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Toil in the brick kilns of Pakistan

Throughout Pakistan, some of the country's poorest families toil away making bricks. The hours are long and the rate of pay is barely enough to survive. They work industriously in the extremes of freezing winters and the boiling summers.

Bonded labor is common-place at some brick kilns, which is illegal, but the law is poorly enforced. Most child laborers do not have the opportunity to attend school, and barring outside intervention, will likely remain completely illiterate for the rest of their lives, just like their parents.

Joining them are working horses, donkeys and mules. The animals very often suffer badly from severe injury and neglect, their owners hardly able to provide them with proper nutrition. Entire families are dependent on these animals, for without them the work is impossible. If you wish to help in some way, may I suggest that a good place in which to start is The Brooke. Their staff are working hard in places like Pakistan to improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules through treatment and owner education.

All but the last image are from a kiln located on the outskirts of Peshawar. The last is from a kiln near Lahore.

Brick kiln pit Daybreak in the kiln Stacking bricks Stacking bricks
Heavy load for two horses Donkey and horse Horses carrying heavy bricks Horses carrying heavy bricks
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2008022708142920iso500f8.0153mm800.jpg 2008022708142925iso500f8.073mm800.jpg 2008022708142926iso500f8.073mm800.jpg 2008022708152928iso500f8.073mm800.jpg
2008022708182945iso500f8.0200mm800.jpg 2008022708192950iso500f8.070mm800.jpg 2008022708202955iso500f8.070mm800.jpg 2008022708212967iso500f8.0200mm800.jpg
2008022708242990iso500f8.095mm800.jpg 2008022708273006iso500f5.070mm4000.jpg 2008022708283008iso500f8.095mm800.jpg 2008022708283011iso500f8.070mm1000.jpg
2008022708313022iso500f8.0200mm1000.jpg 2008022708333032iso500f7.1185mm2500.jpg Child laborer making bricks - Lahore