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Elbrus and the nearby highlands, 2007 / Эльбрус 2007

Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria republic, Mount Elbrus (5642 m), the highest peak of Europe, Mount Cheget
(06.04.2007 - 10.04.2007)  Please view in Original size
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monument to the Heroic Defenders of the Elbrus region in the II World War Terskol ravine t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77540721.uNlEE3t7.jpg Mount Shtavler, 3995 m UFO
Mount Elbrus, 5642 m Baksan river t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77542608.P1k3VnCR.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77549025.hR7DDlNF.jpg snowscape
t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77636830.X1PCmRME.jpg Elbrus Mount Cheget at a sunrise appearance of the Elbrus deity t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77335454.4e29TYSf.jpg
Baksan ravine view from Mount Cheget levee of the storage of tailings sleeping elbrus mammalians t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77461319.9oKAAOnu.jpg Mount Donguz-Orun and the 7 glacier
Chegem waterfall uphill Chegem waterfall t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77567805.85c70IxT.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77419201.ULN3hlKb.jpg
falling ice Elbrus, view from Mount Cheget classical Elbrus view t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77417746.oW9Rjmj3.jpg before downhill in the Terskol ravine
moon over Mount Donguz-Orun, 4454 m Terskol glacier t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77419034.6vEEaHqA.jpg 4300 m canyon of Baksan river
the horde icefall Terskol t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77376072.EyqKmbAe.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77376477.8TOYvuDr.jpg
Ice organ, Chegem waterfall starting the burro Kaisyn, mountain guide Caucasian scenery Sergey, mountain guide. Southern Cheget
Terskol ravine Fairy fishes over the glacier turquoise crystals of the glacier Elbrus, Terskol ravine Elbrus, Terskol ravine
Elbrus, Terskol ravine. View from the bottom Elbrus, abandoned ice research laboratory Elbrus, the piste of a dream Terskol welcome Elbrus!
the big icicle fell t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77328059.KOK7eF8J.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77328280.svNgkgtg.jpg going Up t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77329740.PSZRcZD4.jpg
Elbrus scenery t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77330870.QZYUQVF7.jpg Chegem waterfall t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77375511.Pt6LzEzH.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77377273.kPf5pL9M.jpg
t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77377830.enQKIFZF.jpg icy forest t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77421041.FfLxxhZu.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77459121.gdErRQmt.jpg t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77460525.e06IanjF.jpg
t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77461057.2dPk6jWZ.jpg hotel bochki, 3500 m t6%2f52%2f413652%2f4%2f77464662.Idl8vwoe.jpg