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Greg McCroskery08-Feb-2013 00:35
I sent you an email. Yes, the eagles are definitely back again -- in the same tree at the far northwest end of the viewing area.
God Bless,
Greg McCroskery27-Nov-2012 14:15

Thanks for the message and the offer! I will probably be taking you up on that longhorn offer -- maybe this coming Spring.

God Bless,
Guest 21-Nov-2012 14:12
Hi Greg--just wanted to stop by and say thanks for sharing your pictures with us...I think I can speak on behalf of the Spoiled Doves that all of us had a great time at the photo festival. If you ever want to do some longhorn pictures let me know...Terry Cole
Joe 24-Oct-2012 20:10
Hi Greg, just come across your web page. Your shots are great, I have fairly recently bought an E20N on ebay and was looking for some examples of other peoples work with this camera. I expect you have moved on to a more up to date model now, but I like the old gear for its lovely build. Glad you are doing your photography for the praise of God Its a great way to show his creation. Joe - UK
Greg McCroskery15-Feb-2012 03:38

Sorry I took so long to respond. The cardinal shot you are referring to was shot using the Sigma 50-500mm at full zoom -- so the effective focal length (2X) was 1000mm.

The pond reflection shot was done with my 7-14mm lens @ 9mm, so the effective focal length was actually 18mm.

I hope this helps, and thank you for the nice comments.

God Bless,
Tuan 05-Feb-2012 14:45
Hi Greg,
Very nice pictures. I was looking at some of the photographs taken with the Olympus E3. I have
a question regarding focal length on them. One of the cardinal says 500mm. Does this include the 2x crop
already and which lens did you use for that. And same question on a dramatic reflection of a pond,
it says 9mm, which lens. Thanks and keep up the good work.
Greg McCroskery30-Aug-2011 02:59
Thank you for the nice comment.
God Bless,
Guest 27-Aug-2011 05:07
Great stuff, throughout. Thanks for sharing.
Greg McCroskery06-Feb-2011 23:55

Thank you for your comment! I apologize for taking so long to respond to your question. My portrait lighting set up differs based on location, subjects, and existing light conditions.
In my studio, I generally use a four light setup for groups such as families (main, fill, hair/separation light, and background light. For individuals I often use two lights (main and background) and a reflector for fill.

On location indoors, I generally only use two lights -- sometimes only one for a couple or individual portrait. Whenever I can use just window light and a reflector I will.

Outdoors, I generally use the existing light for modeling facial features and just enough fill flash to open shadows.

I hope this helps.

God Bless,
Alan Hartmann31-Jan-2011 02:12
You do some very nice work -- what's your lighting setup for the portraits?
K Hundley 25-Aug-2010 13:41
I would like to purchase one of your photographs--the shot of the capitol rotunda 1. Could you let me know how/where I can purchase the photo? In our new house, I am creating a wall of photos of Texas scenes created by God (bluebonnets, longhorns, skies, hills), but I would like for the center picture to be yours! I love the architectural lines of it AND the word Texas.
I scanned the comments sent to your website and your answers. I LOVE, LOVE that you are a bold witness for Christ.
Thank you for letting me know about the rotunda picture!
Guest 05-Oct-2008 12:57
I love your pics and also your comments on OLy forum. If you have time I would love to hear from you on a simple issue. I gather you shoot JPEG. I am at stage of using RAW but it's driving me nuts, have tried several converteres. And to be honest, can't tell difference!! Is there THAT much difference, given great JPEGs coming from E3 (bought last week.) And secondly, do you "process" your JPEGS ... if so where? If you have time

Greg McCroskery22-Jun-2007 01:14
Thank you very much for the nice comment!
God Bless,
Guest 19-Jun-2007 17:59
Very impressive.
Greg McCroskery11-Mar-2007 02:26
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your nice comment!
God Bless,
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:33
Simply astounding! Keep getting better ok?
Greg McCroskery22-Jan-2007 02:03
Thank you very much for taking the time to leave your nice comment! Hope you have a great 2007!
God Bless,
Martin Davis19-Jan-2007 19:26
Greg - I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Since I also live in Texas, I recognize some of the places you have photographed. Nice shots.
André Bessot28-Dec-2006 13:50
I wish you a Happy New Year Greg.
Best regards.
Jack Henley 12-Nov-2006 02:18
your infrared photos are wonderful. Did you use a filter or is your camera converted for it. thanks
Jim Kramer25-Aug-2006 11:32
Greg, thanks for stopping by and saying "Hello". Your comments were most kind and very appreciated. I'll be keeping an eye on your talented work as it continues to grow.

