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2nd Place - Life by Rod
15-FEB-2009 Rod

2nd Place - Life by Rod

Home Brissie Oz

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ctfchallenge11-Jul-2009 02:37
Wise guy!!!! shu
Rod 23-Feb-2009 21:27
It's strange how high the divorce rates are now but I didn't know India had picked up that side of globalisation. I think it's about 50% divorce rates in most western countries. Lots of couples now just live in de facto relationships so I don't know if they get counted as being divorced. I knew we shouldn't have educated the girls:-)
ctfchallenge23-Feb-2009 17:42
Prob the fact its so rare makes me sad - I am a die hard romantic - but seeing too many broken marriages around - Debi
ctfchallenge20-Feb-2009 23:03
Debi -
Rod has a good life and a good wifey that he obviously loves very much. Not everyone is lucky enough to have that. Luckily, I think he knows it. But what Rod also has is the freeness to be able to express his love for his wife (and life in general) through words and his art. Just because others of us aren't able to express love so freely doesn't mean that it’s nonexistent.
And remember, there are lots of things in life to be happy about. Penny Street
Guest 20-Feb-2009 04:28
no its not that, it speaks to me about a kind of love which is very rare and for some reason it makes me sad - Debi

In fact the words you write about your wife just reinforces that feeling.
Rod 19-Feb-2009 23:11
Isit the passing of time Debi? Seeing a representation of how she looked 35years ago & how she looks now. If it is then you shouldn't feel so sad because I'm growing old as well & she looks & feels just as good to me now as back then. It might be me bad memory but I would say she looks & feels even better to me now than way back then. So cheer up Debi:-)
Guest 19-Feb-2009 07:37
some reason this pciture really makes me sad - Dont know why - Debi
Rod 19-Feb-2009 03:57
Thanks mate:-)
ctfchallenge19-Feb-2009 02:48
I think the B&W was a good choice. I like how the images mirror each other. -dtallakson
Rod 19-Feb-2009 02:22
Thanks Debi:-)
Guest 18-Feb-2009 21:21
life and love -thanks Rod - Debi
Rod 15-Feb-2009 22:47
Thanks Brent & Tommy:-) That's OK Brent at least no one mentioned the boobs were pointing to the floor these days:-) I burnt in the hanger Tommy to try & help stop it being the focal point. I can just see the outline of the dark boob on my monitor.
ctfchallenge15-Feb-2009 06:50
Duh. No wonder the patterns echo each other. So obvious now. Pardon me for not seeing right away but I'll blame the shadow on the hanging. It's much clearer in the Pending shot. -tv
ctfchallenge15-Feb-2009 06:27
Very ahrty work Rod (by you and Holly) and for sake of your lovely model I will resist the initial impulse to tease about it being you even though that was plainly obvious it wasn't :-)
Rod 15-Feb-2009 04:25
Thanks Carole & Bruce:-) I couldn't have any more of the hanger in Carole as it would become the in focus focal point. I was afraid it would be the focal point like this but I was relying on the blokes to bring this on topic.......Well blokes over sixty anyhow:-)
ctfchallenge15-Feb-2009 04:09
Very well thought out image Rod. After seeing the wonderful hanging Holly made, I think I might like to see a bit more of the hanging in the background. The repetition of lines works very well to draw us in to explore the image. Well done by both you and Holly! CJ
Photography by Bruce Jones15-Feb-2009 00:22
Well . . . so much for letting my kids look at the challenge I'm hosting (it's such a rare event around here).

Seriously, this is a great image. The visual double entendre is perfect for an OOF shot. Real excellence.
ctfchallenge14-Feb-2009 23:32
Thanks Tommy & Doug:-) The quilt wall hanging is a copy of a picy I took of Mereana when she was 9mths preggas with Holly 35yrs ago. Holly made this hanger a year or so ago. I put a picy of the hanger in Pending. I'm not sure how flattered me missus will be about Doug & Y thinking this is me:-)......I have bigger boobs.
COAmature 14-Feb-2009 23:15
Brave picture Rod and well done at that. Thanks for shaving before you took it. -Doug
ctfchallenge14-Feb-2009 23:10
I hope this is indeed indicative of the good side of your new life allowing time for more thoughtful artistic expression. The stark shadows here don't look too cheery but it is satisfying to discover in chaos some unity such as the echoes of arching, circular patterns between the quilt and the body in this image. The other thought that comes to mind is a metaphysical one of the relationship between the more or less similar minds and bodys we are born with juxtaposed against the diverse products of our creativity. Or maybe I'm just imagining it all but that's what arty stuff does. -tv
Rod 14-Feb-2009 23:00
Thanks Penny:-) And thanks for guessing Y.
ctfchallenge14-Feb-2009 22:50
Wow. This ought to stir up some conversation.
I love the shades of greys, the complex vs simplicity, the OOF, the perspective ... and I'm beginning to get the idea that your new life is agreeing with you. Penny Street
ctfchallenge14-Feb-2009 22:44
Guess its a self portrait