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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories: St. Mary's Parochial, Immaculate Conception School, Palm Springs Junior and Hialeah High Photo Galleries >> IMMACULATE CONCEPTION SCHOOL, Hialeah, FL, Photo Galleries - click on image to enter >> 1957-1958 Immaculate Conception School Yearbook Gallery - click on image to enter > 1958 - Immaculate Conception School Memories book Page 4
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1958 - Immaculate Conception School Memories book Page 4
1958 Scanned/touched up by Don Boyd

1958 - Immaculate Conception School Memories book Page 4

125 W. 45th Street, Hialeah, Florida

1st row: Sandy Gustafson (5th from left)
2nd row: Richard Dubois (3rd from left), Glenn Crooks (5th from left) and Dickie Izzo (6th from left)
3rd row: Billy Eagan (2nd from left) and Mrs. Stahl, 2nd grade teacher (4th from left), Tommy Gilmore (5th from left), John Quirillo (7th from left) and Karen Schlaudecker (8th from left)
4th row: Walter Secada (2nd from left), Billy Greenwell (4th from left), Tina Boudreau (5th from left) and Jerry Stahl (8th from left)
5th row: Michael Di Giacomo (1st from left), Danny Woskowitz? (7th from left) and Eddie Metalo (9th from left)
6th row: Gregory Thornburg (2nd from left) and Ben Burkett (6th from left)
7th row: Mike Gillette (1st from left), Judy Malone (2nd from left) and Carter Gibson (7th from left)
8th row: John Carroll (2nd from left), Mary Menge (5th from left) and Drew Terpak (6th from left)
9th row: Jerry Jennings (1st from left) and Buddy Ayres (8th from left)
10th row: Charles Jones (1st from left), Donna Silvestri (4th from left), George Fernandez (5th from left) and Leo Bly (7th from left)
11th row: Nancy Roberts (3rd from left), Dennis Burkett (8th from left), and Theresa Kelly (9th from left)

Thanks Guest, Sara, Carol and Mapper!

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Don Boyd21-Feb-2016 07:58
Thanks Mike - Glenn is added.

Mike 20-Feb-2016 18:33
2nd row (5th from left) Glenn Crooks
Don Boyd05-Nov-2009 13:55
"Mapper" is George Sanchez and I thank him for all the names and positions that he has identified for us. Great work, George!

Don Boyd05-Nov-2009 13:23
Great work, Mapper! Thanks very much. It's hard to believe we're doing this 51 years later.

mapper_gns05-Nov-2009 11:48
This is a correction to an entry on my preceeding comment :

Nancy Roberts row 11, 3rd from left
mapper_gns05-Nov-2009 00:51
Tommy Gilmore row 3, 5th from left
John Quirillo row 3, 7th from left
Karen Schlaudecker row 3, 8th from left
Walter Secada row 4, 2nd from left
Jerry Stahl row 4, 8th from left
Michael Di Giacomo row 5, 1st from left
Eddie Metalo row 5, 9th from left
Gregory Thornburg row 6, 2nd from left
Mike Gillette row 7, 1st from left
Carter Gibson row 7, 7th from left
John Carroll row 8, 2nd from left
Drew Terpak row 8, 6th from left
Jerry Jennings row 9, 1st from left
Buddy Ayres row 9, 8th from left
Charles Jones row 10, 1st from left
Leo Bly row 10, 7th from left
Susan Roberts row 11, 3rd from left
Dennis Burkett row 11, 8th from left
Theresa Kelly row 11, 9th from left

Don Boyd17-Apr-2009 17:36
Thanks again, Mary!

Mary Burkett 17-Apr-2009 17:11
Ben Burkett (6th row/6th pic) - I'm his sister Mary. Now, I've found 3 of my brothers. Pat Essex and Barry Frosch and Mark McHugh should be somewhere in these pictures.
Don Boyd14-Feb-2009 02:42
Thank you, guest!

Guest 13-Feb-2009 17:42
row 10 #4 Donna Silvestri
Don Boyd31-Dec-2008 21:30
Thanks Guest!

Guest 30-Dec-2008 18:50
row 2 #3 Richard Dubois
row 2 #6 Dickie Izzo
row 3 #2 Billy Eagan
Don Boyd11-Aug-2008 13:50
Perhaps a different George Fernandez? Don
Guest 11-Aug-2008 12:53
That is not George Fernandez in the 10th Row. In 1958, He was still living in New York, he didn't start ICS till fall of 1961.
Guest 16-Mar-2008 15:20
2nd grade teacher Mrs. Stahl 3rd row
Don Boyd11-Mar-2008 15:18
Row 9 #2 from the left is a girl. That can't be John Carroll. Please advise.

Guest 11-Mar-2008 14:34
Row 9 #2 John Carroll
Carol Calabrese Buckmaster 07-Feb-2008 05:35
Wow! Brings back memories!
Row 5 #7 Danny (Woskowitz?)
Row 7 #2 Judy Malone
Row 8 # 5 Mary Menge
Row 10 #5 George Fernandez
Row 11 # 3 Nancy Roberts
Sara Greenwell 07-Feb-2008 02:15
Row 4, 4th from left Billy Greenwell
Guest 24-Jan-2008 03:44
row 1 #5 Sandy Gustafson
row 4 #5 Tina Boudreau