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Birds In Flight

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Isl 537 copy.jpg 02-01-05 KC 205 copy.jpg Isl 533 copy.jpg Pelican
Pelicans In Flight Isl22 200 copy.jpg Turkey Vulture Black Vulture, Coragyps atratus, at the Beach IMG_6408 copy.jpg
Turkey Vulture IMG_7541 copy.jpg Looking For Lunch IMG_9875 copy.jpg IMG_6762 copy.jpg
Isl2 156 copy.jpg Yellow-headed Caracara in Flight Isl2 133 copy.jpg IMG_9283humming.JPG
02-01-05 KC 237 copy.jpg Isl 534 copy.jpg Bird In Flight IMG_3372.jpg
Isl 532 copy.jpg Sea Gull SJA1 306 copy.jpg Isl2 247 copy.jpg
Isl2 157 copy.jpg Turkey Vulture, Cathartes aura Seagull IMG_4184copy.jpg Dive
Isl2 240 copy.jpg Isl2 137 copy.jpg 02-01-05 KC 265 copy.jpg Isl22 200 ffcopy copy.jpg Isl22 128 copy.jpg
Isl2 235 copy.jpg 59157363 copy.jpg IMG_5519copy.jpg Vulture Isl2 158 copy.jpg
Isl22 197 copy.jpg Isl2 171 copy.jpg Yellow-headed Caracara in Flight IMG_5260bird.JPG Bird In Flight
IMG_2120pelica.JPG IMG_2760seagull.jpg Seagull IMG_6505 copy.jpg IMG_6446humbfly.JPG
IMG_7067vulture.JPG IMG_7876vulturefly.JPG Bird in Flight IMG_5303copy.jpg IMG_9304seagull.JPG
IMG_2032 copy.jpg IMG_3553 copy.jpg IMG_1779Bseafly.jpg IMG_2068fly copy.JPG In Flight... Ecological Reserve
IMG_4716vulture.JPG Turkey Vulture, Cathartes aura IMG_8977humming.JPG IMG_6785flight.JPG IMG_1885fly.JPG
IMG_4715vulture.JPG IMG_9294pelican.JPG IMG_5551flight.jpg IMG_9352inflight.JPG _MG_6041.JPG
IMG_2026launch copy.JPG IMG_4061vulture.JPG American White Ibis IMG_4811flight.JPG Sea Gull
PA260144 copy.jpg IMG_6056vulture.JPG IMG_9804seabird.JPG IMG_2125fly.jpg IMG_2339flight.JPG
IMG_0139seagull.jpg Olrog's Gull in Flight Fishing IMG_9793seabird.JPG IMG_0128seagull.jpg
IMG_5089 copy.jpg PA060033seagull.JPG Migration IMG_6486caracara copy.JPG IMG_9319flight.JPG
DSC_2675 copy.jpg DSC_2669 copy.jpg IMG_1222turkeyvult.JPG Great Kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus IMG_5657fly.jpg
Great Kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus P4270010 copy.jpg P4100456 copy.jpg IMG_0388pelican copy.jpg P3300009 copy.jpg
P4100070 copy.jpg P4270107 copy.jpg P3180649 copy.jpg P4100431 copy.jpg P8250252 copy.jpg
P8280045 copy.jpg Hummingbird American White Ibis (Eudocimus albus)