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Google translation of Canon China's 400D Announcement

Thanks to David Martin who pointed out this thread in Fred Miranda.

According to David, the Canon 400D has a 30D-class AF system, and like the Sony A100, is able to sense when the viewfinder is brought to your eye.

The text from the thread in Fred Miranda is reproduced below:

Challenges for the new standards-based digital Chan Fan-Canon EOS 400D and issued digital cameras Danfan; EF lens products i2006-08-22j

August 24, 2006, Canon (China) Ltd. in Beijing issued a 35-mm single lens reflective camera digital new products EOS 400D . This new product with a number of the latest technologies from Canon, with outstanding picture quality, mature design and perfect functions for induction-level digital cameras Shanfan established higher standards. EOS 400D 10.1 million effective pixels using new CMOS image sensor with integrated dust removal system is the most advanced and equipped with 2.5-inch wide-area automatic offer LCD,9 point autofocus system, rich photographs style Airframe delicate portable.

"This is the long-awaited market products to be 10 million pixels and improve the removal system level marked EOS 400D Entry level digital cameras Danfan will lead into a new era. "Canon (China) Co., Ltd. Department senior general manager of consumer products images information Jigangda sang said," Canon is a long history of camera manufacturers, but also digital video industry leaders, sets in the areas top technology advantages, EOS 400D Performance closer to the professional level digital cameras Shanfan also have higher Xingjiebi. "

The boundary pixels CMOS image sensor and high-performance digital video processor.

Image sensor and digital image processor two core technologies, determine digital cameras in picture quality Danfan the performance. Canon independent development and manufacture of CMOS image sensors with Xinzaobi high, wide dynamic range, low transmission speed and consumption advantages EOS 400D Use APS-C size (22.2 x 14.8 mm) CMOS image sensor, lens focal length conversion factor is 1.6 times, which reached 10.1 million effective pixels, maximum resolution photographs to 3888 x 2592 pixels, ISO sensibility scope of the installation by 100 to 1,600. ensure that the lighting in various conditions can be used EOS 400D The picture quality was excellent.

Canon independent development of the second generation of high-performance digital image processor DIGIC II, the unique structure and processing algorithms for high picture quality and high-speed image processing at the same time achieve its high-resolution CMOS image sensors with the combination of photographs with rich details and a realistic sense of the true colors restored.

The complete removal of functional

Dan Fan for digital camera lens can be an important advantage for shooting different subjects photographs facilitated. However, the replacement lens in the process, outside dust very easily into Airframe house, once dust in the image sensor, attached to the photographs, may be visible, resulting in lower picture quality. EOS 400D Canon introduced the EOS develop new integrated dust removal system, which is a curb dust including the generation, accumulation and removal of a comprehensive and effective measures for sensor dust, EOS 400D Danfan also become digital cameras, Canon EOS 1, with the dust functional models. EOS 400D Airframe internal (such as the shutter unit and serial Gai, etc.) used to contain dust crumbs from agencies and materials, and conducted Kangjingdian processing, which can greatly reduce dust particles all the time and the adsorption process. For the removal of dust, EOS integrated dust removal system following three measures : Since cleaning sensors modules (Self Cleaning Sensor Unit), removal functions (Dust Delete function) and manual cleaning sensors.

First, since the cleaning sensors modules

EOS 400D There are three levels of CMOS optical sensors former low-tide, low-tide sensors and sealed together, dust only chemical components in the sensor most of the first outer layer optical low-tide, without entering internal components. In the first top-tier low-camera installed piezoelectric elements, piezoelectric components produced by ultrasound vibration to the first tier in the low-tide accelerated vibration, thereby causing chemical in his dust, the dust will adhere ended in the first tier of 25-40 low-bottom filter material. In EOS 400D The acquiescence of, cameras, sensors switch on the machine and communications modules can be activated automatically since cleaning; Switch on the machine may also be required under state through the establishment of manual activation of the menu functions. Clean sensors modules since about 1 seconds each time, it can effectively remove most of the dust through. Canon EOS cameras filmed priority is always the design ideas, since the sensors clean modules work, half will be interrupted by the camera shutter button and immediately return to shooting clean state to ensure that photographers not to miss the decisive moment.

Second, dust removal function

For some special minor or special Nien stubborn dust, sensors modules may be difficult to effectively clean since removed. To deal with this situation, EOS 400D The removal functions will be very effective, through this function, one can check out the material in the low-level image size and location of the dust removal data, and their subsequent removal of data added to the image data, pictures, then Digital Photo Professional 2.2 software through random to the removal of image data effectively reduce dust impact or dust effects reduced to less than aware of the extent.

Third, the manual removal

Through the camera menu "clean sensors" functional and lock up reflective panels, opened the shutter curtains, gas blowing softly blew onto the dust in the sensor components.

