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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1940 to 1949 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1940's - Goodrich Tire Store on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami (see comments)
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1940s - Goodrich Tire Store on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami  (see comments)
1940s Courtesy of Martha Pierson

1940's - Goodrich Tire Store on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami (see comments)

648 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida

Thanks to Barry Diamond for identifying the location and the support of at least two others as to where it was. Thanks to Bill for providing the exact address from 1938.

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Joe Papierz Jr. 27-Jul-2014 02:32
I think Kinseeker has the right location for this photo.
Bill 01-Aug-2011 02:38
According to the 1938 phone directory, it was at 648 Biscayne Boulevard, at 7th Street, and was similar in style to several buildings across the street.
John T. 23-Apr-2011 19:45
I also believe Barry is right about the location.
Dahlan Netsch 05-Mar-2011 02:27
I think Barry Diamond is right about the big Firestone facility (the one with the gigantic roof over a smaller building) being on Flagler Street, but on the EAST side of 12th Ave, and Tyler's restaurant was across the street on the north. But you know what they say, "two things happen when you get older, you loose your memory..." and I can't remember the second.
kinseeker26-Apr-2010 17:53
I believe Barry is correct. This Goodrich was just north of the News Tower on Biscayne Blvd. I believe it was finally torn down to make way for the expansion of the Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Restaurant between 8th and 9th streets and Bisc. Blvd.
Guest 16-Mar-2010 04:20
Hi Don, I am correcting my comment from July 7, 2007. After re-thinking and asking relatives as well as old friends, I have to agree with Barry Diamnd (7/9/09) and others. It was a Firestone that was at Flagler and Twelvth not a Goodrich. Sorry to say, (although I should) I do not remember this Goodrich store. Been away from Miami far too many years!
So glad you created this site, Don. Thanks to all who have contributed their commets.

David Fleisher MHS '61
Whitmore 21-Dec-2009 00:27
The gas station on the southwest corner of Flagler and 12th ave is Art DeCo.This building in the picture looks like an Arab Revival type of architecture.This type of buildings could be found in Opa Locka.I would try looking for it there.
Barry Diamond 09-Jul-2009 01:24
P.S. In later years, I believe it became a Texaco Station.
Barry Diamond 09-Jul-2009 01:23
I'm sorry everyone, but Firestone was on the West side of 12 Ave. between Flagler and SW 1st Street, a much larger and more elaborate facility. The Goodrich store in the photo, I believe, was one the West side of Biscayne Blvd. across the railroad tracks that ran North of the Freedom Tower. Recall that the Freedom Tower was the Miami News Building until around 1958. The railroad spur was so that the newsprint rolls could be delivered by barge from the port slip across on the bay side of Biscayne Blvd. or by rail on FEC.
bud hamilton 24-Feb-2009 00:33
i dont remember the goodrich place but i do remember the firestone store. the open area was larger. as i remember it was on the southwest corner of 12th ave and either ist st or flagler. my uncle used to work there. seems like i remember trolley tracks which would probably make it 1st street because i think the trolley transferred from flagler to 1st at `12th ave. as i remember.
49er stingeree
Belkis 30-Aug-2008 17:12
To whom ever, wrote that this is the Bldg on Flager and 12 Ave. Its not. It looks like it somewhat, but its not. Back in the 70's I use to walk right in front the the building that was and is still on Flager and 12 Ave. Which is was Firestone bldg. I believe it still is. I remember the bldg facing E. on the Right it had a Clinic (CAC) and on the left which was 1st Street, was a strip mall. and in front was a furniture store call Furniture Warehouse. I don't believe its a furniture store anymore. But by the look of this building structure, looks like a building that would be in the Coral Gables Area.
Guest 26-Dec-2007 00:53
TO: Don Boyd and Roberta Whitacre

what a coincidence...on the very day that I write this comment (12/25/07...yes Christmas) I made a pitstop on the way home from work this afternoon and stopped off at my local church. and would you know it, you two have been tossing it around during your recent posts...It's called, as Don as stated, Church of the Little's beautiful inside...Roberta...i think you mentioned your sister, she probably attended the little school that is located on the block next to this church. By the way, if you guys reading this need a point of reference...this church is located on a street that curves... if you follow the curve about one mile west you'll end up right in front of the historic Biltmore Hotel which had it's debut in 1926 thanks to land developed George E. Merrick.
Juan R. Pollo 13-Oct-2007 23:14
Something is not right. The streets in this area slope down from west to east, so this picture is facing south. 12th avenue has to be on the left side, with the ladies walking towards it, which also means that this is the north side of the building on SW 1st Street. The question then is, is this closer to he northeast or northwest corner? If NE, then it's the Firestone store. Remember also that there is a sharp angle corner where Flagler terrace joins SW 1st street, and there is a station there, too. Maybe this is it? I'll just go by there and take a picture.
Don Boyd24-Sep-2007 20:30
Hi Roberta, thank you for your comments. I'll send you an e-mail about your old photos. According to the archdiocese website, St. Theresa (Little Flower) still exists at: 2701 Indian Mound Trail, Coral Gables, FL Coral Gables, FL 33134 Telephone (305) 446-1738 Their e-mail address is: and their website address is

Roberta Whitacre 24-Sep-2007 14:35
Does anyone know where St. Theresa Elementary Catholic School was. that is where my oldest sister Laura Courtot started. She was born in 1938 so I guess it would have been about 1944. If interested I would share the old photos I have. I do know my grandmother bought quite some property I guess during one of the land rushes and she built her home and also one for my parents. I don't know if that was in Coral Gables or not.
Roberta Whitacre
Cinti. Ohio
Roberta Whitacre 24-Sep-2007 14:28
I have a lot of photos of this area of Florida. My grandmother lived there and also my parents until a large hurricane scared my dad and he said, "back to cincinnati" My brother was born in Miami 1946; I was born in Cinti. 1950. My grandmother had to come live with us due to cancer in late 1940's. My oldest sister talks about Flagler St. and also Coral Way so I am not sure where they lived but I do know my grandmother lived in Florida from the late 20's. Her name was Laura Rose
Roberta in Cincinnati
Lots of photos of people on the beaches having fun.
Dave 06-Jul-2007 12:07
Boy, do I remember this shop. My grandfather would take his big ol battleship grey Lincoln for oil change and lubes here. Look at that 4th of July fro $9.95!
David Fleisher 27-Jun-2007 17:24
Southwest corner of Flagler and Twelvth ave. I lived nearby and went to Riverside Elementry (a few blocks away) for first grade in 1950. Graduated from Miami High in 1961. I AM A STINGAREE!
Great site, Don. Best of luck to all!