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The High Value of GPS Fleet Tracking

An article by Peter Geisheker

GPS tracking systems have been used in vehicles for many years. They were originally used in automobiles as a deterrent to theft, and for many years, GPS tracking systems in vehicles have assisted in finding lost or vehicles. In many instances, a GPS system was the last hope of finding a vehicle.

In recent years, many companies that have a fleet of vehicles have recognized the importance of these incredible GPS systems and have had them installed in their fleet vehicles, not only as a safety precaution, but also as a way to improve efficiency and driver performance.

Companies need to know exactly where their vehicles are in order to set up and maintain a productive delivery schedule. Too much time is wasted finding a delivery address, or locating a driver who has turned off their radio or phone.

A GPS tracking system will allow employers to find where any vehicle is at any given time, wherever it is. Shipping companies find this to be a particularly important feature because they not only can they create a better delivery schedule, they can also schedule more deliveries in any given day. It is incredible how technology has progressed. You can find the location of any truck by simply clicking the mouse of your computer.

A GPS tracking system also helps in reducing operating costs and keep you deliveries flowing evenly. When you know where your vehicles are and when they are scheduled back, you can create a shipping schedule that is guaranteed to be productive and efficient.

GPS systems have always been an incredibly effective way of locating vehicles, especially if it had broken down in a dangerous or remote area. However, today, GPS tracking in fleet vehicles have become an important tool in creating and maintaining a productive and efficient shipping department.

Not only can a GPS tracking system promote safety by monitoring the driving speed of the vehicle, it can also locate a vehicle if it has broken down even if the engine is off. Many drivers who have broken down in the middle of nowhere have found these incredible devices to be lifesavers. GPS tracking systems minimize the down time of your fleet vehicles and allow you to maintain a more structured work environment.

GPS tracking systems were originally developed to locate lost or stolen vehicles. When you use them on your fleet vehicles, you will always know where each vehicle is. If the unthinkable happens, and a vehicle is missing, you can locate within seconds, sending emergency vehicles to the location. In times like these, seconds can be critical.

GPS tracking systems in fleet vehicles can assist in routing difficulties, which in turn can save literally of dollars in wasted fuel per year by providing an alternate routes.

These incredible systems can also assist in fewer repairs and can even be used to reduce you insurance costs.

When you are in the delivery business, you know that delivering the shipment on time is critical. When you install a GPS tracking system in your fleet vehicles, you are basically assuring your customers that their shipment will arrive on time. If there is a detour or delay, you will be able to contact your customer and advise them of it ahead of time, thereby providing excellent customer service.

However, GPS tracking does not only provides great customer service, it will also assist in building your reputation as a dependable carrier and your customers are more likely to refer you to their associates.

There are no disadvantages to using a GPS tracking system for your fleet vehicles; it is simply one strategy that you cannot pass up.

Peter Geisheker is a marketing expert that provides marketing solutions for CyntrX, the leading GPS fleet tracking solutions provider.

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