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2nd: Wabi-Sabi by Techo
18-DEC-2007 Techo

2nd: Wabi-Sabi by Techo

Rules broken:
Details in highlights and Shadows (especially applies to portraits. We like a smooth transition from light to dark.)
No bright spots or spots of light. (Yeah they tend to distract from the main focal point. Spots of light though can help bring out the texture of objects. Imagine a tomato with no light reflection. Personally think it's the shape, size, location and frequency that matter)

Alrighty, why I think breaking the rules works...
First off the title is what this image is about. Finding beauty in inperfection..
BHLs are seen as imperfections most of the time. It also makes the shot appear more vintage, yet no grain was added. The bright highlights contrast the dark, even blackened shadows. If there where no overly bright highlights, what's the point of darkened shadows, to balance things out. Otherwise the shot would've appeared too flat. Plus I like how the C shaped shadow(left) and highlight(right) add another element of framing. Also can be seen as yin and yang. If this feels like a shoehorn, let me know ;) To be honest this is one of the few images I've edited where the BHL's do not annoy me. What about you? Processing was simple. B/W conversion was done via the Channel Mixer. Shot was composed with a centered theme but I did chop off a little from both sides for more of a sqaure crop. Levels applied. Resized and sharpened. The only selective editing that was done where to the shadows in the 2 holes to the left, to hide the grid material underneath.

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ctfchallenge27-Dec-2007 17:25
Cool, qualified! tnx Lonnit.
Thanks again for everyones comments.

John, an adopted culture, like yourself :)
Funny comment about the Cellphones hehe.

ctfchallenge23-Dec-2007 19:05
Validated - qualified! Lovely image. ~ Lonnit
ctfchallenge22-Dec-2007 20:57
Techo, thank you for such a wonderful link to describe Wabi and Sabi. As I get older I now appreciate and cherish the very things descibed here. One of the reasons I have kept the same pocket knife for 20 years and just recently had to part with a cherished friend, my watch of 25. I also have a Fisher pocket pen (space pen) that I carry in my pocket at all times that is worn to a brass under color in parts since I have carried if for over 30 years. Still writes very well (pressurized cartridges). I am glad to know that your culture or adopted culture has respect for such fine things. In America we ditch stereos and cell phones while they are still quite functionable ... but then this keeps me and my company (Texas Instruments) well fed. :-) John
ctfchallenge21-Dec-2007 05:16
Lovely image. A shame you only stated the rules but didn't state your justifications. You don't qualify until you justify in the blue ink. :) OH, I'm in anal heaven here! This is fun, tramping everything off to pending! I feel soooo powerful!!!! LMAO! ~ Lonnit
ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 21:11
Besides the holes on the left, I like that you kept the "distracting" crud along the right edge. Nice work Techo. John
aam1234 20-Dec-2007 20:46
Man, it takes a woman to make us behave :)
ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 18:27
Good pic - rules or no rules - Debi
ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 18:22
Thanks Mary Anne. I boosted the contrast to the point where I still really do like the effect. Also this darkened the shadows a whole more than they where.

So I guess this fits the challenge under these rules:

Details in highlights and Shadows
No bright spots or spots of light

ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 18:05
You could ramp up the contrast and blow the highlights even more. As Lonnit said, "IF YOU'RE GOING TO BREAK A RULE, DON'T JUST BEND IT, SHATTER IT TO SMITHERINES."
--Mary Anne
ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 17:59
Thanks for your comments :) First off, I'm very glad you like the shot.

Abs, I must submit. I see what you mean about the composition. The blown highlights might not be enough to keep the shot in the challenge

ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 17:38
rules-of-third is a composition rule but so is center composition. hence, i cannot say you broke image-composition rules in this shot.
although you surely have intentionally blown highlights and over-sharpened leaf in the image that enhance the image and define its character. so you have broken exposure and sharpening rules.
excellent shot btw.
aam1234 20-Dec-2007 17:37
Opps, I meant "the little circle things" not square. I was thinking square crop :)
aam1234 20-Dec-2007 17:22
I hope Lonnit approves of this photo as I like the dead center framing. Also, the little square things on the left and the little crack on the lower right add positive tension (TM@aamm1234) and break the monotony. The B/Hs do the same.

Well thought out photo.
ctfchallenge20-Dec-2007 17:01
Okie dokie. Thanks Rod :)
For the focus point being smack center, so I thought. But if Lonnit says it's off topic. Then it's off topic.

Rod 20-Dec-2007 16:53
This might be off topic mate as the leaf is in the top third of the bowl & the square crop makes the centre composition normal........................Just trying to help Lonnit out:-)hehe