The comprehensive professional functions and further enhance performance.
EOS 400D Introduced with the same high-precision 9:00 EOS 30D automatically wide area autofocus system, compared with the previous generation of products, automatic light autofocus function in a weaker environment. 35 meter zone evaluation system provides evaluation meter, and the central focus of local orbital average orbital three ways. Use the 2.5-inch 230,000 pixels offer LCD, a menu and browse photographs more clearly, convenient, the screen brightness can be adjusted in the context of 7 level, the highest brightness than the EOS 30D and EOS 5D raise about 40%. LCD above the closing show additional sensors, sensors to detect eye to people close to the optical span devices to film, with the closure of an LCD showing avoid bright LCD cause eye irritation. EOS 400 with "style photographs (Picture Style)" function. Choose different photos style, as the film features different options to meet different shooting intention, in addition to the pre-set standards, portrait, landscape, neutral, reliable and monochromatic set up six, three more since the definition photographs style. Each style can to Ruiduo, contrast, saturation, and other parameters for fine-tuning, unlimited meet photographic creativity. EOS 400D 11 Since the definition of functions, user-friendly habits on the basis of their own creation. Which prolonged exposure Jiangzao functions could be designed as "automatic" camera automatically detect exposure time to reach or exceed 1 seconds photographs, Jiangzao.

Speed performance digital cameras Danfan important indicators, EOS 400D The activation speed is 0.2 seconds, Lianpai rate reached 3 Zhang / s, a maximum of 27 shooting Zhang Zhang JPEG or 10 raw photos. Shutter speed range is 1/4000-30 seconds, the maximum flash synchronization speed of 1/200 seconds.

The good compatibility of the EOS system.
EOS 400D Overall balance of the 60 compatible Canon; EF lens series, including Canon specifically for use APS-C size CMOS image sensor digital camera designed Shanfan EF-S programs such huge lens group for shooting various topics users a comprehensive solution. EOS 400D Ex series Speedlite flash support, to ensure the E-TTL II environment can be optimized in various flash exposure. Battery boxes and handle BG-E3 facilitate vertical shoot to install 2 NB-2LH lithium batteries, can be installed 6 5th batteries.

The connectivity and software.
EOS 400D A USB 2.0 high-speed transmission interface, through the cameras embedded PTP transmission agreement, cameras and computers can directly connect photo transmission, or with the support of PictBridge cameras will be connected to the printer and print photos directly.

EOS 400D Random with the latest version of Canon digital cameras Shanfan solution EOS digital solution disk Ver. 13, including specifically for digital camera applications development Danfan the EOS 195,000 1.1 (Windows/Macintosh) strong professional image processing software Digital Photo Professional 2.2 (Windows/Macintosh) check images and editing software ZoomBrowser ex 5.7 (Windows) /ImageBrowser 5.7 (Macintosh), the raw image processing software raw Image Task 2.4 (Windows/Macintosh); PhotoStitch 3.1 software image combinations (Windows/Macintosh).

The family of two; EF lens star.
"L" is the first letter of the English words luxury in the EOS series Shanfan cameras use; EF series lens, red "L" as a symbol of the highest optical quality of Canon. And EOS 400D There are also issued two; EF lens new products, which are new members of the L lens, with a distinct personality and outstanding image quality.

The new lens; EF 70-200mm f/4L is USM.
Canon launched in 1999 Yuanshe photography; EF 70-200mm f/4L USM sets excellent optical quality and lightweight portable characteristics favored by many users. With the popularity of digital cameras Danfan, users will browse or photographs enlarged print, more convenient than ever, cameras and camera instability caused problems more easily blurred images shown. In such cases, an increase of is (Image Stabilizer) optical image stabilizer new products; EF 70-200mm f/4L is USM will help users shooting clearer picture.

; EF is USM 70-200mm f/4L optical lenses structure is 15 Group 20, which includes one of fluorite lenses and two pieces of ultra-dispersive (jump) lenses. It is 1.2 metres recently stabbed distance, using circular ultrasonic motor-driven automatic autofocus lens, quiet and speedy and has a full-time manual autofocus function. Canon is optical image stabilizer available to the largest number of four stalls shutter speed Fangdoudong results. Better results raise dust and waterproof sealed Ti performance. Scene optical components are used environmental unleaded glass materials.

The new lens; EF 50mm f/1.2L USM.
There will be a large-calibre professional focus has always been; EF lens series of the most watched products to their excellent image quality and strong performance of a large number of amateur photographers dream. Canon first use of high index of refraction glass manufacturing large-calibre high-precision non-spherical lenses have excellent resolution and contrast, the big winner of the second focus of imaging to become a USM; EF 50mm f/1.2L f/1.2L II USM EF85 mm section after another shooting portrait photographs weapon.

; EF 50mm USM f/1.2L optical lenses structure is six groups of eight, including one of the non-spherical lenses. Recently stabbed distance of 0.45 metres, eight films circular aperture can be very soft, the focus imaging. In conjunction with the use of digital cameras, Chan Fan, super spectral coating technology effectively curbed images and flicker phenomenon. Circular ultrasonic motor-driven automatic autofocus lens, and a full-time manual autofocus function. New sealed more effective dust and waterproof drip effect. Scene optical components are used environmental unleaded glass materials.

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