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Museo Criollo de los Corrales

History: On July 9, 1964 this museum was created as a not for profit, as a result of the work of a group of people led by José Antonio Almada. The museum is an expression of Creole culture in the context of a neighborhood with a strong tradition in this regard. It integrates well into the urban landscape that provides the place, especially on Sundays when Mataderos works, place of meeting of folkloric clubs, shows of various kinds in which not miss the traditional dances and songs, ring games, etc.

IMG_2366museocrioleo.jpg IMG_2288art1.jpg IMG_2289art1.jpg IMG_2291art2.jpg
IMG_2340art.jpg IMG_2346art.jpg IMG_2363art.jpg Museo Criollo de los Corrales
IMG_2292art2.jpg IMG_2295art2.jpg IMG_2296art3.jpg IMG_2298art4.jpg
IMG_2297art3.jpg IMG_2299art4.jpg IMG_2306art4.jpg IMG_2324art4.jpg
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IMG_2310sart.jpg IMG_2322sart.jpg IMG_2318sart.jpg IMG_2322sart.jpg
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IMG_2338art8.jpg IMG_2339art8.jpg IMG_2341art8.jpg IMG_2349art8.jpg
IMG_2309room1.jpg IMG_2351room2.jpg IMG_2359room3.jpg IMG_2361room4.jpg
IMG_2347art9.jpg IMG_2353horse.jpg IMG_2286wagon.jpg IMG_2352room.jpg
IMG_8216horse.jpg IMG_8217art.jpg IMG_8219Art.jpg IMG_8290rose.jpg
IMG_8278floral.jpg IMG_8279floral.jpg IMG_8280birdart.jpg IMG_8281flowart.jpg
IMG_8282flowers.jpg IMG_8284yelrose.jpg IMG_8286flowers.jpg IMG_8288flower.jpg
IMG_8260boxart.jpg IMG_8226Art.jpg IMG_8232Art.jpg IMG_8258boxer.jpg
IMG_8257boxer.jpg IMG_8262ridart.jpg IMG_8256fuart.jpg IMG_8301MArt.jpg
IMG_8264art1.jpg IMG_8265art2.jpg IMG_8266art3.jpg IMG_8267art4.jpg
IMG_8304art5.jpg IMG_8303art6.jpg IMG_8300art8.jpg IMG_8302art7.jpg
IMG_8296artd.jpg IMG_8297Artc.jpg IMG_8298artb.jpg IMG_8299arta.jpg
IMG_8223Fairart.jpg IMG_8237fairart.jpg IMG_8240fairart.jpg IMG_8263fairart.jpg
IMG_8268fairart.jpg IMG_8252art.jpg IMG_8270pony.jpg IMG_8271coral.jpg