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1964 - the Catalina Shopping Center on Palm Avenue between W. 53rd Terrace and 55th Street in Hialeah
Early 1964 The Home News

1964 - the Catalina Shopping Center on Palm Avenue between W. 53rd Terrace and 55th Street in Hialeah

Hialeah, Florida view map

Thank you to Fred Swick for contributing the old Home News 20th Anniversary edition so I could scan this image. Please click on "original" below to view this image at the largest size.

From left to right we had the Rexall drug store, the Catalina Bar, something Home Beautiful, Eagle's 5 & 10, Snow's Jewelers, Food Fair, Nick's TV Repair, the Catalina Cleaners with Mary Strickland (later Smith) running it (photo in this gallery at ), Schnell's Hobby Store, Danny's Barber Shop, Dr. Khani's office, plus other unknown businesses.

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Don Boyd30-Apr-2015 03:19
Tony, sorry for the delay, I can't keep up with all the messages sometimes and yours fell through the cracks. I've changed the name of the barber shop from Henry's to Danny's. Thank you for your input!

Vince, that sounds about right for the time, $1.60 an hour was the federal minimum wage from 1968 to 1973.

Vince Hines 29-Apr-2015 18:32
My first tax paying job was at the Rexall lunch counter in '72. $ 1.60 hr. ?
Tony Mayor 25-Jun-2013 18:41
My father bought it from a guy named "Danny". Hence the Name Danny's Barber Shop. It's all I can remember at the time. My father was working for him and Danny decided to sell it to him. It had to be 1963. We moved into the house on W 55th st. in '64.
Don Boyd24-Jun-2013 03:27
Thank you for posting those tidbits of information, Tony, which I've added to the description under the photo so that the Google search engine will find them. Regarding your dad's barber shop, I got haircuts on the north end of this shopping center from 1957 to the early 1960's when more barber shops opened in the western parts of Palm Springs west of Red Road. Do you remember what the barber shop was called in those years prior to your dad running the shop or who the owner was?

Guest from 24-APR, thank you for posting about Dr. Khani and his treatment methods. The gas station in front of the center next to Palm Avenue was a Direct Oil station that my dad patronized most of the time. The station had dishes, saucers, cups, silverware, glasses, etc. displayed on racks that you could redeem coupons for after getting the coupons for gas purchases over a period of time. There are photos of other Direct Oil gas stations on my site but not of the particular one at this shopping center.

Tony Mayor 23-Jun-2013 17:42
The Barber Shop You speak of was Henry's Barber Shop (1963-1974). Haircuts were I believe .75-1.25 I believe. He always gave out those big fat bubble gums after a buzzcut. To the left of it was Nicks TV Repair shop. And of course the long open corridor in between the Barber Shop and Dr. Khani's office where us Kids used to play and get yelled at for all the noise we wouid make by Khani and the Barber. I should know..the Barber was was my dad. :) We lived on 55th, went to kindergarten across the street at the Methodist church. Great days.
Guest 24-Apr-2013 05:01
Dr. Khani was my doctor for many years. He wasn't a dentist, though. He was a DO, Osteopath. I remember hating to go there because no matter what was wrong with me, I got a shot. I could have gone there for a stubbed toe and I'd end up with a shot in my tush.
Looking at the photo, the north side of the Food Fair, to the right, was a toy store, where I bought my own deck of miniature playing cards...all by myself. I still have them; can you believe it?
There was also a gas station, facing Palm Avenue, where my mom used to shop. Palm Springs Shopping Center didn't have the Grand Union yet. As first-time buyers or some other promotional, mom was given an amber glass piggy bank. I still have it too. It's probably a collectable by now.
Bruce Hirsh 21-Sep-2012 00:23
I recall a coin operated pony ride outside the barber shop in the late 50's/early 60's.
RPL 13-Aug-2011 15:23
Gilliamo's, had great Pizza, thin and crispy. My Brother , and I used to get Pizza there all the time, in the 60's . They were on the north end of the shopping center, facing west 55th street.
Don Boyd20-Jul-2011 05:00
Anybody from the HHS Class of 1965 has to be alright, at least in my book. I don't remember your name but our graduating class was so huge.

Paul Mazotas 19-Jul-2011 15:38
This was the closest shopping center to us in the mid 60's. I remember getting my buzz haircut at the barber shop and if I remember the Dentist's name was Dr. Khani. We lived at 230 E. 57 St. We survived Hurricanes Cleo and Betsy in 64 and 65. Went to Hialeah High and graduated in 65. A lot of great memories. =)~
Kelvin Booth 22-Jun-2011 15:23
Back in the1960's I work at the r/x drugs! WOW!! The fare right after food fair was hair cut,hardware store,and the very end was gem. Thankyou for the memeries
Guest 08-Mar-2011 04:30
The north end of the shopping center had a gym for men at one time. also, there was a doctor and a dentist's office. I spent many hours in the Rexall drugs, perusing the comic books. I remember there was a wooden pay phone booth in the back of the Rexall drugs and a luncheonette counter. Brings back lots of memories!
Smiths 03-Feb-2011 20:50
My mother used to race slot cars in this shopping center. My dad would rewire them and put new bodies on them. My mother would win a lot of races there.
Claudio Duckardt 25-Jan-2011 16:00
Gilliamos pizzeria was in that shopping center, on the north side. I got my first job there in 1979 when I was a young teenager. What happy memories! I made nice money for a high schooler plus took a free pizza home to my family every night I worked. The grocery store was a National Supermarket by then. The pizzeria owners, John and Starr Johnston, sent me to the grocery store several times a night to by sodas, lettuce, tomatos, etc. I had a crush on almost all of the cashiers! That was a great neighborhood. By the way, the pizza was the best. How I wish I could re-live those days!
Debbie Janelle 18-Nov-2009 01:48
This brings back memories for me too. I used to walk there with my grandmother to grocer y shop and I remember getting my hair cut there somehwere to the right of the Food Fair. Thanks for the memories...Debbie Janelle
Don Boyd15-Jul-2009 22:45
Don, you are correct and I'm glad you pointed that out. I think 55th Street is at the north end of the shopping center.

Don Smith 15-Jul-2009 19:30
Actually that corner is 53rd Terrace and Palm, I think. I lived on 54th street near Red Road and road my bike to this center almost daily and walked past it to school at Hialeah High (and Junior High at that time). We loved that Drug Store in the summer because it was one of the few places that had air conditioning. Gilliamos Pizza was at the other end of the plaza on the side street. Always a treat.
Vanessa Bechter 14-Jun-2009 00:22
This photo brought back a lot of memories! I remember going shopping with my mother at the Food Fair. The owners of Snow's Jewelers lived across the street from us.
Ken Griese 07-Jan-2009 23:00
I remember Schell's Hobby shop on the north end of the center. I spent hours looking at model airplanes and cars there in the late fifties and early 60's. Our family shopped at the Food Fair for years. We lived at 40 E. 57th street which was just about two blocks from the shopping center. I laso used to go to the barber shop in the center.
Fran 06-Jan-2009 08:41
When I worked for the North Hialeah First State Bank I ate lunch at the drug store with several of my fellow workers. Great egg salad sandwiches.