to take me to Mae & Dave's. Learned I didn't like Anchovies on pizza. Many good memories with my dad, even if it was at a bar!
Mike Wulf 15-Feb-2014 15:18
That's a Hialeah landmark, the 2 only places to get real pizza was Mae & Daves and Patsy's (by the race track). I was weaned on beer there, under aged, drinking 16 oz. mugs of Schlitz on tap (35 cents ???). Little juke boxes on the front counter playing old music. I think I remember in the early to mid sixties that Mom & Pop Navarro ran the kitchen there until they opened Navarro's in Opa locka. My older brother went to school/dated their daughter.
We lived right across the street on the east side of Benny Babcock Park/Hialeah Elementary School. Usually Saturday nights were pizza times. Thanks for keeping those memories alive Don-those were great times!!!!
Guest 25-Dec-2013 18:31
I was born in hialeah hospital on the east of hialeah and as a kid this was the one place I would eat italian food at no where else,this place was the greatest little pizza place you would ever want to know and the hero and meat ball sandwich forget about it!!!
Kevin Clements19-Nov-2012 19:32
I used to eat at Mae & Dave's every Tuesday evening on my way from work and to bowling in a company league at Palm Springs Lanes. Used to get 2 slices of pepperoni pizza and a beer. This was about 1982 & 1983. Great memories.
W. Barry Southerland 13-Sep-2012 23:23
Bruce Wiggens and Kim,

How the hell are ya? Oh yeah Bruce, Mae & Dave's. Dad would take us there a couple of times a week and chat with his friends. Dad had a warehouse just down the road on Palm. Yeah man, you lived just around the block from us Southerlands just down the road from Milander Park. Am I jarring your memories yet? Your younger sister and I graduated from HHS together. Rosenbaum live right near you. The kids across the street from you had pet raccoons. We were at 4820 West 2nd Avenue.

Bear Southerland
Guest 20-Jul-2012 12:55
Work on my car, or a friend's, then a "test drive" that somehow always seemed to end up at Mae & Dave's! Loved the place, the dogs, the beer and the atmosphere.
Juan C. Pena 08-Jul-2012 18:59
I remember Mae & Dave's even though I was much too young for a beer when I lived in the area (290 E 13 St). I lived there for 1st through part of 4th grade, then when my family moved to northern Hialeah (W 71 St) in Oct 1966. It was so cool, even years later that it was grandfathered in (building codes) and survived for many years. Grew up in Hialeah most of my life (now in Miami Lakes) and am proud to say so.
JB mceachern 01-Dec-2011 16:36
What a great collection of south florida images; places that hold special memories and moments like the time I ordered had my first Alligator Beer (Schlitz dark on tap) at Mae and Dave's because after one or two you never knew what might pop up out of it.

