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Murder at Underwood Wine Estates

"The setting is the wine region of Napa Valley,California. Five years ago, Barry Underwood, owner of the prestigious Underwood Wine Estates, mysteriously disappeared during the valley's annual wine festival. A massive search at the time failed to turn up any clues and the case has been in the FBI's unsolved files since then. Now, five years later, it is once again the annual wine festival in Napa Valley. One night, family and friends gathered at the stately Underwood mansion to celebrate. At midnight, a minor earthquake shook the mansion, causing an old wooden floor in the wine cellar to buckle. Barry’s well preserved body was discovered under the cedar planks. It is a clear case of murder!"

Murder Mystery Dinner Party hosted by Tim & Anna Webster. The cast consisted of friends in the San Juan del Sur area. The audience was invited to participate and solve the mystery based on the clues provided by the cast. It was a great night filled with great food, wine and intrigue.

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