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Oh Garth!
10/28/2004 Lynnette

Oh Garth!

Cincinnati, OH

A80, f2.8, 1/500, 7.81mm
I love this horse! He is playful, and always looking for peppermints. I think this picture captures his personality.

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Canon DSLR Challenge09-Nov-2004 04:58
Rod I just busted my gut at your comment of blame! LMAO!!!! I never look for the dang asterisks and half the time I forget to put them on my shots and end up having to go back in and add them. Silly little things anyway. If you don't want comments don't post your work anywhere in public! ;) ~ Lonnit
Rod 05-Nov-2004 11:13
Lynnette, everyone should at least try everything once..............remember I said ONCE:-)
Shu04-Nov-2004 15:11
This image is very eye-catching and the snout makes me want to reach out and touch. Like a fine recipe, the ingrediants are common but the end product is unique. Shu
Lynnette 04-Nov-2004 12:58
Sorry if the technique is overdone, this was actually my first attempt at framing outside the border. I always thought the technique was cool, so when Garth posed for this shot, I couldn't resist. It just seemed so perfect for the technique.
Rod 04-Nov-2004 09:59
Oh no, no bleeding asterisks. It's all Lonnits fault she posted first :-) Sorry about that Lynnette. I will be more careful in the future.......well until tomorrow anyhow:-)
ctfchallenge03-Nov-2004 21:54
and she doesn't have a (*) on the picture... now don't you all feel foolish! LOL -dorys
Guest 03-Nov-2004 12:43
I love the blured boundary between image and frame.
Rod 03-Nov-2004 12:06
This must be the mother of all aberrations. Paul’s silly cow shot looks like an Ansel Adams holiday snap now. I will have another look at this on Saturday night when I'm drunk to see if I can make some sense of it. Apart from all that it's a lovely shot. Well overdone....I mean, well done:-)
ctfchallenge03-Nov-2004 11:25
I can't wait for Rod to see this! :) Nice job.
ctfchallenge03-Nov-2004 02:56
Good choice of shots for the 3-D framing, but I'm starting to feel like the novelty has worn off. It's cute, but too gimmacky and getting old fast. You did a good job with it, don't get me wrong. The first time I saw one I thought it was really cool. Now I'm just starting to think cheesy. Call me a snob I guess. I'm sure there's a market for it - maybe with some velvet Elvis paintings? ;) Ok, so now I feel like a total *&%$#* for saying it because it's nothing you did wrong. You did a fine job with it. You just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back. ;) ~ Lonnit