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Portmeirion, a picturesque village just outside Portmadog is the creation of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis. Designed by him and constructed mainly over the period between 1925-1975. It is said to based on the town of Portofino in Italy, though this was denied by Williams-Ellis, who died in 1978. The village is now owned by a charitable trust and its surreal atmosphere is a must for photographers. Everywhere you look there is a "shot" (despite the weather) full of bright colours and nice detail. It puts me in mind of a living version of a Beatles album cover. Most of the buildings are available either as hotel rooms or self catering though I personally have reservations about a long stay because of the sheer number of visitors passing through. There is a charge for visiting the village to help reduce numbers and it is only open at certain times so I guess there are quieter times when the "day shift" have gone away. The site was made famous in the 1960's as the location of "The Village" in the cult TV series The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan.
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Portmeirion  IMG_5083.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5083.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5088.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5092.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5097.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5103.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5121.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5124.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5131.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5134.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5155.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5162.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5168.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5172.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5179.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5179.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5181.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5181.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5182.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5182.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5065r.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5065r.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5075.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5082.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5084.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5085.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5087.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5089.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5093.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5122.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5149.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5152.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5152.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5153.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5153.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5161.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5161.jpg
Portmeirion  IMG_5170.jpg
Portmeirion IMG_5170.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5171.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5175.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5178.jpg
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Portmeirion IMG_5165.jpg