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PBase is dying. I am not talking about the 4 hours black out. I am talking about months of repeated failures - which do not bother be too much by themselves. I am talking about the number of visits that has - as a consequence of the poor performances I guess - has dropped significantly. My first crappy images were getting twice or three times more attention than my current images. Web statistics sites also show a significant erosion of PBase visitor numbers.
The site has gone through rough times in the past - for example the painful "Great Shot Vote" period, but maybe I am feeling worn out, maybe the community is worn out, but I don't feel like posting if it is not to get some views. Why would I be posting if not for VIEWS.
I am also thinking to the PBase employees, who have not been reacting as needed... or simply can't help. The minimum that they owed us was to explain. The never did. No or very little new features in 3 years either. I am sorry for them. They are going to need to adjust to a smaller renewal rate.



Canon EOS 20D
1/1000s f/10.0 at 28.0mm iso400 full exif

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ac09-Mar-2009 15:23
Belle idée pour une série, où tout le monde s'amuse en plus.

Complètement d'accord avec ta réaction et tes commentaires ci-dessus. Leur mépris pour leur clientèle est incompréhensible.
Eckhart Derschmidt23-Oct-2008 09:35
You know how to defy gravity!

As for the pbase-performance-issue, I fully agree. As my free time has been very scarce in recent months, it is all the more annoying if the site does not work for hours or days, or the upload of one photo takes several attempts. What keeps me from leaving is the community that I have become a part of in the past three years, and which I do not want to miss.
Started a flickr-account about a year ago, and with regards to usability it is no doubt much better than pbase. But it has only very restricted possibilities of customizing galleries, which makes good presentation difficult. I would not want to change to flickr as my main site.
Well, as the dissatisfaction of the pbase members is increasing, one can only hope that the site operators react befor everybody leaves in anger....
jando22-Oct-2008 23:52
and i thought it was only me. sometimes it feels like i am using a dial up modem when i try to view or download. where to go? flickr is to big and commercial. all the other sites are also to big and commercial. maybe we can spam slug and emily till they do something. it would be a shame to dissolve this large group of fine friends. i have to renew in 7 days and i will, but only for a few months at a time. hope all these comments get their attention.
Michael Shpuntov21-Oct-2008 18:35
I personally too tired even of screaming that it's dying. Forums are full of complains, people are leaving, but NO ONE from administration seems to care. The community, those people who were here in last several years are slowly disappearing. So much frustration. I agree, what is the reason to post something that no one will be able to see because it takes too much time to browse, comment and post. But I'm still here and have left 6 month on my subscription. It's not easy to move all my galleries, but it's more painful to loose all these relationship with people here created over the years. Too sad if I will have to go.
Jean-Luc Rollier21-Oct-2008 15:54
Belle réalisation! Je suis d'accord sur la gravité tes propos...
Bill Warren21-Oct-2008 13:38
In this case the comments draw more of my attention than this well deserving photo. I share the frustration and am not optimistic about the pBase future.
Roe..21-Oct-2008 12:20
JD, PBase slowness has taken the pleasure out of this site.. I don't want to sit on my butt waiting and waiting so I post and view when I have the time..It took 4 mins for my comment to load in your guestbook!..anyway..
I love this series..each image should be in print..your kids are the best!
Guest 21-Oct-2008 12:14
A delicate balancing act!

I agree with your feelings JD. I have gone through that cycle of frustration a few times, aching for a view, or a peep but having to sigh, and continue with no one else but myself in the mirror. An artist by nature is one who must communicate, and when that process fails, one's stomach lumps cold. PBase is the best place for kind friends, despite the ongoing glitches. My hits are probably very low compared to most people (averaging about 20 visits per photo), but it's the creative nature and the goodness of the folks online that warm my heart.
Stu Egan21-Oct-2008 09:03
A massive display of strength! Can we put these three strong characters in charge of holding up the PBase servers?

I agree with you JD - this site is in bad shape. After 3 years my subscription runs out next week and I'm still undecided as to whether to renew or not. If I do it'll be solely because I can't find an alternative website that I prefer. I'm in a similar boat to others in that I have tried other sites and just don't like them as much. I tried Flickr for a few months and although it seems to work 99% of the time (PBase take note) it still has its own, different problems. I joined for a year, and while the standard there is about as good as I've seen on the web the site itself is awful and makes PBase seem faster than Concorde. Zenfolio I find a bit dull and clinical to look at. Smugmug looks as though it was designed by a four year old child. So...where to go? I am going to set up my own private site soon, but want to keep a separate regularly-updated site site running in tandem. So probably PBase...

As for hits...I was getting two or three times as many hits for a photo back when I first joined in 2005 compared to today, and it frustrates me too because I consider the photos I post now to be better than that early standard....just feels like no-one is looking sometimes.

I also agree with Jenene though. I like to get as many hits as possible - it's the only way we know that people are actually looking sometimes - but I am guessing that you post your photographs because you are an artist that thinks (rightly) they are worth seeing, and feel the need to share that art with others. The feeling of getting 10, 100 or 1000 hits for a photo will never compare to the feeling you get when taking the photo itself. I know that in the great scheme of things PBase is very small, but little by little it makes the world a better place when people like you with creative talent show their work to others, however many people end up viewing it. So long as that number isn't "0"!

And: 'great shot vote'!
marie-jose wolff21-Oct-2008 08:42
quelle performance, de vrais acrobates et quelle créativité...V
shatterbug21-Oct-2008 07:19
Another in a series of creative shots! I agree with your words...hope things get better.. It does appear that maybe things have gotten too big to handle efficiently :^O I always look forward to your new works!
Francisco Figueras21-Oct-2008 07:00
even harder!
great shot!
JSWaters21-Oct-2008 05:38
You have a group of loyal viewers, JD, like me, who even if we don't comment, try to view every image you post. 'Why would you be posting if not for views?' You post because you're an artist and you want to share your vision with post quite alot that rise to the top and this is an easy forum to share that vision.
CIS21-Oct-2008 03:42
JD...your images are full of imagination, creativity and talent, don't doubt that. The views and replies have not diminished because of anything to do with that. It is a mess here....nothing is consistent, folks patience have run out. There is no communication to even try to help us (the paying members) understand why we experience a non stop flow of trouble for an extremely long time here. Problems have been the only consistent thing.
Barbara Heide21-Oct-2008 02:38
But what to do? I experience the same...but I haven't found another community as Laine mentioned...
you have other sites , where people do talk together and comment, but they don't have the features of organizing your own galleries and your own style sheet ... Mostly you can only see recent uploads and browsing is very complicated.
Pbase has become too big, I hope it will be saved!
Sue Robertson21-Oct-2008 01:52
This series is outstanding not just because of the result but due to the obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm of your performers.
Sheila21-Oct-2008 01:41
Fantastic Circus strongmen!
Their manager just gets more and more inventive!
laine8220-Oct-2008 21:09
I agree with your words...the enjoyment is replaced with frustration. I took a look at Zenfolio & Smugmug...both are good sites, but they lack this community. Now if only I could zap all my friends there. Your galleries deserve accolades.. this shot for instance is so outstanding.
I worry that one day we will find all has gone from here...what then !!
Scott Browne20-Oct-2008 20:22
Oh, this one is really fun!
J. Scott Coile20-Oct-2008 19:33
Well trained ;-) I really love this series. The controlled saturation adds such a nice touch to pull the pieces together along with that background (errrrrrrrrrr.... ground) !
Sofia Solomennikova20-Oct-2008 19:02
Great images! And these words are sad but true...