Thanks again.
harold martin 30-Nov-2011 00:32
hi! harold again i,m really in to this i,m moving from area to area this is great it's like being in a time machine all these places taking me back i'm so glad i found this Dons website this makes me so happy i have tears in my eyes iv,e been on this site all day can,t get enough i could spend 2 days on this none stop this was our youth this miami is gone for ever it exists only in our memories and pictures i hope i can converse with Don and some of you fellow dade county brothers and sisters i really needed this Don i don,t know if you know how much enjoyment this brings to us man you really hit a home run you must miss the old dade county as much as all of us or you would not of made this site anyway i use to go to mae and daves in the late 60s to maybe 74' i would get a large pepperoni and onion and a cold beer the pizza was a b+ i had better in other parts of town i went there because it was so cool to sit there on those stools and spin around in the open air so close to palm ave every place in town had there on unique thing!
Robbin Learned 24-Oct-2011 19:00
As A Kid, growing up in Sun Tan Village, close to Hialeah Lanes: I enjoyed Great Pizza, and Great Hot Dogs Steamed in Beer, from Mae & Dave's. My Parents , would go there, and then bring Pizza , and Hot Dogs home , for my little brother and I. That was in The 50's . Mae & Dave's : was A Great Place back then, and was very Popular, and Very Busy. It had it's Heydays, But towards the last: became very Rundown, and not so good anymore. Very Sad, But in it's Day : it was A Place To Go .
j stewart 29-Aug-2011 03:58
truly 1 of hialeahs land mark at its best.grew up on lejune rd an se 4th st in the 50s 60 s70s. used to hang around with mayor milanders son henry.tks 4 the good memories
j stewart
Ethel Barrett Crosby 30-Jul-2011 00:51
My father took me to Mae & Dave's also in the 40's That was my first Pizza and watching TV. Yes it was hot but we didn't have AC so we didn't no any different. My dad worked at National airlines/Pan Am. I think just about every one worked the airlines.
Gary A. 15-Mar-2011 18:15
This sure brings back some memmories!...Bev and Pam Marino's parents used to run Mae&Dave's or maybe owned it at one point...They as I went to Filer and then good old Hialeah High...If u went there after 10 PM they never ask for I D...lols
Mary Anne C 26-Feb-2011 06:34
Oh boy, Mae and Dave's. That WAS Hialeah to me...except for some reason my mom and dad would never take me there to eat and drink. LOL We used to pass this place on our way to everywhere.
Guest 11-Oct-2010 15:48
My mom ,Toni Sclafani,made pizzas there in the early 60s,she made her own sauce,and dough.we lived around the corner at 112 east 14 st,i built my own house there ,3 stories with an elevator,all without permits,,go figure.dino sclafani.
Jim Terry 27-Aug-2010 16:41
No doubt this had to be Bruce Ward! Barkley and I had Special EMS meetings there on many occasions. In the front and when it got too hot, in the back room.
They had good beer and great pizza.
Jim Terry 27-Aug-2010 16:38
No doubt this had to be Bruce Ward! Barkley and I had Special EMS meetings there on many occasions. In the front and when it got to hot, in the back room.
They had good beer and great pizza.
Bruce 25-Aug-2010 01:19
I read all of the comments, and I guess everyone who wrote was less than 6 feet tall. If you were over 6 feet tall, that awning in the picture has a special memory. After a few drafts you just might forget to duck, and that is where the DNA for my forehead is located. I was a Hialeah Fireman from 1974 to 1998. My greatest memory about Mae and Dave's was after a Hurricane we were sent out to survey structural damage in Hialeah. Yep you guessed it, Mae and Dave's was open for business. Everyone on the Firetruck started Cheering.
LEO 27-Jan-2010 03:45
hello everyone i remember when the best pizza was to be gotten only at mae and daves palm and thirteen i used to work at the royal castle on palm and first street when i would get off from royal castle i was young then id stop at mae and daves across from the circle K motel and have a good slice of pizza what days those were wish i could go back only in dreams now thank all that have posted a comment it feels good that we dont forget where we came from
Guest 24-Jan-2010 02:02
I used to work at Citizen's Federal on Hialeah Drive & E 4 Ave. in the early '80s and had a bud who worked for A. J. Montanari and we'd have Friday afternoon lunches there, Meatball subs and a schooner of beer for like $3. What a loss....
Debbie Janelle 18-Nov-2009 02:04
WOW, what a flash back in time. I remember going there with my Dad on Saturdays after we did a used car parts run to the Miami River area. I used to run up and down the sidewalk making the stools spin! I also remember my Mom calling the bar to "locate" my Dad. She always seemed to know which bar to call. I loved going with him on those Saturdays. Mae and Dave's will always have fond memories and ...yes it was hot as hell there in the after noon since it faced west, especially in August. Heck, we knew no better back then. Hardly anyone had airconditioning!
bruce dorcas01-Nov-2009 19:42
My favorite place for pizza and a beer in the middle seventies into the eighties. Loved the smoked fish also. First memory of the place was after the Dolphins very first game against the Oakland Raiders in 1966. I was eight and had won two tickets from the Market Basket store on West 29th street across the street from Filer and the roller rink. Anyway, we stopped by there after the game. After I started going there as an "adult" we had a game where we would get the ice piece that fell from the bottom of the beer mugs and see who could send it the furthest across Palm Avenue. I was last there in 1985 and have a photo of it from then if anyone is interested. Great memories, thanks.
Guest 29-Oct-2009 06:07
Mae & Dave's was still there in the early 70's. Went over there from Coulter Electronics for lunch.
Craig Stewart 08-Feb-2009 02:05
Mae and Dave's. Whoa. My father would get off work a Pan Am and end up on one of the stools for a few beers. Eventually my Mom would tell me to go find my Father. I would ride my gold Stingray bike with a banana seat and the high handlebars, sparkled tassles coming from the grips, from 36th Terrace and Red Road and this is where I'd end up. Sitting on a stool next to Dad, delivering a message that his wife and 9 kids would like to see him.
Craig Stewart
Steve Zaccardi 28-Jan-2009 06:20
Thanks for the pic of Mae and Dave's. This really brought back some emotions for me. I lived down the street at 210 E 21st and we would walk down for Pizza. My memories are from 1969-1971. I remember being elated when I heard "Let's go to Mae and Dave's" from Mom and Dad. Although normally they pronounced its "Maze and Daves" or at least that's how my 6 year old ears heard it. :)
Ken Griese 07-Jan-2009 22:29
Wow, what a leap back in time! I had my first Pizza at Mae & Dave's in 1961! My folks owned a small restaurant on the corner accross the street from Mae & Dave's.
Thanks for all your efforts to relive the "good ole days" in Hialeah. Boy has it changed!
KEN ERWI N 09-Dec-2008 23:46
Bruce Wiggins 22-Oct-2008 07:09
Mae & Dave's really brings back the memories for me. By the way Boyd, you are doing a hell of a job here! I was born & raised in Hialeah, HHS class of 69 (1951-1973, then left the country. I vote with my feet.).
We lived at 290 W. 48th st. There were a family of four living directly behind us (They probably referred to us a living behind them). You could have bought one of those houses (2 BR/1 B, 120' by 60' lot) for around 5-7K in the early 50's. Anyway the mom and dad and the two boys were great friends of ours and remained so until I left Hialeah.
By the way, I've since been around the world twice and talked to most people at least once. Whenever people ask me where I'm from, I lie & say, "Miami." Then I say, "Well actually, I'm from Hialeah, but if you knew Hialeah, you would know why I say I'm from Miami." Then I add, "Only people from Carol City and Opa-Locka say they're from Hialeah."
I have since lost track of them all. Probably the mom & dad would be dead now. If not they would be approaching 90 years of age. Anyway, the mom & dad were hard core alchies. We kids didn't know this, because we never saw them sober. Plus, they always managed their life and took care of their two boys. Both mom and dad were flight attendants for Eastern airlines which was based in Miami along with Delta (God bless their souls). The mom or dad, one or the other, was always going from their house to the airport (Miami International) to give each other a ride home from the airport after they completed a flight (most families had only one car). They would often invite me along for the ride when one parent would pick the other parent up from the airport. We knew that we would get to stop at Mae & Dave's on the return from the airport. Mom & dad would slam a few pints of draft beer & us kids would get a root beer float and a steamed hot dog. The place was always crowded. Man , I think if I look hard enough, I might be able to see Mike & Juanita sitting at the bar there drinking a draft. They usually drank Schlitz in the 12 oz cans. Back then you needed a can opener (Church key) to open a beer can. By the way, I'm an alchie too, so don't think I'm putting Mike & Juanita down when I say they were 'alchies.' By the way, their two kids are also alchies. Man, those two boys have drunk their way into the alcohall of fame. I'm not saying that Mae & Dave's had anything to do with our drinking problem. It. didn't. We all had A.D.D. according to our primary care physicians. And they say we have a genetic predisposition to A.D.D (Alcohol Drug Disorder).

