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Tony and Louise

The Wedding of Tony Bird and Louise Hicks took place on Friday 3rd Sept 2010,at St. Michael's Church Lichfield, with reception at the Riverside Branston.
A few unprocessed shots shrunk for the web.

The Wait
The Wait
SHRUNK  9578.jpg
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SHRUNK 9582.jpg
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SHRUNK 9615.jpg
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SHRUNK 9617.jpg
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SHRUNK 9625.jpg
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SHRUNK 9631.jpg
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SHRUNK 9635.jpg
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SHRUNK 9645.jpg
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SHRUNK 9661.jpg
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SHRUNK 9664.jpg
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SHRUNK 9679.jpg
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SHRUNK 9681.jpg
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SHRUNK 9685.jpg
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SHRUNK 9687.jpg
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SHRUNK 9690.jpg
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SHRUNK 9701.jpg
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SHRUNK 9709.jpg
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SHRUNK 9741.jpg
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SHRUNK 9747.jpg
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SHRUNK 9749.jpg
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SHRUNK 9751.jpg
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SHRUNK 9761.jpg
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SHRUNK 9764.jpg
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SHRUNK 9766.jpg
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SHRUNK 9777.jpg
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SHRUNK 9780.jpg
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SHRUNK 9800.jpg
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SHRUNK 9803.jpg
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SHRUNK 9832.jpg
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SHRUNK 9846.jpg
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SHRUNK 9849.jpg
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SHRUNK 9853.jpg
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SHRUNK 9855.jpg
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SHRUNK 9858.jpg
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SHRUNK 9860.jpg
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SHRUNK 9875.jpg
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SHRUNK 9877.jpg
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SHRUNK 9886.jpg
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SHRUNK 9888.jpg
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SHRUNK 9891.jpg
SHRUNK  9897.jpg
SHRUNK 9897.jpg
SHRUNK  9898.jpg
SHRUNK 9898.jpg
SHRUNK  9900.jpg
SHRUNK 9900.jpg
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SHRUNK 9904.jpg
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SHRUNK 9911.jpg
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SHRUNK 9918.jpg
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SHRUNK 9919.jpg
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SHRUNK 9923.jpg
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SHRUNK 9925.jpg
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SHRUNK 9927.jpg
SHRUNK  9931.jpg
SHRUNK 9931.jpg
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SHRUNK 9932.jpg
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SHRUNK 9934.jpg
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SHRUNK 9942.jpg
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SHRUNK 9945.jpg
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SHRUNK 9948.jpg
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SHRUNK 9961.jpg
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SHRUNK 9963.jpg
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SHRUNK 9794.jpg