Angela 15-Jul-2006 21:43
Enjoyed a lot!
Grady Mankin05-Jun-2006 05:21
Howdy Greg,
Thanks for your greeting. Glad you like the dino pod composition. Two of my wife's little nephews were with us on our first visit to the dino walk, and I might have been been under the influence of seeing through their eyes when we came up on the raptor. The sculptor did an excellent job of creating the pose that says something is going on back there.
I really enjoy clicking through your galleries, and I've paused on many of them just to stretch out and wiggle my toes in the rich warm light you capture so well.
Take good care while you keep busy! See ya soon.
Greg McCroskery08-Apr-2006 02:29

Thank you for the very encouraging comments! Above all thanks for taking the time to look through my galleries.
God Bless,
Guest 08-Apr-2006 02:25
Greg, you have some really nice work here. I thought the "Texas Tigers" was exceptional.
I also enjoyed Port Aransas and most everything else. Thanks for sharing these excellent photographs.

Bob Maddox
Greg McCroskery18-Mar-2006 01:08
Thanks for your comments! I haven't tried the converters, but actually I no longer own the Vivitar 90mm -- sold it along with most of my Canon gear. I hated to part with that lens, it was such a good lens, but newer equipment called! :-) I am mostly using Olympus cameras and lenses these days.
God Bless,
Ken 14-Mar-2006 01:43
Greg, have you tried using a vivitar 2x or 3x converter instead of the matching converter that comes with the 90mm macro lens. You may find it a better choice. They are nearly flat lenses and you will get away from the doughnut effect that the matching converter gives. Also the images are larger and you will still have a good working distance from your subjects. The quality stays the same. Just a thought !
Your work is very good.

Ken S.
Tiffany Shaw 24-Oct-2005 22:00
I saw your picture "Burnt Orange on the Rise again". Does it say that on the picture itself or is that just the title you have for it? I saw a similiar picture in Texadelphia in Houston and have been looking for it for 5 years. Thanks for your help.

Greg McCroskery14-Sep-2005 00:56
Sorry for the delayed response! I will email you with ordering information. This image will reproduce very beautifully in a large print size. Thank you very much for your interest.

God Bless,
Tanya Riggan 07-Sep-2005 17:49
I'd be interested in getting a copy of the Stevie.jpg photo from your Austin gallery for my wall. Would it reproduce at a large size and how would I go about getting one?
Tanya Riggan
Greg McCroskery25-Jan-2005 18:16
Thank you for your note! I absolutely agree with you -- this is truly a beautiful land, and I pray that we all show appreciation for what God has given us! My wife and her best lady friend were in your beautiful country this past summer, beauty abounds in all of creation!
God Bless,
Patrizia 22-Jan-2005 12:57
I am from Italy and I have often visited your beautiful country in the past.. The pictures are great and it's easy for me to think about my trips in that beautiful places.. Especially Monument Valley is my favorite. Help to preserve the nature of your beautiful country and thank you for the nice views..
Guest 18-Jan-2005 17:00

Hey there, my name is Abel Longoria from Houston and I was stumbled across your gallery on and noticed you were in Texas as well. I thought u may be interested in checking out a new forum I’ve created specifically for Texas Photographers. It’s and we have only been online for about a month now but have about 140 members from all across Texas!

Anyways, stop in if you feel that it may be of interest to you… we’d love to have you.

Rick Sostaric23-Aug-2004 00:06
Greg, I enjoyed looking through your galleries you do some really nice work. Good to see an E-1 going to such capable hands. I use the fl-50 flash off camera with a stroboframe and dedicated cable from flash to camera. When indoors I start either in m-mode or A-mode with a 5.6 f-stop, 1/100 sec in M-mode and adjust from there (ISO 200 or 400 depending on available light). I was using the fl-40 which I had left over from my E-20 and it was adequate but the fl-50 really has same power. Auto mode on the flash when using bounce works well, TTL auto for closer in work, adjusting flash power up or down as the situation warrants. Hope that helps some and thank you for the kind comments. Keep up the good work.
Rick Sostaric
Greg McCroskery02-Jul-2004 19:28
Great having you visit Dale Ann! I want to be as outspoken as I can about my faith without being to 'preachy'. Sadly, we're living in a time and culture that doesn't want to hear or think about God. Many people (particularly many young people) have lost the capacity to analyze issues from a standpoint of reason and logic. Our post modern society has deceived many into the acceptance of relative truth -- a very seductive lie. Nevertheless, God IS in control -- and I praise Him for my salvation!(And yours!)
Your Brother In Christ,
Dale Ann 02-Jul-2004 16:19
Hi Greg! I just had a chance to view your Ok City bombing galleries. I'm going bookmark and come back later when I can look at more of your work. It is wonderful to see a man of God doing his thing and giving credit to God Almighty! I'm glad our paths have crossed, and feel blessed to know another christian photographer out there! Take care!

