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Setting up a Challenge Gallery:

First, you need to understand and follow the naming convention which is:


Where "n" = current challenge number

"subject" is the current challenge subject like "Simple Tools" or "Portraits" or whatever.
use the "_" (underscore character) for spaces

Second, you will need three graphic files of your choice for the initial representative image for the three sub galleries that will be set up. These do not need to be high quality images nor do they need to be very big. If they are between 160 to 240 pixels wide that will be fine. The images you need are:

The representative image for the Eligible Gallery
The representative image for the Exhibition Gallery
The representative image for Pending Gallery

Here's some examples:

There is some text that needs to be modified, copied and pasted into the galleries.
We'll do that last. We'll start by creating all the galleries.

To get started go to and login using the proper user id and password.

click on the "All Galleries" link - this takes you to the root gallery

click on the "edit root gallery" link

page down and find the "Create a New Gallery" bar

fill in "Name your new Gallery" use the naming convention i.e. "cic100_tba"
make sure "Create the gallery at root level" is checked
click on "New Gallery" button

We've just created our first gallery and has put us in the new
gallery for further editing. That's where we want to be,

Now let's create our three "sub" galleries

We're already in the "Edit Gallery" mode for our "cic100_tba" gallery. Scroll down until you find
the "Create a New Gallery" bar again

fill in "Name your new Gallery" use the naming convention i.e. "cic100_eligible"

make sure "Create the gallery at root level" is NOT checked

click on "New Gallery" button

We've just created our second gallery, "cic100_eligible" and we're in it ready for editing.
But we want to return to the cic100_tba gallery. Click on the appropriate link as shown below

We've created one sub-gallery. Repeat the last few steps to create the remaining sub-galleries


The Galleries are there. Now we have to set some parameters and copy and paste some text.

Let's start with a picture of the cic100_tba gallery

The EASY stuff first:

Title Key in the Title for the Gallery. This is what everyone will see when they enter the gallery.

html flag Be sure this is NOT checked.

multi-page gallery Empty

style sheet From the drop down box select "cslr_olafdk_medium"

There are other style sheet choices. If you like you can select one of them or create one of your own.

And now the harder one:

description this is the text that appears between the Gallery title and above the pictures. The best way to
fill this area is to go to the previous challenge's edit gallery page, highlight all the
text in the description window, copy it into the clipboard and finally paste it here.

Then you have to make sure the dates are correct. Modify them as needed. Refer to the Date Matrix

Personally, I like to paste the text into "Notepad" to make changes because I can see the text better.

NOTE: It is important to copy from the description window while on the edit page
of a previous gallery. There are HTML tags and codes that need to get copied. If you do a copy from
the "display" of the gallery you won't get the needed HTML tags and codes.

Update Gallery Button be sure to click the update button and save all your changes.

The primary Gallery for the new challenge is done (for the moment).

Repeat the same steps to set the Title, Description and parameters for the three sub galleries.

When copying description text be sure to copy

from Eligible to Eligible
from Exhibition to Exhibition
from Pending to Pending

The ONLY difference is with the pending gallery, be sure the html flag is checked (see below)

**How to make this top part of the page appear? The shortcut links to the Eligible,Exhibition and Pending galleries of the challenge

First step, let's go to the edit page of the challenge's main gallery page...

Click the "Advanced" link

Please check the "subgalleries link to each other" option

Click on "Full Edit" to get back to the original edit screen.

All the galleries are in place, all the text has been entered and updated, all the parameters are set.
There's only one easy step left to do.

Upload your three images, remember them! into the three galleries in Eligible, Exhibition, Pending order.

You're Finished!

Well, you're finished creating the galleries. There's still a lot you need to do.

1. Cross check all the dates, gallery names, etc. You can edit thses later.
2. Post the header thread to DPReview. You can't edit this later - be sure you've got it right.
3. Update the challenge root gallery page with the URL to the Challenge thread.
4. You may have to change the gallery sequence so that your challenge is followed by the FAQ gallery.
5. Monitor the Galleries, make lots of comments.
6. Monitor the Challenge thread and respond as you see fit.

And while we're talking about things to do..... At the end of your challenge, after the voting booth closes:

1. Resequence the Eligible and Exhibition galleries so that the top five (or ten or what ever) vote getters are at the top of the gallery.
2. COPY (not MOVE) the top five from the Eligible gallery to the proper "Best of" gallery.
3. COPY (not MOVE) the top vote getter from the Exhibition gallery to the "Best of Exhibition" gallery.
4. Start a "Winner's thread" if you're so inclined.

If you have any questions pertaining to the gallery setup post your questions in the forum.

*Any further changes one is willing to make. Changes to the gallery not listed in the gallery setup tutorial? please send an email first.

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