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Guest 16-Jun-2012 02:18
love ur work Congratulations ! it moved my filings .
regards a go on
Carola fromo Chile, south america
Erin 27-Feb-2012 02:24
Hi David, I'm currently finding research on my media assignment based on an award-winning photographer. I have chosen you, but have found that there is limited information on the internet. It would be really helpful if you could tell me more about yourself. A few questions I have to answer are; has anyone influenced you style of photography? If so who and why did you admire this?, How you got into photography? so more in depth about you time at University, what have you studied to stay in your position of achievement? and finally what rules have you followed in your photos and have you changed any? why?
This would be really helpful, thankyou so much and you are a real inspiration to me!
Areta 16-Feb-2012 07:37
you're amazing!
David Lazar17-Jan-2012 16:56
Wayne - firstly obtain photoshop, maybe have someone show you a few basic things, then expand on what you know through reading tutorials or watching internet vidoes on things you specifically want to know how to change in the image.

Manatu - I did not study photography and am self taught. Started getting into it around 2005 and by 2007 had developed a bit of a style. I kept travelling once every year since then and getting more confident and better at the whole process each time.
Manatu 17-Dec-2011 23:25
I've viewd all your photos and they are all unique and each one left me want to know more about the photo...Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself? Did you actually study photography or were you self taught? What age did you becomes a professional photographer? I am just a self taught amateur photographer who loves to take photos and carry my camera with me dream to take beautiful photos like you one day!
WayneW09-Dec-2011 01:53
Hi David, I stumbled upon you via the A&K photo comp site. Congratulations on your winning image, to me it was a standout. I've travelled to some of the same countries and had (i thought) some good results until i viewed you finished albums online. Your images have an intensity that mine lack you & after reading a few of your recent 'comments' below (specifically fredo & Margarita) it seems my work may be improved with post processing in the form of photoshop. With no knowledge of this can you recommend where i begin this learning process. There is much information online about photoshop course but for the novice it's quite confusing. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks Wayne
Iwan Santhio 11-Nov-2011 09:58
Your works are my inspiration. Keep it up David! :D
David Lazar03-Nov-2011 04:21
Fredo from France...
It's hard to put a time on image editing, because I do a bit of work on an image for 10-20 minutes or so, then leave it and go onto another one, and later come back to it. I rely on my initial impression after taking a break from looking at it to know what needs to be done next to make it better. I usually do this over a number of weeks until I've tweaked it to a point where I look at it and can't see anything that needs to be done to improve it (especially with lighting and colors, sharpness is usually done right at the end).

As for the newer images looking different there was no conscious change in workflow or mindset - it must just be me refining my aesthetic style using the tools of photoshop.
fredo 02-Nov-2011 17:09
sorry ,me again;the ones from bangladesh i find diffrent from the ones before
fredo 02-Nov-2011 17:02
hallo david !how long do u spend working on a image (post process)? & what did u(change) do different between the latest portrait & the ones before? thank u ! frederic
David Lazar18-Oct-2011 11:34
Hi Margarita, thanks for your message. Happy to answer any questions you might have - I dont keep my process a secret or anything.
No tripod on any of the travel shots.
They are clear because you're not seeing any of the blurry ones :) Also, I use sharpening techniques on the important features of the photo (like eyes and parts of the face), or whatever the subject might be, using layers and layer masks to so I can paint in where I want it sharper. I use this layer mask technique on all aspects like brightness darkness color etc so I have lots of control over the post processing of the image.

They are all ambient light and not even with reflectors. It's just me wandering around with my camera packed away in my bag and nothing else in my hands, the one lens on the camera, and approaching people, interacting, seeing where chance encounters will lead, smiling and being friendly and thinking of shots and poses in my head all the time to ask the subjects to assume. None of them are pre arranged models.
Margarita Fair 15-Oct-2011 23:21
Your work is inspiring. I have absorbed things just by viewing. I take thousands of photos every trip but it is more luck when I get exactly what I want. Love the way you use light. Do you have a question and answer section as part of your work. Would be wonderful for you to share as well as inspire. Have so many questions about your portrait work. Do you use a tripod? Is that why they are so amazingly clear? Is it just ambient light or do you carry reflectors etc.? Do you get models from the area or just come across people and ask permission? Going to Laos and Thailand again at end of year and hope to bring back some lovely images.
robert breaux 22-Sep-2011 04:54
ENCORE-The only thing that could make your site better is more of the same...Thanks for sharing the rich life you live as you have enriched many in the process...Thanks too for posting on Earthshots as this world wide web (WWW) even reaches to the Ozarks in the United States of America...
Christine Rieck 10-Aug-2011 14:15
You are a legend! I am in awe of your work!
South Africa
Aaron Schwartz 17-Jul-2011 22:35
I am amazed by your work. Superb.
Beverly Brott17-Jul-2011 15:02
Your images are spectacular!
Salah El-Sadek11-Jul-2011 17:10
Hey David,
Excellent galleries and refined work, I came to youor galleries by mere chance, but sure I'll regularly revisit, you are a talented photographer, and I am sure you are a talented musician too, as I can feel and see the music accompaning your shots .. Pleasure to visit your site.
Ruud 08-Mar-2011 22:02
Dear David,
I stumbled onto your site after seeing your photograph at Earthshots. I'm very impressed by your photographs. I love your Myanmar collection very much.
Thanks for sharing.
Lili 10-Feb-2011 01:24
Your work is utterly amazing! I am beyond impressed. Now that I've discovered your site, I will be checking it often for inspiration and to see any new work you post. Thank you.
Guest 23-Aug-2010 03:26
Dear David,
I wish to thank you personally for gracing our site(s) with your lovely work.
We hope to see more of your images.
T.Isabella Darnell
TeraBella Media
Jonathan Wong29-Apr-2010 14:45
From your galleries, I understand no need to post huge photos but most important is to keep high-quality as yours.

Your fans,
Trevor 17-Apr-2010 21:44
Your portraits are amazing. I love the lighting and the composition of your photos. I also noticed how sharp most of them are. Do you normally use a tripod for these shots?
Guest 15-Apr-2010 10:33
Vous me faite voyageràtraver vos photos,merci.
nikoshooter13-Apr-2010 15:36
I am so, very impressed by your work!! Thank you for sharing these photographs and for inspiring me to improve my own work.
Stan Mark 10-Apr-2010 02:17
Dave you are amazing artist.
Thank you.

Larry 31-Aug-2009 11:33
Great photos!
JEAN PAUL 10-Aug-2009 15:44
DL, am not saying you amaze me.. but the truth never lies deep.. There is some other word that I have to find, that describes this gallery of yours. So special !! My pleasure watching them..
Christine26-Sep-2008 13:36
Your photos are fantastic! Each of them is very special. Thanks for sharing.
Andrew 23-Sep-2008 09:07
Amazing photos. The website is fantastic. You definitely have a gift.
Sandra 04-Aug-2008 11:20
Wow! I mean, I love the photos, but I'm also impressed that you said you would do something and then you did it - love the website, i'll send to everyone now:)
Heather 03-Aug-2008 04:24
Excellent work. Keep it up! :)