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Museo Evita, Buenos Aires

The Evita Museum is housed in a mansion constructed for the Carabassa family during the first decade of the 20th century. Architect Estanislao Pirovano gave the mansion its formal image which combines elements from both the Plateresque and Italian Renaissance styles. This beautiful building was declared a National Historical Monument in 1999. In 1948, the Fundación Eva Perón bought, restored and designated the mansion as Hogar de Tránsito (Temporary Home) #2, a shelter for women and children with no resources. On July 18, 1948, Evita inaugurated El Hogar with these words, “The Temporary Home shelters those in need a nd those who have no home... for as long as necessary until work and a home can be found... .” Evita offered the women and children “an open door, a place set for them at the table, a clean bed,” as well as “consolation and motivation, encouragement and hope, faith and self-confidence.” The walls of this building once echoed with the strong voice of Evita and the joyful voices of the women and children who found refuge in it. Now it houses the Museo Evita, a living museum where people can come to know, understand and appreciate the life of the most important woman of Argentine history.

~ The Evita Museum website

IMG_0987banner.jpg IMG_0743building.jpg IMG_0749entry.jpg IMG_0750ent.jpg IMG_1350.JPG
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IMG_0778earth.jpg IMG_0782floor.jpg IMG_0783photo.jpg IMG_0786fire.jpg IMG_0905portraits.jpg
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IMG_0820doc.jpg IMG_0821info.jpg IMG_0823book.jpg IMG_0827room.jpg IMG_0829desk.jpg
IMG_0830car.jpg IMG_0831child.jpg IMG_0832window.jpg IMG_0836info.jpg IMG_0839courtyard.jpg
IMG_0849courtyard.jpg IMG_0852kitchen.jpg IMG_0859alt.jpg IMG_0868photo.jpg IMG_0875plaque.jpg
IMG_0880fallenstatue.jpg IMG_1407.jpg IMG_0884newspaper.jpg IMG_0887painting.jpg IMG_1332.JPG
IMG_1338.JPG IMG_1353.JPG IMG_1355.JPG Camino A La Eternidad (Road To Eternity) Reino En El Pueblo
IMG_0944arth.jpg IMG_0952artwar.jpg IMG_0968artchild.jpg
IMG_0986artjump.jpg Museo Evita, Buenos Aires IMG_0937perart.jpg IMG_0933perart.jpg IMG_0977evab.jpg
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IMG_0922slide5.jpg IMG_0916slide65.jpg IMG_0919slide7.jpg Museo Evita, Buenos Aires Evita & Juan Peron