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1920s - the Santa Clara School in Miami
1920's Courtesy of Linda High Thompson

1920's - the Santa Clara School in Miami

Miami, Florida

Thank you to Linda High Thompson for contributing this great old image. Linda's mom Lutrelle Conger High went to this school in the 20's and it went up to 8th grade. The school in this image appears to be in final stages of construction before grass was planted around it.

The current Santa Clara Elementary is located at 1051 NW 29th Terrace, Miami, FL 33127

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Michele Nelson 14-Sep-2011 20:13
I've been looking for pictures of the old Santa Clara, nice to find this one. I went there from 1958-1964 and loved it. Still remember all my teachers, Mrs. Evans, Williams, Rock, Buchanan, McKenzie and Sirgany.
Louis 05-Jun-2011 21:47

Comstock Elementary is still open, it is located NW 18th Avenue and roughly 23rd or 24th Street. It is now behind the Allpatah YMCA, which used to be located on NW 28th Street and 18th Avenue. The YMCA was moved back in 1971, 72, or 73, can't remember the exact date.
dino sclafani 28-Oct-2010 01:40
Has any one ever heard of comstock elementry school ?,i went to in back in the early 50s when i came here brom Brooklyn N.Y. i was the only Italian Hillbilly in the school at that time ,i believe it was near the old miami gardens flower fields, around nw 12/14 ave and 25/26 street?
radio lady 13-Feb-2010 09:40
I believe this may have been a "standard" design for new elementary schools during the late 20's. I attended Kinlock Elementary, at NW. 1st St. and 43rd Ave., just west of LeJeune at Flagler. It looked exactly like this. Exactly. It had some later additions when I went there in the 50s. -- a cafeteria wing in the back.
Carlos C 29-Sep-2009 19:44
Santa Clara Elementary was the first school that I attended a few days after I arrived from Cuba back in October 1961. I started the 3rd grade in an English speaking class and was there for a few days until they formed a bilingual class (composed of others like me) so that we could learn English and the 3rd grade curriculum simultaneously. My first teacher's name was Mrs. Teasdale, then the bilingual teacher's name was a Cuban lady named Mrs. Vasseur. I was there until early in the 6th grade.

I loved this school and it is my favorite one of all. The 1920's photo shows that the cafeteria had not yet been added on the west side of the building. Also, the two wings that traversed north-south on the east and west sides of the building are not there. These wings enclosed a courtyard on the north side where the flagpole was, with the teacher parking a bit further to the north. The concrete base of the flagpole was used to clean the chalkboard erasers. I remember the steel steps at each end of the wings.

Thanks for displaying the photo.
MilySky05-Sep-2009 14:05
wow. this looks so old. i hardly even remember it! i just remember there were portables. lol i started going to this school on the last year of operation. so im going to say 1995. i started pre k in 1994 then for kindergarten i was moved to comstock elementary. then when the new santa clara was built they moved me back to santa clara. i feel so special like a part of miami history. i got to go to the old santa clara and end in the new santa clara. :)
Nicole 13-May-2009 01:46
Thank you Don............I meant to say the wings WERE there when I went and a cafeteria was also added on long before I went there. I was there from first through sixth grade. I went to see the school before it was destroyed. I peaked in and it looked just like when I went there. Both older sisters, and many cousins went there too. We all loved this school and all of us have fond memories of the school. What a shame they destroyed the building.
Don Boyd05-May-2009 05:17
Nicole, thank you very much for setting the record straight regarding the Santa Clara school.

Guest 05-May-2009 02:53
Ernie....This is a picture of Santa Clara and Robert E. Lee was knocked down. The old Santa Clara was also knocked down and then a new one built at the same location on N. W. 29th Terrace. This was the Santa Clara I went to but the wings had not been added on by the time I went there. I remember a plaque that said S.C. was erected in 1926. I went to R. E. Lee for about a week and then transferred to Miami Edison Jr. High.
Ernie Cabrera 17-Dec-2008 21:23
I went to this school when I first arrived from Cuba in 1974... It was named Robert E. Lee. I completed 9th grade here, before I attended Miami Jackson Sr. in 1975.
The new Santa Clara was built about 12 years ago at a different location.
I wonder if anyone knows the last year this school was in operation.
Don Boyd05-Nov-2008 05:39
Thank you for writing and for your treasured memory of this fine looking school. Thanks again to Linda High Thompson for providing this great image for us to view and think about.

Guest 05-Nov-2008 03:50
How I loved this school. Santa Clara brings so many happy memories. " Santa Clara , Santa Clara how we love to sing of you...... " A song taught to us by our music teacher Mrs. Ryan. I have searched and searched for old pictures of this wonderful school. Thank you.