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My Big Brother
02-16-09 Lydia

My Big Brother

(says the brother on the left)

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Canon DSLR Challenge21-Feb-2009 18:10
Thank you, aam. Yes, the oldest and the youngest are my husband 'made over'. And yes, God has blessed me already. :) Thanks! ~Lydia
aam1234 21-Feb-2009 17:47
Excellent as always, Lydia. The big brother looks like your husband, doesn't he. Both are handsome young men. God bless (can I say that).
Canon DSLR Challenge21-Feb-2009 16:26
Thanks, Tom and Penny. One of the funny things to me about My BIG Brother is that they're both 6'2". *smile* ~Lydia
ctfchallenge21-Feb-2009 14:14
Lydia, thanks for sharing your motherly thoughtd - the photo fits your description to a tee! Penny Street (who always wanted a big brother)
ctfchallenge21-Feb-2009 02:09
Techo, wow! In my two years in this challenge, I've never seen you say so much... I hope it isn't a symptom of the economy.
Lydia this is an excellent double portrait done well in the venue of the topic... almost. But keep trying if it results in shots like this that anyone would be proud of. -tv
Canon DSLR Challenge21-Feb-2009 00:16
Thank you very much for the apology, Rod. I do appreciate it.

To me, admittedly the mom, the story is about how the younger brother reacts to the older brother being 'in the spotlight' instead of him. But, I can see your point. :) I like it because I know them and know their relationship. ~Lydia
Rod 20-Feb-2009 22:32
I'm very sorry to have come across as rude & I realise I have gone too far with my silly & at times cutting humour. I apologise Lydia for using you as a target.
If you vote for one of my picys I will be nice to you for two whole weeks:-)
All joking aside the topic said the subject must be oof & the older brother here who I see as the subject is in focus. The picy is an excellent one but that has no bearing on if it's on topic or not. Leave the picy here & as the old saying goes the voters will decide.
Canon DSLR Challenge20-Feb-2009 21:57
Thank you, Techo... and especially you, dt. I took this shot while younger brother thought I was just taking older brother, so I like what it says about their relationship. I didn't have the challenge in mind while shooting it... but I see that it fits what I understand is acceptable. :) ~Lydia
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 21:16
I really like this shot. Knowing or not knowing the subjects this shot just works really well. The younger brother, the subject on the left is just as an important part of the shot as the eldest.The challenge description doesn't say the whole shot should be OOF ;) so this is a great take on it. So if the challenge made you shoot this, even if you dislike the OOF theme, it was all worth while. Technical jabber and on topicness(is that even a word LOL) aside... Other than one or two selected few. of all your family portraits pics I've seen so far this one is actually the most innate and private look we've had so far.

-Techo :)
Canon DSLR Challenge20-Feb-2009 20:06
Great-looking lads, Lydia. It's quite obvious they come from great-looking stock!

Rod, I have to agree with Troy in his comments. Sometimes good-natured teasing can cross the line. You crossed it sometime ago with Lydia. Time to ease up! -dtallakson
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 19:02
Thank you, Carole, Doug, and sue anne. Actually, sue anne, Troy has the right of it this time. Not just on this photo... in other places.(thank you, Troy.) I don't think Rod realizes how rude he sounds sometimes, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt (again). ~Lydia
sue anne20-Feb-2009 17:07
LOL I had to read some of these to get who is who - and actually Rod isn't rude, he's just being silly.
I take these are your sons and (a candid shot) I like the blur and sharp individuals - good one !
COAmature 20-Feb-2009 16:41
The OOF brother looking right at the in focus brother makes it perfect for the topic. -Doug
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 16:34
Lydia, Lydia, Lydia, you are such a teaser! LOL! Nice portrait of your oldest, he's a good looking young man! :-D CJ
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 15:35
Thanks, folks. Brent, not to worry; all is well. ~Lydia
Troy20-Feb-2009 14:13
Why is Rod so RUDE to Lydia lately? Uncalled for.
Rod 20-Feb-2009 08:38
Lydias gone off her rocker a. Anyhow your big brother looks very young & has a strong resemblance to your hubby. Do you live in an isolated community in the mountains:-)
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 03:59
It’s a very nice portrait of your son Lydia. I have to say I’m a little puzzled by your comment though. What are you doing to be polite and why wouldn’t any of us care about your recognizable sons and only wish them well? Is everything all right in your world?
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 03:58
Wow!! We haven't seen them in awhile - two nice looking guys, Lydia!!
Penny Street
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 03:43
Yes, I'm trying again. Be nice... I'm just being polite. I know it's a photo of people you don't know and don't care about. *grin* I'm okay with that. *grin again* ~Lydia