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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1940 to 1949 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1947 - Roddey Burdine Stadium, renamed the Orange Bowl in 1950
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1947 - Roddey Burdine Stadium, renamed the Orange Bowl in 1950
1947 Florida State Archives

1947 - Roddey Burdine Stadium, renamed the Orange Bowl in 1950

Miami, Florida

(From a Dr. Paul George article published on February 3, 2008 in the Miami Herald):

Roddey Burdine (of Burdine's Department Stores) died in February 1936 at the age of 48. He was one of Miami's most popular citizens and his early death shocked the community. In 1938 the new stadium, built by the federal Public Works Administration, was dedicated to the memory of Roddey Burdine in a stirring ceremony preceding a football game between the University of Miami and the University of Georgia. Roddey Burdine Stadium, as it was known until the Miami City Commission renamed it the Orange Bowl in 1950, would touch more people in a greater variety of ways than any other structure in Miami and South Florida.

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Guest 18-Nov-2016 02:15
The Shriner's building has been demolished in place there will be 3 high rises.
Guest 18-Nov-2016 02:13
On comment earlier the Stevens boat yard is still there. The one on North River Dr has been demilished (6 months ago) but they are going to rebuild.
Michael Mccrary 18-Nov-2016 02:09
The site of Orange Bowl is now Marlins ball park. I live on NW N River Dr and 19 Ave
Guest 13-Jan-2012 12:20
I remember once in the 1960's, probably '68 or '69, going to the Orange Bowl ticket office there at the stadium to buy tickets to a Dolphins game. I guess they had just finished practicing, 'cause right after we paid for the tickets and turned to leave, Bob Griese walked by. I was a young kid and he was a BIG childhood idol at the time, and when I saw him I practically jumped out of my shoes (probably P.F. Flyers!) I got his autograph, and cherished it for many many years. I agree it's terrible that the City of Miami allowed the Orange Bowl to be torn down. My grandparents lived about 3/4 of a mile away from the stadium in the Roads area, right next to St. Peter & Paul Catholic School, and on Sundays we'd go to their house for dinner. I'd play outside in the yard, and I could always tell when the Dolphins scored a touchdown because you could easily hear all the fans cheering in the stadium. I'll never forget all that cheering I heard at the Orange Bowl stadium almost 50 years ago.
George Almeyda 07-Oct-2008 16:54
I heard a couple of years ago that Babe Ruth and Lou Gherig played ball in that baseball field. It was a small stadium I believe, actually bleachers. This must have been before the OB was built. I think Ruth was retired in 1937 and Gherig died a few years later.
Lee Martines19-Jun-2008 01:36
I believe those of us that grew up in Miami during the forties and fifties enjoyed the best times of Miami. It's sad what has become of parts of the city in current years. We will always have our memories of all the high school home football games being played in the Orange Bowl, and especially the Thanksgiving game every year with Miami High.
Bob Self 02-Mar-2008 21:10
It is sad the O.B. is being torn down Pres. of U.of M. made that decision. Now the students have to travel over 25 miles to a game. A lot of history is now gone. However, the whole Miami History is going to be gone in a few more years with the changing makeup of Miami. I grew up in Miami and lived there for 64 years and have no desire to ever go back. Thanks to all who sent these photos. At least we have our memories. I also was on the O.B. Staging Committe for 12 years and we have some great half time show. Today it is just a lot of rock and roll with kids jumping up and down.... MHS '51.
Ray14-Nov-2007 02:39
I used Google Earth to come up with a current day image to try to match this one. I was able to verify the orientation using the outlines of some of the buildings in the area. A line pointing North would be about 11:00. You can see NW 17th Ave really grew up once it was connected to the 836.

Just to document it here... The University played their last football game at the OB on Nov. 10th, 2007. The City of Miami has announced they plan to tear it down in Jan. 2008.

Yet another Miami landmark becomes rubble.

Major causes:
Lack of attention to maintenance on older buildings
No sense of history in Miami
The 'I'm only here for a while' feeling leads to no investment in our city
Developers being able to convince politicians that their really great money making idea is more important than any sense of history.

Let's see... Holsum Bakery or Bakery Center... which lasted longer? What ever replaces the Orange Bowl won't last a fraction of the time the OB lasted.

About the baseball diamond... From the look of it, a big part of the outfield had to be removed when the upper deck was built. Many years later, on the south side, a two floor press box was added under the upper deck. For those of us that broadcasted from the OB, the best press box was the original one than hung below the upper deck. Much better view of the field. Also a good view of the crowd through the many rust holes in the floor.

Another memory of the OB... when something dripped on you, it was usually better to just move. Never look up to see what it came from... you were better off not knowing.

For reasons I'm sure we'll never know, the City of Miami just replaced all the lights in the stadium. "The lights are on but no one is home".

Louis 15-Oct-2007 04:54
The Miami Sun Sox played there until 1949 I believe. This is when the Miami Baseball Stadium on NW 23rd Street was built. At that time, the team moved to the stadium and I think they got rid of the baseball diamond at the Orange Bowl, to make room for parking. That Orange Bowl has gone through several changes. I am surprised it is still there.

Anyone familiar with the NW 7th Avenue area. We are looking for some pictures of the old Strand Theatre, the skating rink, and the 5 & 10 that was across the street. According to the City of Miami property records, it shows the Strand to have been build in 1926. Those of you familiar with the area, was this always a theatre or did it start it's life as something else. I grew up in this area many years ago, but never took pics. I have an album of pictures my Dad and uncles took back in the 60s, but nothing of the old neighborhood.
Don Boyd31-May-2007 02:52
Thanks Bill, I appreciate it. I spoke with Fred on the phone and he confirmed it now being correct also. Sorry for the wrong positioning in the first place. Don
William C. "Bill" Murphy 30-May-2007 22:13
The photograph is in the correct position. The baseball field is at the southwest portion of the Orange Bowl. I sold programs at the baseball field . The minor league team that played there was the Miami Sun Sox. The top of the photo is looking north.
Bill Murphy
Don Boyd30-May-2007 16:14
Thanks Fred. I flipped the image horizontally as seen below. Is it correct now? Don
Fred Darwick 30-May-2007 14:36
Don, I believe this photo is incorrectly oriented. The Miami Field Baseball Stadium was on the
southwest corner of the Orange Bowl property. If the photo/negative is flipped over it will then
be correct.
Miami Field was the home playing and practice field for Miami Senior High's baseball team.
Fred Darwick, MHS '52
Guest 23-May-2007 19:24
As members of the Miami Edison Cadettes, we used to perform during each Edison High School football game half-times and in the Orange Bowl games. No one was parking on the neighbors front lawns at $25 a shot!