Taffee Kedgley 21-Oct-2008 16:21
Mae and husband's Auntie worked there...Ruth or sometimes called Christine...she was the "posh" barmaid with the English accent...very beautiful.
She met her husband, letter carrier, Eddie Antonowitz, there. They were married over 38 years, Eddie passed away last year, Auntie lives at Eppworth, still as regal and beautiful as ever. She loved Mae and Dave's ... we loved visiting her there and having a "cold one"!!
Don Boyd12-Oct-2008 02:43
Same Gary Brown that went to PS Jr. High and graduated Hialeah High in '65 and went on to become a reporter/editor with the Palm Beach Post? If so, it's good to hear from you. If not, thanks for your memories.

Gary Brown 11-Oct-2008 19:51
When my family first moved down to Florida from Cleveland, Ohio, we lived in a duplex just down the street while our home in Palm Springs was being built. I remember playing baseball in the lot across the street and walking to the sundry story on the other corner for soda, candy and comic books. Ahhhh, the good old days.
Joey Parilla 11-Sep-2008 01:37
Had a many of half & half's there in the mid to late 80's before it vanished. The bar stools were bolted down by then.
Alford17-May-2008 07:19
Oh, MY! Who DOESN'T remember this???????? A Hialeah staple.
Bill Cassara 21-Feb-2008 20:15
This brings back wonderful memories. I spent many a day at Mae and Dave's on my way to the beach.
gail 01-Dec-2007 08:15
Wow thanks for the memories. I remember going there with my Mom and Dad. My Dad would have a beer and my mom and I would have cokes. We also ate as well. Wow I wish I could go back to those days. You could leave your door unlocked in Hialeah. Crime. Whats that??? LOL
Don Boyd15-Oct-2007 23:41
Hey Jim, that was no bar, that was the airport when you were the regional MX honcho for US Air and I was the gate supervisor for the airport. Oh never mind, you're right, it was all a big bar back in those days, haha, with gates, jet bridges and jets for amusement. I'll send you an e-mail to find out what the H you're doing in Peru. Don
JIM NAZARKEWICH 15-Oct-2007 21:52
Guest 15-Oct-2007 21:51


Don Boyd03-Oct-2007 23:02
Thanks for your memories. I had forgotten about Ballantine Ale on tap. Another taste treat gone forever! Don
Bill Woodward 03-Oct-2007 19:08
Mae & Dave's was one of the few places that I ever came across that had
Ballentine Ale on draft. It was a great brew, but now it's gone.
L.G 29-Sep-2007 06:27
Janice (Brown) Schoech 31-Aug-2007 19:01
Lived around the corner on 14th St. and ate many a take-out pizza from Mae & Daves, but it was always the best place to make your last stop while trick-or-treating on Halloween! Always got lots of loose change!
jsledge03-Aug-2007 19:08
I remember Hubberd's Hamburgers in downtown Hialeah. The best, greasiest , old style
hamburgers that I ever tasted!
Guest 03-Aug-2007 00:03
I remember going there as an 8 yr. old in the early 50's with my friend Sharyn Lucas and her dad, The grown ups would buy us peanuts and cokes. We talked to everyone back then, life was good and safe. Thanks for the great memories. Martha Porst 222 w 37 th st. From 1950 to 1970