Greg McCroskery29-Jun-2004 00:10
You and I are singing from the same page -- it's so wonderful to meet fellow Christian photographers on the web! I too photograph things/people/places because I want to try to capture a glimpse of God's creative glory. I regularly have to check myself to remind myself who it is that I'm trying to glorify!! I think that simply proclaiming our appreciation to Our Lord for providing what we share visually with others on these sites goes a long way. Keep up your beautiful photography to His glory.
Your Brother In Christ,
tomr-photos26-Jun-2004 02:27
Hi Greg. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Good hearing from someone who appreciates God, and if I have any talent at all it is (as you already know, I'm sure) solely by the grace of God. “...for in Him we live and move and have our being..." (Acts 17:28) – Tom
Greg McCroskery21-Apr-2004 16:24
Thanks for the note. Excellent eagle shots -- I really like the shot of the eaglets. My sister and I were there yesterday (April 20th) and they're still there. I met Karen at the memorial service for her sister, Wendy, this past Saturday -- her father, Jack Westerman, and I are both teaching leaders in a Bible study program called 'Bible Study Fellowship'. Jack is a great person, and his faith has really shown through the ordeal of loosing his daughter. Karen and I met at the reception following the service and our conversation led to photography, which led to her telling me about you! It truly is a small world!
God Bless,
Guest 20-Apr-2004 03:08

Thanks for stopping by my site. I took some pictures of the Bald Eagles the first weekend of April. I posted the pics at

I only got a few pictures, it was getting late in the day and I had to get home back to Dallas. I did get a picture of one parent with the American Flag in the background and some pics of the two pics.

Take care,

PS Great site you have there. I had been by your site before, not knowing we had a mutual friend. How do you know Karen?
Mark Ehlers23-Mar-2004 03:15
Hi Greg,

Thanks for the very kind words in my guestbook. But I know you would be the first to agree that we are only using the gifts that are on loan to us from God. I came from a family that didn't encourage artistic pursuits, and so I feel like I'm quite a late bloomer at 45.

I am continuously inspired by your work. You have some very beautiful images in your galleries that allow me to realize that my own horizons can be expanded. Thank you for sharing your gift. And I'm looking forward to meeting you someday, either here on earth, or in heaven.

Take care,
christopher 08-Mar-2004 14:17
Hello Greg, Are you the "Uncle Greg" to Christy Mccroskery?
Please respond
bob reynolds10-Dec-2003 01:10
Hi Greg,
Thanks for stopping by to view my Road Trip gallery. What a fabulous place Utah is for photography! We were there for 10 days, but I felt like I could easily have stayed several weeks. The scenery was just absolutely amazing. I just got done looking through your Visions of Southern Utah Gallery and I really enjoyed it. You have some great images in there. It looks like we visited many of the same areas. I think my two favorite places were Bryce Canyon and Arches. But the entire landscape in Utah is beautiful. It truly is a photographer's paradise. I am actually still going through images from my trip...I think I took more pictures on that trip than any other I have been on before. I'd really like to go back there some day. Keep up the great shooting Greg . Have a Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays...Bob
bob reynolds14-Jan-2003 15:49
Thank you for all of your thoughtful and inspiring feedback. Your right, the beautiful and creative work has already been done for's just waiting to be photographed. I think that's why I chose Landscape/Nature photography as my main focus...the natural beauty of this world we live in never stops amazing me. Your comments have really been an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to view my photos and put your thoughts regarding them into words. I have enjoyed your galleries as well, and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the coming year - Bob
Greg McCroskery12-Jan-2003 00:36
Thank you for the encouraging message. We all want to be creative, but the greatest creative work has already been given to us for our enjoyment (who could duplicate a sunset?)! Where do you live?
Thanks again and God Bless,
Colin Cochrane10-Jan-2003 13:28
Hi Greg, great photos with a great ethos too!
God bless,
Greg McCroskery19-Nov-2002 17:13
Thank you so much for your comments -- coming from you, I consider it a REAL compliment! Thanks also for the book suggestion -- I will definitely check it out. I spent this last weekend camping at 'Lost Maples' Texas State Park -- needless to say I got some wonderful images that I will be posting to my galleries within the next few days. Thanks again!

God Bless,
tomr-photos14-Nov-2002 22:04
Hi Greg:

Thanks for the comments. I like what you are doing – spotting things that many would pass by.

This is a book that has provided me with a lot of help and inspiration, “The Art of Seeing" by Derek Doeffinger. I think it would help to expand your vision even further. I know it has for me. – Tom